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Alpha Queen's Rebellion

“S-slow down,” she whined as Rowan mouthed at her neck, teeth scraping against her skin and making her shiver with want. “Sorry—you’re just so—” He breathed raggedly. “I’m so f*cking gone right now. Do you have any idea what you do to me?” His hands were hot against her skin, filling her with anticipation. His lips pressed against hers, demanding more, desperate for more. Oh, dear goddess above. Scarlett is a rare red wolf, raised in hiding and trained to fight. Very few have seen her shift because if word gets out, the king’s soldiers will come for her. Red wolves pose a threat to the king’s cruel rule. However, tired of fear, she sneaks out to the Moon Goddess Ball—only to find her mate. What happens when Scarlett finds out that her mate is actually the prince? One fights against the king’s cause, while the other upholds it. When rebellion rises, will Rowan choose his mate or family? Alpha Queen's Rebellion is created by Heather Bond, an eGlobal Creative Publishing author.

Heather Bond · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings