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A Beautiful Luna After Rejection

Cecily was a scrawny girl with no friends. However, like all other girls, she yearned for true love. She always had a crush on Robert, Alpha's son in their Pack. However, on her eighteenth birthday, she found out that Robert was her Mate! Before she could hug him in excitement, Robert had already flung her hand away like a piece of trash. "You will not become my Mate. Pretend that nothing happened today. Leave and watch your mouth. Do not say anything that you should not say!" Robert publicly ogled at the sexy, beautiful blonde Alison at their high school graduation. The graduation trip changed Cecily, making her stronger, more confident, more vibrant, and more beautiful and sexy. Furthermore, Robert, who met her on his college campus again, began to pursue her. "You should be my Luna. We will live together from now on. We will have lots of kids. They will be healthy and smart." Robert's eyes were filled with lust. Robert's pestering made Cecily feel disgusted and nauseated! As Cecily could not protect herself from Robert due to the difference in strength, Michael appeared. "Your actions make you unworthy as an Alpha." Michael looked at Robert with disdain. During Robert's inauguration as Alpha, Cecily could no longer tolerate his pestering. "I, Cecily Levin, reject Robert Paslo as my mate." When Robert was furious and in pain, wanting to hurt Cecily, Michael appeared again! "Cecily was the Mate arranged by the Moon Goddess for me." Michael looked at Cecily gently. "Whoever dares to touch her is disrespecting the royal family."

Zhao Chaochao · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
337 Chs

Abandoned by the Alpha, I Became the Lycan King's Mate

"Margaret, you're the older sister, you have to give in to the younger one." Because she had been born a few seconds before Elizabeth, those words clung like a curse to Margaret for the first 18 years of her life. Whether it was her beloved teddy bear, pretty dresses, Halloween candies, or parental love, if Elizabeth asked, she had to unconditionally yield them all up to her. Since young, Elizabeth had weighed down on Margaret like an enormous mountain and suffocated her. Fortunately she still had a boyfriend who had loved her for six years—Amster, the pack’s alpha. "You will be my wife and the future luna of the pack," Amster promised. Six years of companionship and Amster's words had excited Margaret, who was turning 18 years old. She was going to welcome a whole new life today, but fate had played an enormous joke on her—Amster's lover and fated mate turned out to be her twin sister Elizabeth! Margaret watched as Amster, who had said he loved her a second ago, exchanged a French kiss with Elizabeth in the next. Moreover, he also announced that Elizabeth as the luna. The only emotional sustenance Margaret possessed crumbled; once again what belonged to her had been snatched away by Elizabeth. What made things worse was when Amster begged Margaret to help Elizabeth entertain Wolf King Donald! All because Elizabeth knew nothing except how to wheedle and dress herself up. Unable to refuse the request of her former lover, Margaret agreed to this. The gears of destiny began slowly turning at this moment. At the feast where Wolf King arrived, having worked hard without washing up for three days now, Margaret smelled an enticing scent. Betty, her wolf, was calling out happily for her mate. This was the smell of her mate! "My name is Donald, and I’m the king of werewolves!" Donald?! Wolf King! Margaret gaped. Her mate was actually the most powerful werewolf among them all! Margaret realized that her mate didn’t recall her s*xy and seductive younger sister. He only had eyes for her. She felt that she could believe in love again!

JQK · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
200 Chs

The Other Luna

Clarisse was betrayed and dethroned as the pack's Luna! Everything went downhill for Clarisse the moment her husband’s Fated Mate arrived at their doorsteps. Dethroned from her position and poisoned to death, she was curiously reborn weeks earlier from her demise. Vowing to never make the same mistakes again, she made up her mind to divorce her husband and seek help. Luke Morgenstein, the Crown Prince she didn’t plan to team up with, was an enigma. He ignored her at first, then decided to help but insulted her. To add confusion to the problem, he even kissed her at their first meeting! The insult and the kiss didn’t bother her much, but why did her heart seem to explode every time she thought of him? Clarisse couldn’t get a hold of what Luke truly wanted with her, but his help was essential for her plans to move forward. She had no choice but to play along, for she planned to rise and defeat the other Luna that invaded her beloved pack— by becoming an Alpha herself! EXCERPT: “Who might you be and why are you here?” Clarisse did her best not to roll her eyes and said, “You called for me, Your Highness. Konrard said you changed your mind and decided to help?” “Clarisse Howlet?” “Yes,” she replied with her head bowed down. “Would you need any more assistance?” Luke shook his head and mumbled, “You smell…” “I what?!” Clarisse couldn’t believe he would insult her like that. She was wearing her most expensive designer perfume. She took hygiene with utmost diligence! The Crown Prince stood up from his hunched position and Clarisse yelped in surprise. Why was he butt naked underneath the blanket? Was he jerking off while he suddenly went into the rut phase? In a flash of seconds, Clarisse felt warm lips crash into hers.

yu_chan_desu · Urban
Not enough ratings
85 Chs