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    P E N D R A G O N [ malexmale ]

    One incident changed Dionnaire 'Dion' Hernandez life, landing him in the most dangerous prison in the world that even criminals feared of. Deprived with the authority to fight for his injustice, the only thing Dion wishes was to live peacefully in his cold hard cell until he's death arrive but a prison is the devil's playground and living peacefully behind those bars was all just a dream. Waking up in this dream, Dion found himself in the middle of woods running away from those people who wants to kill him. Will he survive? Or will he die? The hunting season has just begun. And he will do everything in order to stay alive. This an omegaverse story with a little bit of twist.

    MaiDelPrado · Action
    Not enough ratings
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    My Dominant boyfriend (mxm)

    Trigger warning Not for kids below 18 Make sure, you vote Malexmale ▪Embark on a journey of discovery with Roy and his jealous boyfriend as they are in a toxic relationship. (Unedited) All Rights Reserved

    Kosiso_Chukwu_4233 · LGBT+
    Not enough ratings
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