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    Chesnie_Stone · LGBT+
    Not enough ratings
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    Yaoi love (The darkness in the world)

    Kasuto is a kid that was raised in an orphan and he thought his life was pointless but his parents actually put him in there to protect him until it was time for the prophecy to be fulfilled and it results that Kasuto is actually the strongest person alive and the one to fulfill the prophecy and bring peace to the world. With his future husband Venz, his friends and the 8 guardians by his side they try to bring peace to the world, being in exiting adventures and romances they learn more from each other and hope to see who will win the war of the world Just keep reading to know what’s gonna happen!!! Follow me on Instagram. @thatboy_j3ys0n

    thatboy_j3ys0n · Fantasy
  • altalt


    Kai and kyungsoo are the hottest guy in their college and every girl die to be with them. They are also known for being 'players'. But these roommate have their own secrets that no one knows and there true nature that no one is aware of. What happens when the GEEK chenyol finds about their secret and threaten them.

    aimisa · General
    Not enough ratings
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