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    From being a unwanted child who was locked up in her small village, to a dukes daughter. Will she have a chance to live a normal life or will she always be the girl with cursed red eyes.

    SatoAkane · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
  • Our seasons

    Our wonderful teen life mixed with emotions and pains. Changes of feelings and emotions like seasons.

    _irene_ · Teen
    Not enough ratings

    What will you do if the gods above grant you a second opportunity in life? She was born and raised in a world where the powerful prey on the weak and the poor only get poorer. She was simply an unwanted child who struggled as she grew up. She lost people who meant a lot to her, and this devastated her to the point of ending her miserable life. However, just as she thought that was the end of her life, she was given a second shot but it came with conditions. She was so tempted by the promise of receiving assistance from a system that would allow her to soar like an eagle and live beautifully like a phoenix that she accepted the offer. Irene had no clue her new life would be so full of baggage, secrets, and madness. She was alone in a world that was unlike anything she had ever experienced. Many envied her and others conspired against her after she transmigrated into the body of an affluent and pampered noble lady who never lacked anything. When Irene finds herself in a situation like that, she will be forced to demonstrate her brilliance by transforming conceptions into true wonders to vanquish her enemies, transforming her from a pheasant to a phoenix. Irene will be pushed to combat an enormous evil power to fight for what she believes in and the person she adores. Will she be able to achieve the goals that she had set for herself at the beginning and become the virtuous wife she was nurtured to be? Will she grow up and become the person she aspires to be? Will she be able to overcome her strong opponent?

    GEEGEE · Urban
  • Hot Romance With The Vampire

    Irene accidentally awakened a vampire hibernating in the ring that she found in the basement of their ancestral house. The possessive vampire declared her as his woman the moment he laid eyes on her. Despite the vampire's good-looking appearance, Irene rejected him because he was not human. She doesn't want to fall in love with a vampire. The generous vampire showered Irene golden treasures that changes her life for the better. Irene's ultimate dream is to become a wealthy woman. Her stepfather left them mountains of debts and her mother suffered a serious illness that requires hospitalization. She doesn't want to become the vampire's woman and resisted his advances in every turn. The vampire was annoyed by Irene's coldness, threatening her that if she continue defying him he would take back his valuable gifts. Irene was in dilemma. Should she accept the vampire and teach herself to love him? Or walk away from the treasures that she and her family desperately needed for survival. Can Irene learn to love the possessive vampire? Can they live happily together despite their differences? Let's find out in this roller coaster love story between a vampire and a human girl. ~~~ Irene glared at the handsome vampire. "Stay away from me! I will never be your woman! Never!" she declared angrily. Brent smirked. "Sweetie, I'll make you fall in love with me whether you like it or not!" "Get lost!" Irene said furiously. "No one can force me to like you!" she said in a defiant tone. "If you keep ignoring me, I'll take back those treasures that you're enjoying right now!" he said, threatening her. Noooo! Irene gasped in despair. She can't lose those valuable treasures! Not when she and her family were heavily dependent on those treasures for their survival. Brent smiled devilishly. "You just want to enjoy my valuable gifts, eh? But how about me? How shameless you are! Let me remind you that there is no free lunch in this world, sweetie. Everything has a price! What are you willing to give me in exchange for my precious gifts?" he asked, looking deeply into her eyes, enjoying her discomfort. Irene shut her eyes for a moment, finding herself in the worst dilemma of her life. What can she give him in return for his gifts without losing herself in the process? Her body? "I want your everything, body, heart and soul," Brent whispered huskily in her ears. Irene froze on the spot when his mouth landed on her lips in full force. ~~~ Author's Note: This novel contains smut and steamy scenes, because the characters are horny. ~~~ The cover is made by Maxis Jordan. ~~~ ~Completed Novels~ *The CEO's Painted Skin~ Contemporary Romance *Sweet Surrender: The CEO's Second Wife ~ Contemporary Romance *Hidden Husband: Beloved Wife ~ Contemporary Romance *The Last Embrace ~ Fantasy Vampire Romance *The Vampire's Love: You are My Destiny~ Fantasy Vampire Romance *The Beauty And The Wolf~ Fantasy Werewolf Romance *The Tale Of Three Sisters~ Fantasy, Adventures

    Lizabelle88 · Fantasy
  • Billionaire Daughter's Nanny

    He's so different from the other guys she had spent the night with. He gave her more than her normal pay and the sex was just too good. Is it because he's so good looking? She never enjoyed having sex with different men and sometimes cry while they were at it but this is just different. Wait" She heard the man said. She stopped and turned to look at him. "Take this" He said stretching what seems like a business card to her. She walked to him but didn't take it. "You want me to be your personal sex partner? No!" Irene shook her head. "Don't think I'm doing this cause i enjoy doing it. It's just because i don't have a choice!" She added,tears building up in her eyes. She always hate the fact that she cries easily. "Hey! You should listen to what i have for you before jumping into conclusion" The man said calmly. "I don't want anything from you, i know you paid me more than you're supposed to but i..." Irene was saying but stopped when she heard the man's next word. "I need a nanny for my daughter and i want you to apply for it" He said leaving her in three seconds shock. A nanny? For his daughter? He has a child already? Wow! Who would want a sex worker as a nanny for his daughter? This sounds crazy! Find out in this intriguing story. Tighten your seatbelt and enjoy the ride with me.

    Goldie_01 · Urban
    Not enough ratings
  • Irene The Lady Who Turned Down Fate

    I am Irene Winter, during my past life as Lily winter I lost my parents and my one and only little brother...God being graciously granted me another chance to live with my family even though it's inside a novel called ' Who is the Villainess?' And even in this life, The Winter family is destined to doom but not anymore...This time fate has to lose against me Is what I thought but....what's with the sudden turn of events!!! "Bedisa" His Holiness granted me a middle name himself!!! "Do you really think the second prince is romantic....then how about me?" The crown prince said with a flirtatious smirk on his face. "Ha Don't you dare lay a finger on her!!" my brother who was supposed to be a weakling said in an aggressive tone. "So was I the Villainess?" the female lead aka Violet asked me in a cold voice unlike her kind personality "Don't you understand my feelings!" the second prince Alferd said as he kissed the back of my hand. "I just want freedom....is it too much.." the villainess Rose asked me with teary eyes. This is so unlike the novel what the hell is happening???? "My Lady Do you really think the book had a happy ending?" His Holiness asked me leaving me speechless. Will I really be able to change my fate as well as their's or will we all be covered in bloodshed just like the original novel... Want to know more! Read about my story Irene The Lady Who Turned Down Fate It's my first-ever original novel so it might be lacking but still, I will keep trying so please keep supporting me! ● Updates everyday at 3pm (IST) So don't forget to keep this on your collection~ *THE COVER IS NOT OWNED BY ME! ALL THE CREDIT GOES TO THE ARTIST!"

    MayDreamer · Fantasy
  • Diego & Irene

    Aku hanya seorang gadis malang. Hidupku itu sangat keras, dan semua itu dimulai saat aku diculik oleh penjahat. Mereka membawaku ke New York dan aku tiba-tiba terbangun dengan keadaan sudah berada di negara gemerlap itu, tepatnya disebuah klub. Ternyata aku dijadikan budak, seorang wanita pemuas nafsu, alias jalang. Mereka menjual tubuhku. Aku sangat menderita, terutama saat malam itu. Dimana seorang pria berhasil menjamah tubuhku dan mengambil keperawananku.

    Nainaa · Teen
  • Irene Max

    In the world of Exylus, where the future sees Earth as ancient history to be told as a tale of the past. In Exylus, the world of the future Irene Max, an ordinary girl, is unaware of her immense hidden power. Typical tomboy, extroverted and a curious teenage girl. Her life takes a dramatic turn when she encounters Lu Jinyu, a mysterious stranger from who knows where. A guy she never knew who would make her have unexpected feelings she never had before. As Irene's reality fractures and her emotions deepen, she uncovers her true identity and unparalleled abilities. Irene questions her identity in this complex world. With Exylus hanging in the balance, Irene's awakening powers and her connection with Lu Jinyu could either save or shatter their reality. As the line between hero and villain blurs, she must decide whether she'll become Exylus' salvation or its unwitting downfall. In a realm where magic and technology weave together, Irene's journey becomes a quest of self-discovery and unimagined potential. "Should we get going, she's waiting?" The destiny of Exylus rests on her shoulders, as she grapples with a power that could reshape her world. Cover belongs to me.

    RubyRebels · Sci-fi
    Not enough ratings

    Lee Miyeon (Irene) was adopted as a child when her parents who were Korean immigrants died in an unfortunate accident. Her foster parents initially treated her kindly but changed after they were able to conceive a child of their own. She was eventually sent abroad after a traumatic incident threatened the Lee Family's reputation in high society. Yet soon after, the family's business takes a turn for the worse and Miyeon is abandoned completely. Now an adult, she returns to her home country and meets Lu Minzhe (Parker James), seemingly for the first time. The handsome and successful CEO of a conglomerate does not hesitate in using shameless means to chase Miyeon once he realizes that his feelings toward her is love. However, happiness appears to be always a step away as Lu Minzhe also harbors some secrets that are tied to Miyeon's past. Meanwhile Jesse Evans, a strikingly attractive model and old college friend, unexpectedly confesses that he has been in love with Miyeon for the past 7 years. Jesse who came from a privileged background has spent the past few years working hard to be recognized by Miyeon as himself and not as the heir of the Evans Family. As both men vie for her affection, the beautiful yet apathetic Miyeon learns love is a sweet and wonderful thing. Get ready for a love story between an outwardly warm but cold & depressed protagonist and her outwardly cold but doting handsome male lead. Disclaimer: I do not own the cover illustration. Credits go to the original artist. You can support me by buying me coffee~ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ https://ko-fi.com/buttonssyu 6/14/23: The Lady is a Cold Hearted Protagonist is going on an indefinite hiatus for the timebeing. Thank you so much for those who have supported TLCHP thus far. Beginning of next week, I will be posting a new novel called My Darling Alpha. It is a fantasy love story with vampires and werewolves. Hopefully you can support my new endeavors.

    ButtonsWrites · Urban
  • Dark desire: Getting his revenge

    Denis, a businessman and lord of the hidden underworld army, faced the cruel reality of betrayal when both his friend and fiancée sought to deliver him into the hands of his enemies. Devising a plan to trap his so-called friend (Mark) thinking that he was merely selling information… exposing him to his adversaries , but little did he know… his very life would soon be in danger… they were hasting to commit coldblooded murder and by the time he found out, it was too late. Above all, he was truly crushed learning that his fiancée, Irene, had plotted against him with the rivals seeking his demise. So having survived the near death experience, Denis returns with a vengeance to dominate… to claim what rightfully belongs to him and retaliate with no mercy on those that wanted him dead. He thought it would be easy, but too many forces were involved, including those from an unknown magical realm… Would he be able to escape death once more? Or will this be his final straw ***** I am not a native English speaker and may have errors in terms of grammar. The story is still in editing. You are much welcome to help with the editing Oooh before I forget, the book has Mature content. Read at your own decision Thank you for your support The cover is not mine. Credit goes to the owner

    Emmy_logz2 · Urban

    Short Beach Adventure

    Irene_Quinn · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings

    Irene, a 20 -year -old college student got a scholarship to a very established college where rich people usually go. Raised by a poor but loving father and having to face her stepmother’s hatred, her life was never easy when she was also bullied in college. Until one day she met the young founder -AKA- one of the college’s board members. Victor, 28 years old man who is a very successful young entrepreneur, actually a famous young mafia leader in the underworld. He done a clean job in the eyes of the world to cover his dark side. One day when he visit one of the college that he invested he encounter Irene who get bullied in front of his eyes. Even people don’t know his dark side the gossip here and there just enough making people to avoid him. “She’s mine. No one except me should touch her.” He announce his prey with a smirk. Her beautiful face makes him fall in love at the first sight but the way he love, don't really understand by the girl at all. But, apart from his success he tries very hard to escape from the shadow of his father, the big mafia boss himself who is cruel and doesn’t even care to do all sorts of dirty things just to get success. One day, his father finally 'accepted' his request to be out from family registration and given him a final task (his mafia family tradition) by 'killing' someone that get in the way of his. Victor agreed without even blinking. He used to get his hands dirty after all. After carrying out his duties he finally realizes that the family he killed was Irene’s family. With a faltering hand, he now fell into a pit of remorse. Luckily Irene wasn't there then. He promises himself to take care of the girl from his own father. "Marry me!" Victor said. Irene just kept quiet. She watched the man standing in front of her with eyes still swollen from crying. "Don't you want to get revenge to everyone who made you suffer? I can make you strong and not looking pitiful like this anymore. But you have to marry me." Without much thought because Irene’s mind was already tied to the word ‘revenge’ she took Victor’s hand that night and now become the mafia’s wife. "I swear. Everyone who made me suffer will face the consequences. If I can't find you in this life, I will find you in my next life!" Irene would never be the same person again. And that's just the beginning ...

    Aira_Rin · Urban