Dark desire: Getting his revenge Book

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Dark desire: Getting his revenge


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Denis, a businessman and lord of the hidden underworld army, faced the cruel reality of betrayal when both his friend and fiancée sought to deliver him into the hands of his enemies. Devising a plan to trap his so-called friend (Mark) thinking that he was merely selling information… exposing him to his adversaries , but little did he know… his very life would soon be in danger… they were hasting to commit coldblooded murder and by the time he found out, it was too late. Above all, he was truly crushed learning that his fiancée, Irene, had plotted against him with the rivals seeking his demise. So having survived the near death experience, Denis returns with a vengeance to dominate… to claim what rightfully belongs to him and retaliate with no mercy on those that wanted him dead. He thought it would be easy, but too many forces were involved, including those from an unknown magical realm… Would he be able to escape death once more? Or will this be his final straw ***** I am not a native English speaker and may have errors in terms of grammar. The story is still in editing. You are much welcome to help with the editing Oooh before I forget, the book has Mature content. Read at your own decision Thank you for your support The cover is not mine. Credit goes to the owner


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