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    That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Mimic

    Rolan died in heart attack after reading his favorite novel nonstop for days without sleeping or eating. Reincarnating in the Fantasy world after passing. Into a stone? No! Sword? No! As a slime? No! But a Mimic! With him reincarnating, he shapeshifted into human after copying monsters and absorbing the mana of Demon King. He found a village and used his skill Evolution and evolved them all. Also found and rescued tribes that has a class that Rolan Evolved too. Making him a Lord by them as the Demon Empire and Holy Empired deemed their existences as a threat. Now, the tales of a village into a Kingdom begins! A Kingdom-Building story unfolds!

    Mel_Aniv · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
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    How far would you go for the sake of survival? How much power do you need before you feel safe and free? How far will you be willing to go for the sake of that power? Born to minor nobility, Marisha’s town was raided in a war, she was taken and sold to slavery at the Sapphire tower, home to some of the most powerful mages on Lukam. Alone in the harsh world ruled by magicians, Marisha aims to be at the top of the food chain. Her life taught her that as long as she lacks power, she can’t ensure her own safety, nor find her way back to her family. She’ll struggle to survive, but at some point, she’ll have to choose between death with pride, or a life of guilt. This is a story of someone who aims to reach the top from the very bottom, while facing moral dilemmas and impossible choices along the way. The story is quite dark. If that's not for you just avoid reading it.

    Myrsha · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
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    Evangeline's Flame

    |7X WATTPAD FEATURED| In the land of Fern Kingdom, a young girl must use her rare power of infrared against a shapeshifter. What will happen when she meets the handsome Axis Nethoraba and learns a secret that no other villager knows? *** Fifteen-year-old Evangeline Estiemiéres has a gift. She is the only person in Fern Kingdom who has flames, literally, in her hair. Because of her flames, King Erasmus lends her a special place on the hunting party with three other soldiers. A mischievous shapeshifter is wandering around Eva's village. Erasmus claims that whoever can bring back his head will win a life-time supply of gold coins. After accidentally burning down her bakery and a tavern, Eva is desperate to regain her people's trust, including her mother's. In order to do so, she must train under the watchful eyes of the oh so handsome Axis Nethoraba, a young man who wields a secret himself, one that the kingdom is unaware of. She also has to find her place in her all male-dominant society. Eva has to make a choice: to destroy the shapeshifter or Axis, if she has any hope of succeeding. What will she, Evangeline's Flame, choose? *** *This was a school assignment for my Capstone Fiction Writing class.* *Based off a prompt I got in a prompt book: "A hunting expedition goes awry when its organizer reveals they are hunting a mythological beast".* 1st Draft - Featured on @Paranormal || Blood-Thirsty Beasts. - Featured on @TeenFiction || Supernatural. - Featured on @Fantasy || Quick Reads. - Featured on @WattDragons || Legendary Creatures. - Featured on @highfantasy || MINES OF MOIRA | Fantasy Shorts. - Featured on @magic || A Magical Journey. - Featured on @superhero || Myths and Magic.

    CroodsGirl · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
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    My Teacher Was The Strongest Mage! The Apocalypse Will Eventually Pass

    When the Strongest Mage was defeated, his attempt of escaping fate failed, death was out of the question, so he choose the safest method; to fuse his soul with a weakling! Michael Smith was a normal human until tragedy known as Apocalypse struck Earth, making him and the rest of humanity participate in a trial of some sorts, named Tutorial of Existence! By another twist of fate, he was thrown into the hardest, Impossible Difficulty! Will Michael's fate change for the better with the help of the grumpiest mage ever? Or will he succumb to whatever fate had in store for him and wait for death to knock on his door? "This difficulty isn't so bad after all..." Muttered a bloodied Michael with a missing ear and right-hand pinkie finger. ————— This story will be slow paced, I won't update it everyday so don't expect too much, for now. It's a progressive LITRPG Fantasy, so you can expect a lot of system prompts showing up every chapter. Other tags: #EVIL - #VILLAIN - #DARK - #BLOODY - #SELF-CENTERED-MC - #MYSTERY - #SURVIVAL - #LITRPG - #ANTIHERO - #EGOIST-MC - #SMART-MC - #MANIPULATIVE-MC - #HIGHFANTASY - #BLOODLINES I wish you enjoy reading the story as much as I'll enjoy writing it. Mention: Every Super Gift = 1-3 Bonus Chapters(next week) Every 100/250/500/750/1000 Golden Tickets = +1 Bonus Chapter(next week) 4-7 Chapters will be released every week, this release rate will change to a better one if I see improvements.

    Zefyr · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
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