Myrsha Book

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How far would you go for the sake of survival? How much power do you need before you feel safe and free? How far will you be willing to go for the sake of that power? Born to minor nobility, Marisha’s town was raided in a war, she was taken and sold to slavery at the Sapphire tower, home to some of the most powerful mages on Lukam. Alone in the harsh world ruled by magicians, Marisha aims to be at the top of the food chain. Her life taught her that as long as she lacks power, she can’t ensure her own safety, nor find her way back to her family. She’ll struggle to survive, but at some point, she’ll have to choose between death with pride, or a life of guilt. This is a story of someone who aims to reach the top from the very bottom, while facing moral dilemmas and impossible choices along the way. The story is quite dark. If that's not for you just avoid reading it.


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