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  • The Conquerors Path

    Love, lust, and desire... Austin didn't know much about all that in his past life, for he was average in all aspects of his life. A guy who took psychology and math to learn because he couldn't get into biology, the only exciting thing about him being the fact that when he died, he ended up in his favorite eroge game with the task of getting the girls and making the protagonist a loner. Love, like manipulation or time in hell... That was his choice from the God Of Games... The beautiful girls of tsunderes, the sadist, the masochist, the kuudere, and the...yandere, and more. A world with living, breathing women of high status and power who don't like to share... So what happens when Austin goes behind them?... What happens when the Gods that feel nothing feel for him? What happens when he becomes the gigolo of the Gods?... Well, come and find out as he tried to survive among all the crazy women that exist... [There will be a lot of sex scenes, but it might only start after about 60 or so chapters.] (Note: Hey, first of all, this is not a fanfiction! It's true that the beginning of the story and some parts resemble some novels, but none of the characters are related to others from the novel. Also, the story flow will become completely different later!! Again, not a fanfic! The image does not belong to me; if the creator wants to remove it, message me.) My Discord: https://discord.gg/XyYvJ389mg

    Chaosking · Fantasy
  • The Son Of Ragnar

    One must see through the deceit of one's very own truth. Do you believe in the Old Gods? This story follows the life of a young African boy, who was ripped from the life he had known and thrown into an unforgiving one where a single mistake could cost him everything. Being branded a "thrall", he was to be sold but an unforeseen event swept him ashore in the heart of the Norsemen, the Vikings. What fate has the Gods chosen for this child? is it one of salvation or one of destruction? COVER IS OWNED BY ME!

    Kelvin_A · History
  • The Conqueror Of Cities!

    Having endured relentless bullying in his past, Dionis becomes obsessed on the intense emotions he once experienced. Thus, reaching out for something that gave him that thrill and adrenaline, he entered the world of crime, trying to get back the excitement he felt back in middle school. He entered the world of illegal substances as a mere dealer, yet Dionis utilized his superior mind to emerge as a formidable presence, evoking fear and commanding a growing following. The birth of a shadowy organization marked his ascent to evil, conquering everything in his path. ... ... ... ------Notice------ Pictures and details of characters can be found in my wiki: https://the-conqueror-of-cities.fandom.com/wiki/Dionis_Asani (Work in progress) Join my Discord server if you have any questions or anything really. Discord: https://discord.gg/UpZCBJjF

    Dionis_Asani · Realistic
  • Eventful life of a divination elder

    [Warning! Graphic depictions of violence] During his life on Earth, meteorologist Wang Feng was a well-respected member of the scientific community. Especially his papers on chaos theory managed to push people's understanding of the subject further than ever. At the age of 85, he died surrounded by loved ones. However, death was not an end for him. Here comes the thrilling tale of Wang Feng the diviner! What to expect: -Factions -Political struggles -A cultivation world that's economically active -Multiple points of view.

    Divinationelder · Eastern
  • The Dungeon Conquerors: Journey to the Peak

    In a world where dungeons were an essential part of it, Rein was trying to conquer as many as possible. They were the key to gain powers in the fastest possible way. So, to reach his full potential and to become the strongest, he became a great dungeon conqueror. With his trusty friends and lovers, he was definitely going to reach the peak alongside everyone. Join Rein and see how he went from strong to stronger and then the strongest. __________________ 1. The harem would not be too large(I'm not sure how many but probably just 4-5 main and few other here and there). All the girls would be getting their time and story. 2. The story is starting when the MC is in the middle of his growth stage and not at the very beginning. But his beginning will be mentioned in the story in some form. 3. I don't think I need to mention this, but obviously it will not have any NTR, rape or that kind of stuff. It is actually quite a wholesome story focusing mainly on adventure, action and bit of romance and slice of life. _________________ https://discord.com/invite/7cgm7cDupM you can join the discord if you feel like it. You will be able to found the character illustrations there. The cover does belong to me. Please enjoy reading.

    _OMNiCiENT_ · Fantasy
  • Undressed by the Half-beast King

    #war #kingdombuilding #secondchancelove #politics #multiplecouple #mutant #diplomacy #heartwarming This is the Sequel of: - Undressed by The Half-beast Prince (completed at Chapter 224). Check on my profile. - can be read as stand alone story. "In her second life, I want Sophia to choose the path she desires and live well and happily," Ragnar said to Adeline, who immediately burst into tears. "Then... what about you, Your Highness?" Adeline asked. Ragnar only smiled. “This is enough for me.” Among the many forms of love, Adeline had to witness the most genuine and sacrificial kind. That was, letting go. ~~~ The blade penetrating deep into Ragnar's heart, eliciting a visceral reaction from both of them. The beast transformative process halted abruptly, frozen in the midst of the impending metamorphosis. Sophia, startled, leaped backward in fear. Unconsciously, she backed into a wall, feeling cornered and vulnerable in the sudden turn of events. As Ragnar drew closer, the moonlight delicately brushed against his face, it was then that Sophia saw Ragnar's face clearly for the first time. Her eyes widened, frozen in place. Contrary to the rumors, he was a striking vision. But it was his eyes that captivated Sophia the most. A mesmerizing blend of green and gray. Those eyes, so intense yet soft, locked onto hers with a magnetic pull. Yet, why did his face feel so hauntingly familiar? In an instant, Sophia was shaken as a flash of memory invaded her thoughts. … … … "My Sophia, My Queen, My Love of the Live." A torrent of recollections inundated her... Two figures gracefully dancing beneath the soft glow of the moon… The melody of joyous laughter echoing through the air… Promises whispered in the quietude of the night… Tears shed in moments of both sorrow and bliss… Wedding vows exchanged under a celestial canopy… Shared kisses that spoke volumes… The tender cradling of twin babies, a testament to their shared love… … … … The fragments of these memories played out like a surreal montage, leaving Sophia both bewildered and entranced. Sophia clutched her throbbing head, feeling as though it were being stabbed from all sides. "Arrghhhhhhhhhh!!!!" Ragnar's hands swiftly reached for Sophia's face. Sophia flinched, her cries subsiding as she felt the warmth spreading across both her cheeks. His hands caressed her gently. They were enormous — the size of four regular human teenagers, combined into one. "Stop carrying burdens alone. With this act, I take on your struggles. You deserve happiness, Sophia Mary Clementine. I love you, and forget me…" These words hung in the air, echoing in Sophia's mind as Ragnar's body fell, hitting the cold ground with a heavy thud. The room plunged into an oppressive silence, shrouded in the aftermath of an unforeseen sacrifice. In the dimness, Sophia stood alone, grappling with the weight of his final words. “What's... this... why can't I remember you... who are you, Ragnar...," disclaimer: - 18+ above, please be wise - Previous story: Undressed by the Half-beast Prince - slow burn love story - explicit content will be cautioned at the begginingbof chapter - the cover is commissioned

    Tizzz · Fantasy
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  • Undressed by the Half-Beast Prince

    #completed #war #kingdombuilding #loveaftermarriage #politics #multiplecouple #mutant #princess #diplomacy #heartwarming As Sophia lay beneath Ragnar, she watched in awe as a primal energy surged through him. Ragnar's body trembled, his muscles tensing and freezing in place, as the runes coursing through him glowed with an intense crimson hue. It was as if a vibrant river of power flowed within him, originating from his heart and branching out to every inch of his being. His nails elongated and sharpened, while his canines protruded from his pristine row of teeth, revealing his primal nature. Ragnar's body quivered as the remnants of the ancient entity receded. His breaths came in ragged bursts, his eyes fluttering open to reveal a mix of relief and anguish. "Ragnar...," Sophia's voice trembled as she called out Ragnar's name. Ragnar startled, slowly opening his eyes. His irises slitted, elongating like those of a reptile. The orbs mirrored Ymat's, an exact reflection of his dragon's eyes. Sophia's jaw dropped in astonishment. So, this was the birth defect he had concealed all this time. ~~~ “All is fair in love and war” Prince Ragnar Clementine, suddenly appointed Lady Sophia Mary, the leader of mystical healer clan, to be his war prize after protecting Cescil Kingdom. However, Sophia had already been married to her husband of three years, Sir Arthur George, though they had yet to have a child. Yet, deep within Sophia's core, a hunger for Ragnar grew, a hunger that consumed her body and soul. In a world where duty and passion collide, will they succumb to the depths of their hunger or find the way to resist? ~~~ WARNING: - THE COVER BOOK IS COMMISSIONED - READ THE HASHTAG!!! - Slow burn type love story - Not smut centered story! - Mature contents and R18+ explicit in later chapters, approximately chapter 60 above. - I give warning at the beginning of chapters! ~ ~ ~ other works: - Sequel: Undressed by the half beast King - Wolfdale: Blood of The Moon - Mafia Princess: Raised by Wolves - Sincere and Lancelot - The Man of My Bitterest Lesson - I, Slave Become a Powerful Emperor

    Tizzz · Fantasy

    Alex suddenly wakes up in the midst of cheering and jeering just a moment after his death, with memories of the incident being a blur. He tries to understand his situation. He soon finds out that, he had appeared in a totally different world, a one that he knew very well but didn't completely understand. And him not being Human had put him in a precarious situation as he was aware of the tragedy that awaits the future. with all this, he chose to Grow stronger in order to survive and change Fate it self. This Novel is a participant of the Web Novel spirity awards Spring 2020, so your votes and the like would be very helpful!!. The Cover art was gotten from DefiantArt and isn't mine...If anyone would want to help with one, you can chat me up on discord with Daoist XuYi#2777 Thank you! PS: I hereby declare that this story is purely fictitious and has nothing to do with specific characters, institutions, groups, or cases. Any similarities are purely coincidental.

    Daoist_Xuyi · Fantasy
  • Fallen Conqueror

    Gods were slain… Devils were vanquished... Worlds clashed into oblivion! Bilim Vladir was the hope of humanity, the great Flaming Conqueror. Finally, after years of war and battle, Bil created an empire and could start a family. Unfortunately, Bil was betrayed and his family was assassinated. However, Bil secretly survived along with his newborn children, a brazen, ambitious boy named Jash and a calm, collected daughter named Nelphy. After eighteen years of secrets and hiding, Bil settles down by the city. Finally, Bil can retire and enjoy life as best as he can while living in the shadow of society. But the journeys of Bil’s two children, now official citizens and adults, have only just begun. They no longer have to wander and travel aimlessly. Finally, they get to live life as they’ve always dreamed of! Jash rushes into the world of veita and training! With a grin on his face, Jash has the determination to leave his mark on the world, no matter what he has to do. He’ll train with experts, decimate the battlefield, and… secretly destroy the empire?! Nelphy, however, accidentally learned Bil’s identity and now seeks to learn EVERYTHING that Bil has kept secret. She scours books and legends for every hint available. She’ll search for the aunt she never knew she had. She’ll… be hunted by her own brother!? And Bil… may be forced out of "retirement" to try and clean up the mess. ---Book 3 of 10 in the Quillverse--- ** PAUSED (till the end of DBA, at the latest) ** Discord: https://discord.gg/akzn9SM5k9 Art by @itsjustfroggy, found on Youtube, Twitter, or Twitch! **Note: You do NOT need to read my "Quillverse" series in order, but some books will have tie-ins or shared characters further back or further forward on the cosmic timeline.

    TheSilverQuill · Fantasy
  • Asura Conqueror

    Marcus Kauffman, an Asura Prince was sent to the mortal realm to escape the chaos in the heavenly realm. Follow him on his journey as he builds an army and makes his way back up. A touch of adventure, a pinch of magic, a drop of romance, and a bucket of revenge. What more could you want? This is my first novel so there might be mistakes here and there. The writing quality might not be that good at the beginning too but I'm trying my best to improve. Happy reading. The cover is not mine. Credits to its owner.

    Scripture02 · Fantasy
  • Conqueror

    Zieglind Reysh, corporate slave. Spent all his years studying materials he didn't need. Graduated college with a Historian diploma. But all of that were useless since he got a desk job selling stocks. Then one day, he heard a voice that no one can hear. The voice promises him a restart on his life. The conditions is, DEATH. He knew he was talking to a god of death. Will Zieglind accept this offer? Maybe yes, maybe no. But he realized that he accomplished nothing in the span of 20 years of his life. If he can be a new person then he'll choose one thing more than anything. A conqueror of the new world.

    Yrythaela · Fantasy
  • Into Skyrim, Elder Scrolls 8 Nirn's Beta

    So to begin, this is technically a skyrim fanfic. Why isn't it in the fan-fics then? Simple! It's based on a game and I don't feel that counts as a fan-fic. Second, I've read like a few skyrim stories here lately. I liked them, as a bethesda fan boy... Well, now I need to take a crack at it. I literally start a new game of skyrim every new year. Its my tradition, so I felt I had to do this. If its bad, ah well. If its good, GREAT! Overall though, I feel we need more skyrim based stories or fan-fics. It has the perfect setting for the transmigration genre. Now read at your own risk.

    ZeOwl · Fantasy
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  • Elder Scrolls: Insertion

    Emma Fox is your average video game playing, introverted college girl, with a group of friends that used to challenge each other at playing various games, especially the Elder Scrolls series! But when her friend Jack ropes them into playing his completely altered version of Skyrim, things get weird really fast when a storm knocks them unconscious and they wake up in Tamriel. Now Emma and her misfitted group of friends have to learn how to live in a world that they thought they knew, while also trying to survive long enough to see the real world again. (In this story, there will be comedy, adventure, potential romances, 18+ themed content, gore and violence, some dark topics, and more.)

    FosNox_The_PipeFox · Fantasy
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  • MMORPG : The Conqueror

    While players had gone off with their journeys and achievement in the game, Rylan was still stuck up in the middle of nowhere, finishing a clue that had left him in the dust compared to the other players. And finally, he had finished this endeavor and got a secret class, a class that was forgotten in the canal of history, a class that was once feared by the superpowers and top tier factions, the Weaver! - [Cheap privilege chapters' price!] 1$ / 50 coins for 5 chapters ahead 2$ / 100 coins for 10 chapters ahead 4$ / 200 coins for 20 chapters ahead Pushing for WSA! Up to 3-4 chapters a day! Your every review, comments, golden tickets, stones, and supports will be considered to make more chapters each day! Let's make it feisty...

    Temporary_Wanderer · Games
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  • I Eat the Magic Scroll and Learnt Everything!

    “Land of Varan” is a world that had only magic. There was one occupation that everyone in this world yearned for — A Mage. Mages could command fire, steer tempests, and control lightning, they could do all kinds of incredible things. Rolin didn’t expect that he would transmigrate from the Earth into a world like this, and become a fallen nobleman. Fortunately, he was lucky enough to awaken the [Legendary Extraction] System when he transmigrated. He ate his textbook and immediately mastered all of the magical knowledge inside it. He ate a magic scepter and learnt to unleash magic directly from his hands. He ate a magic crystal and obtained the ability to automatically store mana. He ate ice cubes, immediately, his ice elemental magic was exponentially amplified…… Afterward, Rolin was able to extract the essence of any magic-related items by eating it, increasing the power of his own magic. With his hysterical gluttony, Rolin quickly became the most powerful god among the mages of this world.

    Melon Sky Emperor · Fantasy
  • Birth of the Celestial Conqueror

    The End of all is a necessity, as was the Beginning. The Four Major Realms were at war with an extremely evil god, hungry for power. The evil god had acquired a device that brought even the other gods to their knees. What power did such a device possess that caused heavenly beings to experience dread? It could strip them of their divinity and erase them from existence! The Greater Gods were silent on the matter and did nothing to stop the evil god's misdeeds. Of course, they and the evil god had an agreement. What it entailed… who knew? The affected gods are desperate, gripped by fear of the evil god. Timothy, a promising individual, was reborn as their last hope in stopping His conquest. That is, if only things were actually that simple… "Those whom the gods wish to destroy... they first call promising." ...Here was a man that loved wholeheartedly, laid down his wants, his needs, his goals, his desires, his body, his soul… his entire existence! Even ready to be used as a soul-less tool for all of eternity... but how were they planning on repaying him? This, is the Birth of the Celestial Conqueror. And now, even the Greater Gods cannot escape their fate. After all, the End of all is a necessity... as was the Beginning. -Main Tags- +WeakToStrong +Romance +Mystery +NoSmut +Supernatural +System +Evolution

    MrLollip0p · Fantasy
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  • I Have Seven Genius Elder Sisters

    Xu Tian left his country and became a fugitive because his family became the target of an assassination. While he escaped, he established his own force. However, the mastermind behind the assassination and the whereabouts of his seven elder sisters back in his hometown remained unknown to him all this while. Knowing that his nemesis had returned to the country, Xu Tian decided to follow suit in order to investigate the other party. He also decided to return out of his concern for his sisters’ safety. Later, he found out that his elder sisters were all capable women with extraordinary identities. Among them was a CEO, air stewardess, celebrity, doctor and pianist. Xu Tian exclaimed, “My elder sisters are all bigwigs?”

    Watermelon Sage · Urban
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  • Ascension of the elder

    Joseph was just an ordinary working class drone. He arrived every day on time and clocked out to the minute until the day he died. But this wasn't the end as when he awoke he was in a strange space which lead him to his new life.

    Belial232 · Fantasy