Conqueror of the Seven Empires  Book

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Conqueror of the Seven Empires


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"World Greatest Modern War" the world that was in peace for decades was now on a brink of horror by the monsters defiling the lands with their terrifying strength and numbers. Mike who is a young trouble maker got caught up in an abduction before the war happens as he was sunken deep into the ocean never to seen again. (Die? A peaceful death? Like hell, I would let that happen!) Struggle... Struggle... With fate that shackles binding him pulling him into the deepest part of the ocean, he, who struggles with the resolved to go on the surface of the world once again. The thing he did not know is that the world is now on the brink of horror as the world changed drastically. Twitter: @MeykCake Buy me a Coffee: Discord: MeykCake#8819 Illustrator: @chi___ra07