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  • Married to the Devil's Son

    【Volume 1 - Married to the Devil's Son】 A prince, rumored to be the son of the Devil. He is the definition of Danger. He is the Darkness itself. A princess. Imprisoned in her own home, only to come out once she gets married. But married to whom? *** Once upon a time, the Devil fell in love with one of the King's many wives. One night he went to her room disguised as her husband and made love to her. She got pregnant with his child. Knowing this The King ordered her execution believing his wife cheated on him, but then the Devil appeared to the king making him a deal. In exchange for great power for his Kingdom, the King will let his wife Sire The Devil's Child. The King who was greedy for power agrees to the deal and his Kingdom becomes one of the most powerful Kingdoms and the Devil's Child, the seventh Prince of the Kingdom. Being a princess probably sounds nice. A life full of luxury, beautiful dresses and nice shoes, but for Hazel, there is nothing nice about being a princess. She can never go outside the palace, she can never have friends, she can never eat or say or wear whatever she wants and she can never choose the person she is going to marry. Soon she's getting married to a man she has never met, a prince rumored to be Son of the Devil. 【Volume 2 - Return of the Devil's Son】 **Sequel to Married to the Devil's son** He is back! This time fiercer, faster and stronger, with only one thing in mind. Revenge! Prince of Darkness, Son of the Devil, Lucian is back, and he has only one thing on his mind. Revenge! That's until he meets her. A woman who entices him beyond reason, but who also claims to be his wife. Surrounded by dark secrets and powerful enemies, Lucian must decide who to trust and who to destroy. After getting her heart broken once, Klara vowed never to fall in love again. But when her brother tries to force her into a marriage and the annoying but wickedly handsome Roshan rescues her, things get difficult. Can she protect her heart from the man whose touch sets her body aflame? Or will she surrender to her desire and risk her heart once again? —————————————————————————————————— 【Volume 3 - The Devil In Her Dreams】 THE BEAST AMONGST US Imagine living in a world full of fiery, feral beings, hiding in the shadows, roving in our dreams, creeping under our skin. Eavesdropping, manipulating our minds and exploring our bodies. They are savages, beasts but some of them are companions and childhood friends.  Some are dangerous, others even more dangerous. They live amongst us. Some of us call them Demons, others call them Djinn. But some of them should never be called.  THE BEAUTY  LOOKING FOR LOVE  Heaven, the devil’s granddaughter and princess of Decresh has everything in life. Loving parents, beauty, wealth, and status. But one thing is missing. And that is love. Heaven dreams of the kind of love her parents have and now that she has come of age to get married she has to find her dream man and the future king of Decresh. And she has to find him soon.  There is one man. A mysterious silver-eyed stranger who keeps appearing in her dreams. Who is he and what does he want? As the line of suitors grows, Heaven’s dreams become more vivid forcing her to go on a journey to find the man in her dreams. Could he also be the man of her dreams? Or would he turn out to be a nightmare?

    JasmineJosef · Fantasy
  • The Demon’s Bride

    *Slow Burn Historical Fantasy Novel* Elise had about to change into the dress that was lying on the corner of her bed when she heard a knock lightly calling from her door. Curious, she turned the door knob only to have a tall man towering in front of her. “Master Ian!” She called. Ian smiled with the usual mischievous smirk that he always used. His crimson eyes trailing a little over her room and spotted the black dress over her bed and shifted his eyes over to the woman in front of him. He stepped forward and spoke. “Where did you acquire that dress?” “Mr. Harland gave it to me.” Elise replied and strained her neck to see Ian’s brows knitted in its elegance. “Do you know why a man would love to give a woman a dress?” He gave the riddle that she always had to think twice before replying. But this time, she found no answer and instead shook her head. “I don’t know.” His grin grew bewitching as though something had stirred deep inside the scarlet eyes that he had. He slowly slid his hand over the collar of her dress, sending a cold shiver that startled her for a moment due to its freezing temperature. After unbuttoning the first two buttons on her collar, he tilted his head down, whispering to her ears. “Because they want to be the one to undress the cloth.” He paused and kissed her neck, turning the pale skin to red before retracting his move to fix his eyes on her and leisurely replied. “Unfortunately, you can’t wear the dress over there with this.” He chuckled and passed a box over to her hand. “And the fortunate news is I prepared a dress for you.” Elise was a cursed little girl who could see ghosts. Her family hated her and threw her from one adoptive family to another. However, misfortune didn't act alone. When she was brought up by her aunt, she was sold as a slave. When she had thought she would become nothing but a sacrifice to the sorcerer, she was saved by a man whose identity was far different than a normal mythical being. *** This book is ORIGINAL and it is not Translation Join Author's discord: https://discord.gg/YPKueb4

    mata0eve · Fantasy
  • The Crown's Obsession

    [Mature content 18+. No rape] "Your bed is cold," spoke a voice in the room that had her eyes go wide in fear. Nervously, she turned around, gulping softly to see a shadow on her bed as if someone laid down there. The man who had been lying down sat up emerging out from the shadows where he had been waiting for her. "What are you doing here?" she asked when his feet touched the ground and he pushed himself up to start walking towards her. His handsome features looked darker than usual because of the lack of light in the room. "I came to meet you," he tilted his head, "Where did you go?" "I went out for a walk," came the quick reply that had him smile, a smile that scared her the most. She took a step back when he came close to her. It didn't stop him from cornering her, and her back hit the wall behind her. He raised his hand towards her face, and she closed her eyes, scared. She shuddered when his fingers trail down from her temple and her jaw and neck. Her blonde hair was left open. "In the middle of the night?" she didn't answer him knowing he could decipher her lies through her words. He stepped closer that had her turn her face away from him and his words vibrated on the skin of her neck, "Did you go to meet him, my sweet girl?"

    ash_knight17 · Fantasy
  • Crazy Duke and Fallen Queen

    She's the Queen who lost a war. And he's the man who won. * COMPLETED * Theodora is the Queen of Polis, a city-state that lost the war against the most powerful empire in the continent. She is sure that they'll execute her immediately but, somehow, she survives the meeting with the Emperor, and she finds herself... Married? Tossed in a new world without connections and allies, she has to either accept her fate or lose the chance to help her people once again. She soon finds out that her new husband knows more about her than she does herself, and that his purposes are often far from what she expects. A fallen queen that doesn't know how to be anything else. A handsome Duke who's the cause of her ruin. And their efforts to find some happiness in a marriage that's been forced on them. WARNING: there are contents not suitable for a sensitive audience. The smut scenes are half-censored at the beginning, but the amount and details will increase after a few dozen chapters (according to the Queen's mood .-. ) *** «I'm sorry for lying to you, your grace...» «You're a Duchess. No one will dare to consider your words a lie: if you say that you were painting souls, then it's the truth.» «I will remember it.» «No, you have to understand it, Theodora. You're not a prisoner, but my wife. I'll protect you when you need it, and I'll help you with any issue you have. You're not just a Duchess in the name. You're my Duchess.» «It's hard to believe in such a short amount of time.» «For now, stop shaking like a chicken. I won't hurt you.» *** Cover from Vatarison.art You can chat with me on discord: bit.ly/discordxiaohai Instagram: xiaohai_23 Facebook: Xiao Hai or Xiaohai_23 (FB page) Ko-fi: ko-fi.com/xiaohai_23 (you'll find my short stories here) My other stories on Webnovel: * The Cursed Tyrant and His Reluctant Queen (historical and fantasy romance, ongoing) * Destined: the Vampire's Soulmate (fantasy romance, completed, ~150 chapters expected) * Unexpected Gift (sci-fi romance, ongoing, free to read, 1k chapters expected)

    xiaohai_23 · History
  • His Majesty's Devious Sins

    [Mature Content.] "Past, present, and future, I will always want you." _______ Adeline had a plan to obtain her freedom: Step one: kill the King. Step two: run away and live happily ever after. Did that happen? No. Adeline's plan was rudely interrupted by a mysterious, yet handsome stranger who stole her weapon at midnight. Elias Luxton was a heartless King notorious for his merciless antics. He was the monster that lurked in the shadows. Adeline Rose was a dethroned Princess with a dark past. After her parents' murder and an super stealing her throne, she flees to the Empire of Wraith and unexpectedly meets Elias. Elias claimed he knew her. But she didn't remember him. And Adeline wants nothing to do with him. The problem? Adeline was supposed to kill him, but he wants to marry her. Will she be able to escape the clutches of this shameless King? Or will she have to face the demons of her past, all alone? _______ [WARNING: THERE'S MATURE CONTENT IN THIS STORY] Excerpt: "Now, take it off." She blinked up at him, astonished by his words. "What?" she whispered, wondering if her ears had betrayed her. "My shirt," he mused, his burning gaze landing upon her. "But why?" she asked. "So the next time I wear it, I have flashbacks of ravishing you." _______ Editors: okatuvslife & Skale93 This book is found exclusively on webnovel.com. Please do not post it anywhere else.

    Xincerely · Fantasy
  • The Cursed Prince

    This book is about baby-making. [COMPLETED on chapter 715] The crown prince was cursed on the day he was born, that he will never be happy. What's worse, no woman could touch him without dying. Thus, finding a wife to produce an heir became the royal family's greatest challenge since the prince is the only son. Until one day.. a servant girl who tried to kill him didn't end up dying after they touched. Emmelyn was a princess from one of their colonies who vowed to avenge her family's death by killing the crown prince. And that's how she ended up in his castle. Seeing that she was the only woman he could have a sexual relationship with, without killing her, the prince made an agreement to let her go and free her kingdom from his oppression if she produced for him three heirs. Emmelyn said yes, but every day that they were together, she made plans to kill him and get her revenge. Can Emmelyn get what she wanted, or would she be entangled deeper with the enemy who was deemed as the devil incarnate himself by his enemies? EXCERPT: "You will be the mother of my children," said the man in a commanding tone. His shameless words rendered Emmelyn speechless and shocked, more so, than the kiss he landed on her lips earlier. "I need three children from you." "Eh ... wait.. what? Hold on a minute," Emmelyn, who was moved from her shock, hurriedly rubbed her lips roughly as if trying to remove the devil's marks from them. "I don't want to be your wife! I don't want to marry you, you devil!!" The man frowned and squinted his eyes menacingly. "Who said anything about marriage?" THE NEXT DAY "Let's go," said the prince. "Let's go where?" Emmelyn asked, not understanding. "Let's go make babies." *** CHECK OUT MY OTHER BOOKS with all doting husbands: - The King's Wife Is The Alpha's Mate - ONGOING - The Cursed King - COMPLETED - Finding Stardust - COMPLETED - The Alchemists - COMPLETED - The Prince Who Cannot Fall In Love - COMPLETED - Till Death Do Us Part - COMPLETED I DON'T DO SLOW BURNS. This book is VERY FUNNY, and VERY LEWD. Only for ADULTS and open-minded people. BUY ME COFFEE? https://ko-fi.com/missrealitybites Watch the book trailer on TikTok/Instagram: @missrealitybites Discord server: bit.ly/missrealitybites

    Missrealitybites · Fantasy
  • Road to Laze Around

    The 26-year-old Olivia was a poor lady who did everything to survive. Every day, she wished to become rich or to have the power to control people before she retired and led a slacker life. Her life took a turn after an overdose of sleeping pills and transmigrated into her old favorite novel. Became Elizebeth; the ducal family's youngest child, she expected to lead a good life and planned to leech off on her three brothers for her entire life. She was happy until she dreamt about the future. Fallen kingdom and her miserable future. It happened again. Peace was never an option. Well, it seemed she had to step up for this one as well. Saving the kingdom and fighting for her freedom. Let’s just say she had a prior experience from her previous life. *wink.

    shaeshang · Fantasy
  • The Duke's Unavoidable Attraction

    My wife is different from others. She is a lovely explorer of the world and all the delicacies on it. However, she always comes back to my arms after hunting. She can’t resist licking her cherry plump lips when she notices me, and I can’t resist the desire to have her for my own. “Stop it, shameless Duke!” “Why?” “Stop it, you are not allowed to kiss me.” “I am the only one allowed to…” “Then you will have to pay.” “My wealth, my power, my body, my heart, take them all.” Lucia Reid was cursed, but the curse was not that she had to drink blood to survive or hide from the sun to not be weakened, even the changing of her appearance every night. She was cursed to live again the same life as in the past, to meet him again, and to fall in love with him for a second time even though he didn't love her. Her curse was him. WARNING: EDITING IN PROGRESS **** Hello dear readers, I hope you are having a great time with my novel, if you like this one I hope you can also take a glimpse at my other novels. -The ML and His Villianess -The Queen Wicked Deeds -The Magician Queen Thanks a lot for your support! :) Photo by Enrique Meseguer from Pixaby

    YawningBrain · Fantasy
  • Devil(?)

    Ketika dewa cemburu terhadap manusia. Ketika salah satu dewa dunia bawah kehilangan status kedewaannya untuk membela Valkyrie, dan berakhir menjadi manusia. Ketika reinkarnasi Valkyrie mampu mendapatkan kembali sayapnya. . . ONEUS CAST . . HELIOS . . AKHILLES . . VALKYRIE cerita fiksi dengan segenap ide dan penokohan yang keluar dari otak author. Read it, than you can feel it -FeronV

    FeronV · War
    Not enough ratings
  • I'm The Devil

    WSA 2024 entry novel Synopsis Getting Reincarnated as the Biblical Devil isn't something our protagonist ever thought was possible. He was a firm believer and knew how powerful God and the Angels were, they are existence that are not to be thrived with especially God. But here he was as the Archangel Samael, the left hand of God or the poison of God casted from Heaven to hell for rebelling against his Father, God. "what is the meaning of this, is this God's doing" our protagonist wondered as he knew very well that there is no way that the Almighty would not know something about this. So he decided to wait a little while to see what would happen to him but something else happened, what he had expected did not happened, so he has to take in the fact that he is now the new Devil, the Lord of Hell, Lucifer Bloody Morningstar. check out my other works. The Omnipotent System My Infinite System

    Adams2004 · Fantasy
  • Rise of the White Devil

    I was always alone, throughout my life. People looked at me with disdain because I was an orphan without parents. Constant abuse followed me everywhere. I lost touch with how to interact with others. With each passing day, I grew more distant from my emotions until I scarcely recognized myself. The warmth of family and friendship felt foreign to me. In the end, I snapped, and I became what I hated the most... something that wasn't human anymore... something that shouldn't have been born... That was until I was reincarnated as Lucas Nightstar, granted a second chance at a happy life with a loving family. Now, I would do anything to protect them, live my life to the fullest, and was willing to destroy anyone who dares stand in my way of my newfound peace. Yet... Little did I know what fate had in store for me. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is my first time writing a novel, so please give me feedback and point out my mistakes. English isn't my main language, so I could make some grammatical errors. I don't know how this novel will turn out since I am writing this for fun. I don't have a fixed schedule for when I publish chapters, but if I see that it is going well, I might get more serious with my upload schedule (currently 2 chapters/day). So please support me through this journey with reviews and power stones. Discord: https://discord.gg/9zZ69PVNFJ

    Crypthh · Fantasy
  • To Bewitch a Devil

    What are the odds that Zavian, the son of the devil, would fall for the only woman whose destiny is to destroy him? In the beginning of time, war broke out between the fallen angels and the devil, and the devil was defeated and cast into the underworld. During the war, Zavian, the devil’s son, turned against his father and joined hands with the other demons to defeat him, which made the devil kill his son's wife as a punishment for betraying him. But 500 years later, there appeared a woman slave who looked exactly like his wife, and Zavian, who had longed for his dead wife, couldn’t help but get drawn to her. But the devil had other plans for his son. To return to earth his son has to die. Is the queen's doppelganger part of the devil's plans? Would Zavian fall right into his father’s trap or has fate got other plans for him? … Everyone stood before the king, the high and the low, with their heads bowed. This was the day they had waited for, for centuries. King Zavian was finally getting remarried. To strengthen the bond between the seven kingdoms of the earth, Zavian was to get married to one of the beautiful princesses standing in front of him. But his eyes were drawn to the lowly maid standing afar off. The witches had warned him about her, and he knew he shouldn’t be with her, but she was something he couldn't resist. The more he tried to run away from her, the more drawn he was to her. Even though everything in him screamed not to, Zavian stood up and walked past the princesses in front of him and to the maid; She was tiny in her dress, and her whole body trembled as he approached her, her eyes pinned to her feet, afraid to behold his face. He smiled as he held her face, tilting her head to look at him; ‘’Neera, will you be my queen?’’ And that was when all of hell broke loose... .... The novel is written by zhiruyi on webnovel.com.

    zhiruyi · Fantasy
  • Rebirth of The Female Devil

    Wu Mei, the First Miss of the Wu family and the legitimate daughter and heir to the company was schemed against by her family. Due to an accident Wu Mei struggled to survive and she had to do odd jobs for survival even though she was just eleven year old. The Wu family came knocking on their door and Wu Mei was happy that she finally had a to family but she was wrong. At age 12 she was sold to old man who owns an underground fighting ring. At age 17 she was taken to a brothel to be sold. At age 20 she was brought back to the Wu Manor. Happy that after all her sacrifice she could finally stay with her family, she was once again hit with the harsh reality. At age 25 Wu Mei died.... But after given a second chance to be reborn, Wu Mei came back like a devil crawling from hell and everyone who offended her before will have a hard time!! "Be sure to get ready cause Wu Mei is back!!

    DaoistStDV7U · Fantasy
  • She Belongs To The Devil

    Theodore was not satisfied with just looking at her, he wanted to touch her. He slowly raised his hand and approached Princess Adeline. But Adeline subconsciously pulled back and shouted again, “I have already warned you, not to do anything like before. Or else I will…” Instantly, Theodore’s cheerful face turned grim. His golden eyes were now blood red and were staring very deeply at Adeline’s eyes. He was starting to emit a dark aura around him. Before Adeline could react, in the very next moment, Theodore pushed Adeline flat on the bed and was on top of her. He pinned both of her hands down with his hands and whispered near her ear, “Or else you will what? You will shout for your maids again?” Theodore sniffed in the sweet aroma that Adeline was giving off and gave a wicked smile, “Oh! I want you to try. I want you to try calling for your maids again. But don’t be shocked when I seal your juicy lips with my own lips.” Adeline had never in her life expected to see this side of Theodore. Yes, she knew he was the Devil but... [Book 1 Synopsis] Princess Adeline is the youngest child of King Dragomir of Wyverndale. She is detested by her stepmothers because she is born to a concubine – the only woman whom the King loved. And she is envied by her stepbrothers and stepsisters for being adored and loved by the King. Blinded by jealousy, the first Queen orders Princess Adeline to be kidnapped and thrown into the faraway Devil’s Cave as an offering. Her fate was to die that evening. However, her fate got rewritten by the very creature who was supposed to take her to her deathbed. The Devil took pity on the Princess and even went as far as sharing his demonic power with her. Ever since that day, her fate was bound to the Devil Prince of Hell – Prince Theodore. With time, love blooms between the son of God and the daughter of humans. They are madly in love and they want nothing more than to be together forever. However, with the rise of several enemies, from other fallen angels, supernatural creatures, and even God himself, will they get their forever after? [Book 2 Synopsis] **Spoiler alert for Book 1** Adeline and Theodore have a beautiful daughter – Ariel. She is the definition of perfection because God himself created her to be without any flaws. God wants to hand over the whole universe to his granddaughter and retire from his duty as the Supreme Being. However, nobody else wants that future for Ariel. Ariel, on the other hand, is oblivious to her grandfather’s plan for her. She is a free spirit who always has a wide smile on her face. And the only thing she wants to do is go on adventures with her childhood friend – Damien and her cousins. But will she be able to maintain the smile on her face upon being faced by God? Will she be able to maintain her friendship with Damien when he discovers a gut-wrenching truth – that Theodore was the one to kill his father? Follow me on Instagram for more. https://www.instagram.com/sani_mimosa/ This art was commissioned from Shu G Sin. Find him on Insta gram @shu_g_sin

    sanimimosa7 · Fantasy
  • The Devil In Guise

    (WARNING: MATURE CONTENT) Once upon a time in a faraway kingdom, A marriage alliance was arrange between a king and a witch to save his kingdom. After the deal was done., the king decided to kill the witch and her family in a cold blood. However, before she died, She laid a curse on the king, a curse that will bring disaster to the entire kingdom. Over time, the curse was thought to have been forgotten until the time of the prophecy, a warring time like no other, kick-started, ushering in the birth of a new age. The devil had come to earth in guise of man and disaster… STRUCK! ***** He, Sargon was an emperor, rumoured to be the devil in disguise of a man with his reign bringing nothing but terror and violence to the people. Ariadne…After the death of her parents, was taken to the castle to work as a slave girl. At the age of twenty she was forced to replace the princess in order to marry the Emperor. Through certain events, a fated encounter occurred and a love sprang forth. Now, Sargon and Ariadne faces an impossible battle one of toils, betrayal and disappointments. Will their love survive the trials brought their way by their enemies to keep them apart forever or would they fight strong for the love they had come to cherish? ************ THIS WORK IS PURELY FICTIONAL AND AN ORIGINAL! Cover not mine, all credit goes to the original owner. Discord server: Instagram: Author_ella Discord: Ella_Dominic#9871

    Ella_Dominic23 · Fantasy
  • Revenge Deal With The Devil

    Curses that are placed on people works on some and doesn't work on some, that depends on how aggrieved the curser that decides to lay the curse. Amelia Smith in her agitation as she felt her life slipping away after the death of her child, laid a curse on her scum of a husband and his mistress that her spirit would forever hunt them. Then the devil himself decided to grace the curse and gave her the opportunity to transmigrate to hunt her husband and his mistress getting double portion of the things that were taken from her no matter the consequences and repercussions she must get her revenge. But he really there just to help, or for his own personal interest. "Give it up, you can't run from me no matter how you try." The devil breathed into Amelia's ears heavily trying to contain his anger. "You are mine, and mine alone." He yelled turning his back at Amelia, ripping the heart of the human that stood beside him with his sharp nails.

    M_dee · Fantasy
  • Way of the Devil

    Demons, devils, ghosts and monsters Plunge the mortals weak in horrors; Arms of gods and blades of devils, Shroud the world in untold evils. Lu Sheng was an ordinary civil servant in the modern world. After waking from a drunken stupor one day, he found himself trapped in a dangerous world where demons, ghosts and supernatural monsters terrorize the land. In this world, ordinary mortals live in dark fear and helplessness, without any means to fight against the supernatural. As Lu Sheng struggles desperately for survival, he stumbles upon a game mod he had designed for a mobile phone app in his previous life. It unexpectedly becomes his special ability, which enables him to instantly level up any skill he learns, albeit at a cost. Thus, Lu Sheng begins his journey, striving for power beyond the reach of a mortal as he treads the way of the Devil…

    Get Lost · Eastern
  • Return of the Silver Devil

    Torn from his friends and family after the brutal death of his Mother, a Young Zariel is tossed into the Nine Hells for the Sin of Existing. Viciously tormented by the Lords of Hell, he escapes with the help of the Weave. Broken and Defeated by Hell's torment, he awakens in a foreign world within the Realm of Aether, lost and alone. Destined to be the Eternal Villain, Zariel arms himself against Gods and Demons and the Heros of Myth and Legends: King Arthur and his Holy Sword, Excalibur. Sigfried and his Demonic Blade, Gram and Beowulf, and his Devil. Zariel sets out on a journey toward the Eternal Heavens and the Nine Hells, unsure of what awaits him.

    Lord_Damocles · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
  • Seduced By The Devil

    (Matured Content) "You belong to me." He said in a husky voice, one that left me shivering in both fear and anticipation. "I belong to no one!" I force out. "You're no one to me." I glare at him. "Not when I'm through. When I'm through with you, you'll know you belong to me, and no one else." He advanced towards me, his intention clear by the glint in his eyes. "I am the predator, and you're the prey."  * Being born as a prince have its perks but not when your life have already being planned out before your birth. Promised to the devil himself when he was still in the womb, Grys is expected to dutifully accept his fate, but he's too headstrong. Determined to fight the devil all the way, Grys asked for a duel. Should he win the duel, he gets to terminate the deal, but should the devil win, he'll dutifully follow him as his bride. The duet determines the outcome. But is Grys ready to give up his life and future for the devil should he lose?

    Memexico19 · LGBT+
    Not enough ratings
  • Villainess for the Devil

    In the year 675th of the imperial calendar, the empress, known for her brawn and wits, died at the hands of her beloved emperor. However, she awoke ten years prior to her death and in the body of Marsella Ross. Marsella Ross. A good-for-nothing bastard child of Marquess Ross. Lived in the outskirt of the capital with only her nanny, the empress, now in this body and had this identity as Marsella swore to live peacefully — away from the bloody path she had taken, away from the power struggle. But is living peacefully possible when reality slapped her with the news of her sudden engagement with the Grand Duke? The Grand Duke of Esmond, Luis Deviltooth Deamonne. A maniacal tyrant. Rumors have it bloodshed followed him like a shadow. He would murder nobles on a whim, and was said to have a heart as frigid as the cold north. With a marriage plotted by the emperor to keep him under control, many assumed Marsella and Luis’ will disavow their engagement. But alas, it had the complete opposite effect to them. They looked forward to it. A villainess for the devil. Except: “I now pronounce you, husband and wife! You may now kiss the bride!” I turned and faced my groom, and he lifted my veil. Just like mine, the corner of his lips curled up devilishly as our eyes met. Red meets black. “They say a confident smile is the most beautiful accessory a woman can wear, but I’d say your smirk is, my wife.” He mused in a low tone, eyes glinting mischievously. “I beg to disagree, my husband.” A chuckle slipped past my lips as I quirked a brow. “A woman’s best accessory is a handsome man.” “Handsome? You surely have an odd taste to say that.” I closed my eyes as he leaned in, waiting for his lips against mine. “I do not have an odd taste. It was just that my taste is beyond fashion, my husband.” Luis let out a low and soft chuckle before his lips touched mine, sealing this marriage with a kiss, and marking the beginning of our constant banter. In most stories, marriage meant a happily ever after. But to them, it was just the beginning. As their marriage progressed, secrets that lie in her blood slowly unveil, giving her an insatiable thirst that wasn't easily quenched. Could Luis accept his wife, who wasn't a normal human? And with the threats to his life, could Marsella disregard the peaceful life she longed to protect her husband? Temporary novel cover to celebrate women's month. Cover not mine. **** Original Story by: alienfrommars FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM for original character arts: @authoralienfrommars Discord server: https://discord.gg/tbS4rKec3e

    alienfrommars · Fantasy
  • Her Devil Prince

    [Mature content] [ Volume 1 - Transmigrated to the past for my Devil Prince ] Transmigrated to the past, Chao Xing woke up as a poor man's daughter in his home who intended to sell her for money. Soon she was sold to the palace. The prince of the palace was the object of desire for every girl in the palace despite being known as the "Devil of Death." To control the demon inside of him and prevent him from destroying the world, the devil Prince had to find the red-haired girl. "I get what I want and now I want you. My demon ignite because of you and wants to devour you." Chao Xing had two missions now she had to tame his devil and also become the most influential empress despite all the schemes in that palace. Note: ~ Story setting is in ancient China but it also has fantasy elements in it so you might see some magic and unrealistic things. ~ There is character development of FL till chap 50 after that she starts getting ruthless when her patience finally end. --------------------(---) ---------------------- Update schedule: 1 - 2 chapters a day. 100 ps = 1 bonus chapter 500 ps = 2 bonus chapters 1000 ps = 3 bonus chapters For more spoilers and information follow me on Instagram author_zoa Facebook Author zoa

    ZOA · History
  • Enchanting The Devil

    Daphne Seraph thought she was unlucky enough when she woke up in a strange place filled with mystical creatures after a plane crash. But that is, until she meets. . . Her new goal: Find a way out of this place. Lucifer Black, the devilish young master of the powerful Black family, was quite dissatisfied with his boring life until he meets. . . His new goal: Find a way into her heart. --- Note ~ No rape and no major misunderstandings This is an original story by me and not a translation. The picture in the cover is not mine. Credits to the owner :) Join my discord server: https://discord.gg/e72ZjJAhS5 Author’s Instagram: helemon_author

    helemon_ · Fantasy
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  • Devil's Pampered Wife : She Devil

    "Huuuh, sometimes I dosen't understand how could someone be so stupid! What you thought, you'll return after so many years & we will serve you the Singhania Empire in a golden platter?! Who you are?" "Wh–what you m.. mean, I.. I am Sitara Singhania!" "Haaa haah haaa! You really think so?! Well, initially I never wanted to share this, but as you're gonna die in some minutes! Lemme tell you about it, twenty-one years ago, Nayantara Jindal gave birth to a dead child!" "Youuuu...!! You're ly.. lying!" "No, I! I had killed the actual heir of this family in his mother's womb! That's not the only thing, I also killed his parents, and his grandparents! You're just a tiny pawn whom I used to acquire this empire without dirtying my name! Now good bye, sweetie!" "Nooo! Wait! Tell me who I am! Help!" "Bye darling! My wife's waiting for me, after all it's our first night! Enjoy the fire!" ......... Sitara Singhania, a not so beautiful, but sweet, cortous, fearful and polite young lady! Also the heiress of one of the elite family in country I, who had faced utter humiliation, and taunts, criticisms from the society because of her looks for all her life, & was known as the ugly princess! Well, this is what the society used to think about her, or should say this was how she portrayed herself before the society to hide the raging volcano inside her! She wanted revenge! Revenge for herself, her parents, her grandparents! When she left, she was a weak, innocent, little child, but after nineteen years when she finally returned, she's strong, fierce, bold, cunning, vicious, extremely deadly & dangerous! The fire which she had raised in her heart very carefully & lovingly for all these years, now had turned into a volcano, and was ready to engulf everything! She had one motive, one wish, and one dream : Revenge! ......... Krishna Bharadwaj, the most powerful person in the business world! Known as the dictator of several countries! The owner of unlimited power, and wealth! The well known Devil in disguise! Rumored as the god of death! Notorious, ruthless, treacherous, ferocious, merciless! The said devil emperor, sitting on the highest throne & ruling with an iron fist! Nobody has even the power to take his name without any goosebumps raised on their skin! But there was one problem, instead of so much power, wealth & everything, none of the young ladies wanted to even think about him in their ugliest dreams! And the reason behind this was, nobody in this world had ever seen his face other than his very own personal team! According to the rumors, which were spread by the secret & trustworthy sources, he was the most ugliest being in the world! Every women who tried to step in his vicinity were vanished from the earth! Well, everything was perfect in their lives, and they were bust & focused to their goals till now! But problem arose when they coincidentally met each other! The said devil fell in love with the girl, and wanted her in his house, and in his life at any cost! Now, this was just the devil's wish! The angel had no such feelings, nor plans! It was just a part of game for her! And that's why she offered him the contract of 365 days! His task was to make her fall in love with him in that period of time! Which she believed was absolutely impossible! .......... Now will he get succeed in his mission? What will happen when they will stay together? What will he do when he'll learn about her secrets? Will she fall for him? Will he be able to melt her stone heart with his endless love & pampering?! ......... "Forget her!!" "Never in this life, nor in afterlife!!" "Man, she dosen't love you." "But I love her!!" "What is so good about her?" "Everything is more than good about her!!" "Why don't you understand, she's someone else's girlfriend!!" "In this lifetime and in every other lifetimes, she can only be mine and mine only!!"

    Komolika · Urban

    [This book contains heavy violence and mature content.] "You said, to kill you, I need to wait till another lifetime. Good news,you don't have to wait till long. " Ezekiel Ruiz, the Illegitimate son of one of the most dangerous Mafia gang leaders of the continent. Though, illegitimates are meant to be hated and despised, he was the one who was loves by all. And maybe this love was one of the main causes of his painfull and untimely death. Physically weak and mentally genius, Ezekiel had no interest in taking over his father's gang. But his parents had other intentions. His stepbrothers obviously didn't like that there father wanted to hand over the business to him and they planned to kill him. But, that fated day, he didn't die alone. He had to witness his father's , step mom's and his world, his mom's death. Before dying he also came to know about his fiancee's betrayal. Maybe it was the extreme hatred and desire for revenge. He woke up, but it wasn't his own body. He swore to take revenge for him and his loved ones. Then he met someone,Kiara. Who taught her to live again. To love again. She helped him to start everything ,from scratch, but only asked to let her stay by his side in return. And there starts the story... ( Yes I know.. the synopsis is giving off a rather gloomy feel .... but don't worry I have try to add as much humor as I can. And I guarantee you it's not boring or monotonous at all ... hehe ) . . . Will he be able to take his revenge? Will his second half be Kiara? Let's explore to this journey together..

    Sal_World · Urban
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