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My Necromancer Class

Jay was merely an abandoned butcher’s son, living in a small village on the outskirts of a magical world. When humans came of age, they would receive their class from a mana conduit, granting them magic powers, and begin their lives as adventurers. “Status,” Thought Jay, checking his class. [Necromancer Level 1] “...I’m a Necromancer?” His eyes widened in shock. Looking around in fear, he breathed a sigh of relief. No one heard him. This was a monster class, and one of the more powerful monsters at that; a powerful being which raised the dead to fight on its behalf. If anyone knew, they would hunt Jay down and kill on sight. He was not just a threat to the authority of the nobles, but to all living things. “But am I a monster now? Or human? I guess it doesn’t matter. They’ll kill me all the same.” Jay had only one option: to get stronger, building his necrotic powers up so that he may one day become untouchable. Through plotting, secrecy, and sometimes by sheer carnage, he can only attempt to survive in this hostile world. Join Jay as he struggles against all odds and misfortune, against a world that wants him dead, as he secretly rises and bends this world to his will.

Aero182 · Fantasy
373 Chs

Beast Taming: The Empress Is Shocked After Peeking Into My Future

# EMPRESS Shen Fei was transmigrated to a world of beast taming and obtained the Supreme Bloodline through the transmigration. Everyone was able to contract their own tamed beast. The stronger one was, the stronger their beast would be. After activating his Supreme Bloodline, the first thing Shen Fei did was form a contract with the Divine Phoenix. However, there existed an empress in the world. She had control over almost all the resources in the world and could even see the outline of everyone’s life. On a certain day, the empress noticed Shen Fei and when she activated her power to peek into his future, she was completely stunned. Name: Shen Fei Fate: Supreme Bloodline, Infinite Evolution, King of Beast Tamed Beast: Divine Phoenix (Highest-grade) Outline: Will build an immortal kingdom and become the King of Beast

Angel · Fantasy
460 Chs

Being Blind For Five Years, All My Disciples Became Forbidden Curse Mages

# MAGE # BLIND Fang Ping was blind. By chance, he transmigrated to another world. Upon his arrival, he was ambushed by a ferocious beast. Fortunately for him, he was rescued by a woman. After being saved, he discovered that this world also used English. However, to his surprise, the denizens of this world had proficiency below that of a kindergartener from his world. Yet alone say an entire sentence, they even fumbled about pronouncing single words. Coincidentally, he awakened the Master Teacher System. In order to repay them for saving his life, he decided to stay and teach them English. He began by teaching them to recognize the alphabet and then phonetics and finally began to teach them vocabulary. However, Fang Ping was unaware that his students were abnormal. They were the famous night elves, and the person who had saved him was the next queen of the night elves clan. She was the daughter of the current queen. The English that he was teaching was the vocabulary of this world’s magic spells. Hence, the weak night elves began mastering magic spells and their forces grew powerful once again. Five years later, Fang Ping opened his eyes. He looked at the people of all races kneeling before him. It was as though a whole country had come to the royal court. There were giants, dwarfs, fox demons etc. Beside him, the sexy, stunning queen of the night elves was looking at him with a worshiping gaze. Fang Ping finally realized that he had taught them some incredible things.

Forest Of Elves · Fantasy
203 Chs

Conquering His Cold Heart

Princess Anastasia of Orsenia is regarded as the kingdom’s treasure. However, she carries a heavy secret— she is diagnosed with an incurable illness. She is fated to die before she turns 18. For years, her parents desperately searched for a cure but to no avail. That is, until a mysterious letter arrives, claiming that the only way Anastasia can escape her cruel fate is to send her to a monster: King Caspain, the ruler of Sorvando, a vampire kingdom. The letter prophesizes that Anastasia will live, only if she makes that bloodthirsty King fall in love with her. However, Anastasia knows it’s nearly an impossible task. Sorvando is filled with dangers. And she is only but a weak human. Yet, her will to live won over her fear. No matter how cruel the king may be, Anastasia will still try to win his heart. Now, if only she can keep her own heart from falling for him as well. *** [Excerpt] “Cas-pian…” And he looked back to see that she was biting her lower lip as though she greatly enjoyed that kiss. He smirked again and whispered in his deeply seductive voice, “I like my name even more ever since I started hearing it from your beautiful lips. And I like it even further when you say it in that hushed tone.” Anastasia had no idea what Caspian was hinting at yet. So he dropped some more hints, “Wife, weren’t you asking me what the first night meant? Let me show you.”

sanimimosa7 · Fantasy
496 Chs

Mythical Beasts: The Useless Lady Is a Genius!

# PRETENDTOBEAFOOL In the empire, both men and women would awaken Beast Essence once they reach the age of eighteen. Beast Essence was hidden in human bones, and the bone is called Beast Bone. The more important the position of the Beast Bone was in a human body, the better the Beast Essence, and stronger Beasts would hatch from the beast eggs in the future! Kong Rui was going to be eighteen soon. She wanted to awaken, and then escape from this colosseum. She wanted to escape this deceitful place where she was only entertainment for others, and had to fear her fate in order to survive. However, she was caught. She was tied up and her sister dug out her entire backbone, because Kong Rui had awakened a Phoenix that had not been seen in a thousand years! She was stripped of all hope and thrown into a ravine filled with demonic energy like a dead dog. Everyone thought she wouldn’t survive, but they didn’t expect her to have two elements in her body. She found a master under the cliff and even became a pampered princess of the demons there. The demons: “We’ll cut off the head of whoever touches Little Rui!”Walking out of the abyss, she used her power to defeat the heroes, and no one dared to say the word “genius” in front of her! The Beasts that no one could conquer were as good as babies in her hands! Countless peerless bosses came out just to accept her as their disciple! The bigshot that everyone feared even hugged her waist and whispered, “Do you want the entire empire? Why don’t I give it to you?”

Ideal Belly · General
310 Chs

Fantasy: I Can Instantly Comprehend Everything

Zhou Yun transmigrated to a fantasy world and was bound to the God Tier Epiphany System. He could enter into a state of meditation and achieve epiphanies that others desired regardless of what he did. Other cultivators immersed themselves fully in hardcore training in order to achieve some improvements in their swordsmanship. On the other hand, Zhou Yun achieved enlightenment in swordsmanship by merely picking up a sword and playing with it a little. His swordsmanship attained perfection in an instant. Other cultivators trained hard in order to break through to the next plane. Zhou Yun merely swept a glance at the fallen leaves in the courtyard. Then, he had an epiphany and broke through to the next plane on the spot. He had insights into everything in the world, and his rate of plane progression skyrocketed. When other cultivators finally became powerful existences after going through various hardships, Zhou Yun had already become the supreme existence through having countless epiphanies.

Vermeil · Eastern
203 Chs

Jiu Ge's Beloved Spirit

Yun Si was the world’s first cluster amaryllis of Hell, also known as a Red Spider Lily. She was compatible with ghost fire, capable of commanding a hundred demons, and was especially adept in causing hallucinations. After a shocking encounter with the legendary gentleman, Jiu Ge, she fell deeply for him, captivated by his tenderness and beauty. Yun Si chirped, “Jiu Ge, Jiu Ge, can I court you?” The elegant man smiled gently and shook his head. Then, Yun Si successfully held his hand. She began wanting a mile after being given an inch. “Jiu Ge, Jiu Ge, can I hug you?” The gentleman kindly refused. Then, Yun Si successfully hugged him. “Jiu Ge, Jiu Ge, I want to kiss you.” The gentleman poked her forehead and said, “Miss, please behave.” The seductive Red Spider Lily spirit blinked her beautiful eyes and stood on tip toes. She easily got what she wanted. Thus, the little spirit was punished into making a copy of precepts because she did something wrong. The little spirit continued to hound after the gentleman. The gentleman looked down at their linking hands and said softly without getting angry, “You’re a lady, so you should conduct yourself with dignity.” “I don’t want to!” The little spirit stayed close to him and never left his side. She always assumed he had a gentle temperament, until one day, she witnessed a woman confessing to him. When the woman took a step forward, the gentleman’s face immediately darkened, and he kicked her away. Then, he barked coldly, “Get lost.” The woman fled in tears. The little spirit who kept hounding after the gentleman every day for hugs and kisses was confused. So the gentleman can be fierce… So the gentleman can be rough… A bold spirit vs a gentleman who tends to reject her on the outside, but dotes on her on the inside [Love at first sight + two-way crush]

Sugar-fried Chestnuts · General
Not enough ratings
40 Chs

East Meet West (Cultivation world)

[BeforeReadingThisNovelPleaseReadThisNote:The MC has received the system,but that doesn't mean he will become an OP character and smart guy.And if you want a Quick OP guy,then I am sorry to disappoint you,this novel is not meant for you. Here,it will take some time [100-150chapters] for the MC to become OP and then he will slowly transform from a naive and stupid character to a quickwitted,sly,OP and ruthless [maybe] character.So, if you can bear with the Mc's stupidity and weakness for 100-130 chapters, then I would appreciate your patience. So,please don't judge the story or Mc's stupid decisions(whichwillbejustifiedlater) when you just read some 15-20 chapters and affect the ratings.] (MC's name is Raj Who changes his name to Orochi later in the story.) Raj/Orochi is reincarnated into the world of cultivation. He is excited to be reborn in an anime world which he has always dreamt about. After being reincarnated he is excited to become strong and have a harem with beautiful women. MC is born in a strong clan too so he thinks it will be easy. And yes, everything was going easy and peaceful until the day his talent was tested. then....... Everything changed, His family, brother, sister, fiancee all abandoned him, his friends betrayed him and his cultivation was abolished by his enemies and was thrown into the forest to die. All the anger, resentment, despair overloads his brain and something clicks in his mind and an RPG style window appears in front of his eyes. He remembered the most important thing in the cultivation world that is 'strength and talent is what matters in this world.' Now, what will he do? Will he become strong and gain his clan's appreciation? Will he have his revenge or will he be indifferent to all his past and start a new life? Will he become a hero or anti-hero? Follow Raj's/Orochi's Adventure in the cultivation world. Note: This novel will contain 18+ content, so if you are below 18, I would suggest you not to read this novel.

466 Chs