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Her Devil Prince


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[Mature content] [ Volume 1 - Transmigrated to the past for my Devil Prince ] Transmigrated to the past, Chao Xing woke up as a poor man's daughter in his home who intended to sell her for money. Soon she was sold to the palace. The prince of the palace was the object of desire for every girl in the palace despite being known as the "Devil of Death." To control the demon inside of him and prevent him from destroying the world, the devil Prince had to find the red-haired girl. "I get what I want and now I want you. My demon ignite because of you and wants to devour you." Chao Xing had two missions now she had to tame his devil and also become the most influential empress despite all the schemes in that palace. Note: ~ Story setting is in ancient China but it also has fantasy elements in it so you might see some magic and unrealistic things. ~ There is character development of FL till chap 50 after that she starts getting ruthless when her patience finally end. --------------------(---) ---------------------- Update schedule: 1 - 2 chapters a day. 100 ps = 1 bonus chapter 500 ps = 2 bonus chapters 1000 ps = 3 bonus chapters For more spoilers and information follow me on Instagram author_zoa Facebook Author zoa