Your Virtual Self is Completely Different too, right? Book

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Your Virtual Self is Completely Different too, right?


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Yuan Alcatar is well-known all throughout his high school as a good-looking scholar with a pleasant and polite personality. He has a ton of friends and even more admirers due to his appealing attributes as a hardworking straight A student. In his public life, he always conducts himself like a prim and proper rose boy who's never had a single bad blemish to his record. But, can such a perfectly good person truly exist? The answer is... of course not! Because it is an undeniable fact that every human being on this planet without exception has a dark, unsightly side to them that they wish to keep hidden as much as possible from others. So, the question is: Where does Yuan go to release all of the pent-up frustrations and negative emotions that he’s been harboring deep within him? If bad behavior isn’t appropriate and acceptable in the real world, then what other choice does he have than to settle it all in the virtual one? A humorous, action-packed story about a sweet and innocent high school boy in the real world turning into an unbelievable bastard scum in the virtual one. Because if it's in the online or digital sphere, anyone can keep themselves totally anonymous, right? A secret disparity between his two characters in both worlds that he wishes to hide from everyone that knows him. No one should ever find out!

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