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DxDverse, also known as Draconic Deus, is a world full of wonder. The story of this place follows a young man trying to fulfill his dream as Harem Protagonist. It is light-hearted and full of service. However, beneath all that light-hearted story, there is darkness. Humans are the race known as nothing but weaklings in this world. The race looked down upon is used as cannon fodder and even as cattle for the other race. And I reincarnated in this world as a human. I want to change how others see humans. With this power given to me, I will change humanity's fate and reach the stars! I shall make humanity conquer the stars!

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Chapter 15: One Month Growth

|3rd POV|

The Millefiore Family's name started to spread across the world in the past month. The news of them as a vampire hunter family that dares to fight and the one that manages to win against vampires and werewolves makes them a beacon of hope to the people of Romania and around Romania.

However, there are other things that they are known for other than their win against the Tepes Faction. They are also the people who offer healing services to anyone who requires it. With the help of the Gesso Family from the KHR universe, the Millefiore Family manages to create a healing pod using the power of Sun Flame.

Among the people who come to Vindice Town, there are a lot of magicians who love to do research. After recruiting them to the family and awakening their flame, they form a research and development team for the Millefiore Family.

Using the knowledge of Flames from the Gesso Family and magic from the Mellifiore Family, they create a healing pod that can even regenerate limbs if pushed to the limit. Byakuran himself says that the healing pod is even more powerful than the one he currently has in his family base.

Of course, Vale let Byakuran use this result to build his own healing pod back home.

Because of this, Vale let Byakuran take his R&D department to this world and have joint research between the two families.

From this joint project, they create a lot of things. The Millefiore family can create their own weapon and bullets and only buy a stronger variant of the weapon from the Gesso Family. At the moment, they are also working on making a better solar panel that they can sell to the mundane side of the world. They get a lot of money from healing people around the world, but they also need a cover company that makes their lives easier.

Not only healing, but the Millefiore family is also now known for their extermination mission. They take requests from other countries or other cities to exterminate wild beasts or spirits. The Dying Will Flames of the Sky are especially effective against spirit as they are the fire of the soul, and spirit is a spiritual energy that takes form.

Because of this, the Millefiore Family gets a lot of missions from the country or city with a lot of evil spirits that bother or even kill many humans.

However, just like anything that rises in fame, there is also infamy coming from that. The Millefiore Family becomes feared in weaker vampire and werewolf factions. Many smaller vampire factions across the world start to shake when they hear the name of the Millefiore Family.

The reason? Their brutality in hunting vampires. Unlike the other so-called vampire hunter families that hunt vampires when they are alone, the Millefiore Family attacks the vampires in their base and butcher them. They will leave no vampire alive, and the one that is alive will soon hope that they are dead.

There is a saying among the vampires when facing the Millefiore Family.

"Shall you face the Rainbow Warrior, hope you die fighting for when you are captured alive, your un-beating heart shall beat, and you shall know pain."

That saying spread across Romania and made the vampire factions hesitate to get close to Bucharest or even the area around it. Even the Carmilla Faction gets hit by the Millefiore Family after they try to get one of the so-called Rainbow Warriors using their charm magic.

Sadly for them, all the vampires they sent get killed or captured and tortured. However, one of them manages to leave the prison by sacrificing her left hand, left eye, and left lung in the process of escaping from her prison. She did not last for another week before she died because her body unable to regenerate from all the flame getting injected inside her body.

Because of this, Carmilla and Tepes Factions have one thing that they both agree on: they need to kill the Millefiore Family before they get too powerful. Sadly, the two of them cannot and will not cooperate together to beat the Millefiore Family, and that is what Valerian is counting on to make their faction weaker.

Valerian kept increasing the recruitment across Romania, asking for the people to join his cause to defeat the tyrant who ruled for too long. While the two factions have their power decreasing every day, his family's power increases every day as many humans want to join his cause or stay in his territory after being oppressed by vampires or other supernatural races.

Among the humans who come to his territory, one person looks at the town in front of her. This woman is called Martha. From the look of it, she is just a regular woman with purple hair and blue eyes. However, there is something special about her.

She is the Spirit Inheritor of Saint Martha, the human who is a spirit descendant of Saint Martha. She gets a fraction of Saint Martha's memory when she is still alive. Usually, a person like her will be immediately recruited by the church, and it is the truth, at least for the first few years, before she gets kidnapped by her former teammate, who sells her to a vampire.

For the next two years, she gets tortured, and she becomes a cattle to a small group of vampires. Her blood gets dried so they can drink it and some of her flesh gets cut off to be eaten.

However, it changes when the underground base she was imprisoned in gets raided by Vale and his group. For the first time in two years, she felt warm. Her vision on that day is blurry, but she can remember the brilliant orange flame that embraced her and made her feel like she belonged. That flame makes her feel like she is at home, something that she never feels in church.

The next day, she wakes up in a village where the Millefiore Family's healer treats the other prisoners, including her. After knowing who rescued her and what kind of person he is, something awakens from within her.

It was the power of the sun. The power that heals and the power that destroys that attacks her home.

And she knows where her home is located. She can feel a strong connection within her soul; her home is in the mansion before her. As he gets closer to the mansion, her eyes widen when she sees three people leave the mansion.

She can see a black-haired man with an aura that is always angry, a pink-haired woman with an aura that is calm and cold, and lastly, her destined person, the white-haired young man with green eyes that release warm aura that invites her to get close and to serve him.

This is her savior and the one that she willingly serves.

"My lord~ Your Sun asks to join your Sky."

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