Two Sesang

An entangled prophecy- " She shall be holding seven hearts swathed in her fingers," An act of divine power- "How can this be possible?" Asked the queen bemused and distorted. She walked warily towards the seven broken energy forms of life. She was brooding standing all shocked. One written fate- " Who are you guys? Why does my power calm down when it comes to you?" Asked the first princess bewildered. "Love can change everything," said the older Hyung. "Love is a weakness" the third princess retorted. "Weakness is needed to make us remind of our designated home," said another man. "Home?" The first princess asked bemused. Seven fates of the powerful princess of forerunners are in the hands of seven mere humans. *The misted surroundings of fog* *The feeling of petrichor filled in the air* *In between the sierras* *There lies the Great Kingdom* A world filled with magic and power. A kingdom ruled by integrity and honesty. A Queen that speaks justice and authority. A world that was hidden beneath the layers. Seven princesses in the race of sovereignty. *The beautiful Earth.* *Habitant of leaving beings* *Human race* Seven k-pop stars. BTS. The biggest boyband on Earth holds the biggest fandom and is the current sensation. The seven kings who ruled many hearts. Two groups of people in their adventurous journey. Warriors and Singers. An oddly matched fate entangled with one prophecy. One curse, that will cause chaos. One prophecy that will collide the worlds. A mixture of the real world and a magical one can grab your attention. Seven powerful princesses and seven kings of the singing world. Would it do any difference? The seven princesses in search of one key, meet the seven Kings of Earth. Witness the collision of two worlds. Witness the battle between evil and good. Witness the entangled fates of the odd couples with fun, emotions and war. Witness the story of Meridith VS BTS. "Two Sesang." Disclaimer: It is a work of fanfiction.

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Chapter 6- Arrival of Achlys

The next few months were calm. Although very few people knew what had happened between the King and Queen, it must be kept a secret.

But it didn't take long before Madelyn felt the urge to run from there. Where there is no trust, there is no love.

She couldn't go to her hometown. She knew it would be too easy to track her down. So she ran to the north. Although she was a Rune fae, she had a very deep connection with the witches of Demacia.

She knew they all were looking at this little child as the defeat of great Achlys or a destroyer. But to Madelyn, she was her child. The one for whom she would give her life. The symbol of her true love.

So she ended up with her dear friend Lucy, the queen of Demacia. They welcomed her with open hearts, and she began to live there, not quite happy, but rather peaceful.


The past few months flew by without much knowledge.

Lucy has appointed a few personal bodyguards for Madelyn, who will never leave her shadow. She usually visits her whenever she is available, to spend some time with her. At first, she couldn't believe how the kingdom of Assyr had treated her, She wanted to announce a war, but it was true that their strive wouldn't be much effective.

But what she longed for all these months was never seen. She never saw Tartelon after that night. Thinking about her fate, she would chuckle sadly, that he didn't even want to find her. Maya, the maid who served her, who was also her new friend now would accompany her almost everywhere.

After almost being allowed to do nothing for these months, she finally made what she had been working on for months. The 'Amber Gem'. The colourless gem was approximately the size of a peanut. But that beholds strong magic. She must use the gem to protect them from being destroyed. That would suppress half of the powers so that the time would never come when she/he would have to become the destroyer of the world.

"You sure you are happy to make your child less powerful?" Lucy asked.

"As long as it protects her" She replied with a smile.


With nothing to do, she sat in her chamber, weaving a scarf.

It took her almost 2 months to complete it. The pastel blue scarf originally belonged to someone to whom her heart belongs.

The maids really praised her work, which was not unheard by the Tartelon himself. He knew where she was staying all the time. He just couldn't give up on her.

Though he craved to see her, it was his ego and anger that hindered him from seeing her further. He was a man of his word. He kept his promise of loving only her, while also keeping his promise not to show his face in front of her.

But there was not a day when he didn't seek to steal a glance at her in secret.

He saw how diligently she made the scarf, and part of him wished she would give it to him. But he turned away sadly every time he remembered the incident.

This morning Madelyn finally thought to send him over the scarf that she made with such care. As she passed through the corridors to reach Maya, she encountered Yi Hwang.

"Madelyn?" He smiled. "It has been long," he said looking at her figure. To some extent, he was hurt to see her in such a condition. He wished that he could be with her, to love her, to hold her and to take care of her. But he was bound. So he stood admiring his love from afar.

A little smile appeared on her face as she nodded and acknowledged. "How have you been?" She asked in sign language, which apparently was known by him.

"That is something I wish to ask you, but I can see you look beautiful and fine as the day I met you for the first time" he laughed, still amazed at her beauty.

She laughed, but sadly, she couldn't say what she was going through.

"Wow, you made this?" he asked showing the scarf she was holding.

She nodded almost shyly. It was the first time she had made something for her love.

"Is it for Tartelon?" he asked with a little sadness in his eyes.

Nodding her head, she demonstrated just how deeply in love she was with the guy she never imagined.

"Can I see it?" he asks. His heart clenched to see his love loving someone else. He felt jealous. Losing everything to Tartelon angered him. He does not deserve this.

She hesitantly gave him the scarf. She wanted to see Tartelon right away, but she was stuck with Yi Hwang, whom she couldn't ignore.

When all this took place, unknown by the fact that Tartelon was watching all along. Anger and jealousy took over him and he left there in anger.


Inhaling the honey wine, he cried, "So it was for him?". He was not in his right mind as he was completely drunk. So he decided to spend the night in the chamber of Meretrix.

That night he wanted to forget her face for once for his own peace. But he failed every time he tried.

While he was busy wasting himself, that night Madelyn hoped he would come to meet her for once after all these months. But since it was too late, and he didn't return, she decided to return to her chambers.

It seemed eerily calm that night as if something bad was about to happen. She hurried towards her chambers, without wasting much time. Her maids followed her as well.

But she was stopped in between by someone. A 6 ft tall man, whose face was hidden by hooded cloth.

"Who are you?" She asked in fear, halting in her position.

"This child needs to die," the man said in his hoarse voice. That was when she noticed the army behind him. The army of Achlys.


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