Two Sesang

An entangled prophecy- " She shall be holding seven hearts swathed in her fingers," An act of divine power- "How can this be possible?" Asked the queen bemused and distorted. She walked warily towards the seven broken energy forms of life. She was brooding standing all shocked. One written fate- " Who are you guys? Why does my power calm down when it comes to you?" Asked the first princess bewildered. "Love can change everything," said the older Hyung. "Love is a weakness" the third princess retorted. "Weakness is needed to make us remind of our designated home," said another man. "Home?" The first princess asked bemused. Seven fates of the powerful princess of forerunners are in the hands of seven mere humans. *The misted surroundings of fog* *The feeling of petrichor filled in the air* *In between the sierras* *There lies the Great Kingdom* A world filled with magic and power. A kingdom ruled by integrity and honesty. A Queen that speaks justice and authority. A world that was hidden beneath the layers. Seven princesses in the race of sovereignty. *The beautiful Earth.* *Habitant of leaving beings* *Human race* Seven k-pop stars. BTS. The biggest boyband on Earth holds the biggest fandom and is the current sensation. The seven kings who ruled many hearts. Two groups of people in their adventurous journey. Warriors and Singers. An oddly matched fate entangled with one prophecy. One curse, that will cause chaos. One prophecy that will collide the worlds. A mixture of the real world and a magical one can grab your attention. Seven powerful princesses and seven kings of the singing world. Would it do any difference? The seven princesses in search of one key, meet the seven Kings of Earth. Witness the collision of two worlds. Witness the battle between evil and good. Witness the entangled fates of the odd couples with fun, emotions and war. Witness the story of Meridith VS BTS. "Two Sesang." Disclaimer: It is a work of fanfiction.

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Chapter 7- A Divinely Act

It was the night of summer, somewhere around the beginning of Junii, Meridith's lunar calendar. But that night was more suspiciously calm than any other. There was something in her heart that made her tremble. But because we are all doomed to our fate, she wasn't able to do much.

She gulped looking at the shadow figure who stood before her.

"Worry not, my queen. We will protect you" her bodyguard said as they towered before her to hide her behind their backs.

Lucy's absolute order was to protect her by all means. Even if it refers to protecting her with their lives. Thus as devoted soldiers, they were to Soraya and they didn't back off.

No wonder Lucy had chosen the best from her personal troop. The Excellency with their swords.

They stepped forward to face the shadowed men, guarding the queen and the future heir of Meridith.

"Oh my good Lord, what is that?" one of the fairy maids said, looking at the scary hooded shadows.

"I think they are Achlys," One of the bodyguards says unequivocally without breaking eye contact with the man standing before them, clashing the swords against each other.

The army of Achlys was no ordinary being. They were from the dark troop of the Underland. They were vapid creatures. Slightly distorted in formation, with almost no legs and flying with their abilities. Their eyes were black and shallow as if they would ruin the soul once anyone looked into them. Furthermore, they were formed without matter. They were airborne.

"Queen Madelyn, you must return to the chamber," Maya said with fear in her voice. No wonder they are all scared of the Achlys who stood before them.

The one with the curse. Legends say that if any Achlys touches the soul of any being, there is no coming back. They would blind the person before they killed them from the inside.

However, the beings of Meridith rarely came face to face with the curse, as Empress Soraya always intervened before they harm anyone in her land.

But today there was no one else to save them.

An unknown fear screamed through Madlyn's heart. It told her to run as fast as possible. She knew, all this was after her baby. Which she needed to save at any cost.

As she watched her bodyguards jump before the Achlys without fear for their own lives, she felt pity and thanked them.

Even in the case of a prophecy, it will always be her baby first, rather than any heir to the throne. Without wasting any more time, with the help of her maids, she ran in the opposite direction.

She was surprised to see that no other guards were present in the surrounding area. How can this be? There was not a day when guards stood before each gate, but surprisingly she didn't see anyone that night.

Tears ran down her rosy cheeks as she ran as fast as she could to be saved from the hands of Achlys.

She looked behind as she saw the man she saw at the beginning running towards her. The night was so dark that she couldn't catch any glimpse of his face after several attempts.

"There is no way you could be safe from my hands, queen" the voice finally said as he approached them.

She looked back to look at her bodyguards, who were now defeated by the Achlys. They sat on their knees, while the Achlys started taking over their bodies, killing them from the inside.

No, I have to run faster. She thought dreadfully. But her condition was not good to run like a normal being. The baby bump she was carrying was much more difficult to run with.

"My queen, you must not stop," Maya said as she helped her to run another few steps.

"Ahh," She hugged her womb with both hands as she whimpered with unbearable pain in her womb.

Maya watched as she started bleeding in such a condition. It was not good for either the baby or her.

She saw the queen's chamber from a little distance and said, "A little further, my queen, and I can see it," she said. As soon as they reach there, there will be other soldiers to help.

But there was not much time. The shadowed man was just behind them. Madelyn's eyes filled with terror as she was the man close by.

The Achlys had already killed the rest of the witch maids that were present with the queen.

"SOMEBODY HELP!" Maya screamed, thinking someone would hear her. Although she could see the guards standing by the door, it was unfortunate that they were unable to hear her.

Madelyn understood they are in a deep spell. She signed her to run and bring help as she sat in a near corner.

"What are you talking about my queen? I- I cannot leave you here" Maya said in a panicked voice. How can she? It was impossible for Madelyn to make it before she brought help.

She stared at her madly, not following her commands. She pleaded through her eyes to listen to her for once. She needs to save her baby at any cost. Tears rolled out of her eyes.

"N-No, please listen to me" She pleaded. She had no idea what was the right thing to do at that moment. But she knew leaving her there probably wasn't the best idea.

When she could no longer wait, she pushed her, signalling to go. She knew somehow this was all arranged. Under a spell, this can only be retrieved if she brings help from the king's quarter. When she looked at her for the final time with tears in her eyes, she knew she had to leave.

Maya fought with her own will before she finally left on the orders of the queen. She looked back at her for the last time as she ran. She witnessed for the first time as he stopped the army of the Achlys with her powers. This was the first time anyone had witnessed her powers.

Bright orange magic swirled around her as he held her hand in the air. The magical abilities of a Rune Faeries. Her body glowed with different runes, extracting the powers to save her child. She was happy to know even her death could bring protection to her dear ones.

"Probably I cannot wait anymore to see your face, but know that no matter what I will always be with you. Even if I die, a part of me will be with you, my child." She thought as she looked down at her womb. "I have never used my powers in my life as I never thought I had any need for them. I must use my last essence to save you today." She closed her eyes, flashing all the happy memories of her life, and one of them was with Tartelon and Yi Hwang as well.

Although her heart had changed of course when she met Tartelon. She fell in love with him unexpectedly. And she remembers the night when he came to her chamber all drunk for the first time and cried while hugging her. That was the first night she realised she had already fallen in love with the man in front of her. But life doesn't always work out the way it was planned.

She opened her eyes in regret, knowing that there was no time left to tell him that she loved him more than anything. She was late. Once again.

When she took out the Amber Gem, she wished in her mind, "I wish that no matter what happens, I shall be able to bring my baby into this world. And with the powers vested in this stone, her powers must be split in half to restrain her from becoming the wrath."

She looked at the man who stood before him, who was probably stronger than her and was about to break the barrier she created. Before she died, she looked in hope, hoping to see the king one last time before she died, but it was only a wish.

The shadowed man finally broke through the barrier and stood before her. Her weak body was about to give up. He took out his arrow and it was ignited by the phoenix fire to destroy one's soul. He aimed at his womb.

With a little light, she finally was able to see his face.

She sat bewildered as soon as she saw him. It was unbelievable. But before she could do anything, the arrow hit her womb and she screamed in pain.

But as the magic of Amber Gem had already been spoken, it couldn't turn back. Even with Phoenix fire. The two forms of powerful magic collided in a burst that reverberated around the universe. Causing a few pieces to break in the universe as well.


By the time Lucy reached the place, everything had already ended. The Army of Achlys was feeding on Madelyn's corpse, whose eyes were still open, from the shock before her death. They had already eaten half of her body while the rest lay on the ground, lifeless.

"Anápsei to fos" Lucy chanted with her Irum of Spear.

Suddenly, the bright light of heaven struck the Achlys, and the sharp cry spread through the air when they vanished into thin air.

"My queen!" Maya ran towards the dead body of Madelyn that lay there.

"No," Lucy muttered in utter shock and confusion.

There was no way she could bring back the dead. That was against the law of heaven. Thus the last hope of the King's star died with her. And there she noticed the Phoniex arrow.

"Yi Hwang?" She whispered in disbelief.

They stood silently mourning her corpse.

But as the magic of nature was so powerful that any magic was made, something started shining within Madelyn's body. They stood a little apart in shock and confusion.

Soon, a bright light appeared as burning energy. The lights almost blinded everyone.

As they watched closely, it was already broken. The pieces started falling from it as it slowly divided into seven little pieces of energy.

This was all very new to everyone. Thus she watched silently, hoping for the best.

"This is something we never saw" King Jonas, her husband whispered.

"Until we know what we should do with this, I order you to keep this secret and safe" Lucy ordered.


Later she found a letter that was written by Madelyn

"If you find this later, that means I have already left the world. If Tartelon and I could not be one, I would not be able to live. My heart aches every time I miss him. But you need to promise me that you will take care of my baby. He couldn't trust me, and I believe if there is no trust, there is no love. He never loved me. Maybe. But I did. Even though I knew it wouldn't end well, I did. But he insulted my love for him, so as a punishment he could never know about his child.

Farewell, my friend.

Your Madelyn."


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