Two Sesang

An entangled prophecy- " She shall be holding seven hearts swathed in her fingers," An act of divine power- "How can this be possible?" Asked the queen bemused and distorted. She walked warily towards the seven broken energy forms of life. She was brooding standing all shocked. One written fate- " Who are you guys? Why does my power calm down when it comes to you?" Asked the first princess bewildered. "Love can change everything," said the older Hyung. "Love is a weakness" the third princess retorted. "Weakness is needed to make us remind of our designated home," said another man. "Home?" The first princess asked bemused. Seven fates of the powerful princess of forerunners are in the hands of seven mere humans. *The misted surroundings of fog* *The feeling of petrichor filled in the air* *In between the sierras* *There lies the Great Kingdom* A world filled with magic and power. A kingdom ruled by integrity and honesty. A Queen that speaks justice and authority. A world that was hidden beneath the layers. Seven princesses in the race of sovereignty. *The beautiful Earth.* *Habitant of leaving beings* *Human race* Seven k-pop stars. BTS. The biggest boyband on Earth holds the biggest fandom and is the current sensation. The seven kings who ruled many hearts. Two groups of people in their adventurous journey. Warriors and Singers. An oddly matched fate entangled with one prophecy. One curse, that will cause chaos. One prophecy that will collide the worlds. A mixture of the real world and a magical one can grab your attention. Seven powerful princesses and seven kings of the singing world. Would it do any difference? The seven princesses in search of one key, meet the seven Kings of Earth. Witness the collision of two worlds. Witness the battle between evil and good. Witness the entangled fates of the odd couples with fun, emotions and war. Witness the story of Meridith VS BTS. "Two Sesang." Disclaimer: It is a work of fanfiction.

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Chapter 5- Breaking Apart

King Tartelon sat in his chambers while gulping down the dry honey wine from a golden goblet. His eyes were red and puffy, denoting that he was crying a few minutes ago.

It has been quite some time since the marriage. Since the prophecy was made, and since everything started going otherwise than he planned. People of Assyr started gossiping about the future heir of the kingdom. There were also misinterpretations caused by a few enemies that spread, and Assyr's King was planning to destroy Meridith.

And the constant hate of Mika towards Madelyn made it all worse of all time. She never leaves a situation to insult her. But, Tartelon has always been beside her. But for how long?

Mika had made sure that without Harris' knowledge she would do anything possible to ignore the matter of the Warlosense's kingdom.

All these theories have probably brought a distance between them. There was still hope until he found out something that blinded the love he had for Madelyn over these months.

"Son, you need to see it now, she doesn't love you. Or else why would she spend much time with Yi Hwang? You have to grow up now. You are the king of Assyr. You need to correct all the wrongdoings." Her mother's words began to flash in his mind constantly.

The thunder roared once again causing the maids to flinch a little who was attending king Tartelon at that moment too. But he seemed not to be affected by those little thunder. He was having the whole cyclone running over his heart and mind.

"Prepare my visit to the Queen's chamber" he ordered while being a little drunk.

"Your highness, it is almost midnight, I think you must visit her when the sunrise again." His most trusted eunuch said with a low voice. Thinking this might help calm him down.

But his eyes were red and fierce. "Didn't you hear the king's command?" he roared.

As only a slave, the eunuch really didn't have much to say. He bowed as he replied "I will make the arrangements, your majesty"


The king's men with heavy worn buckled-up armour walked up to the chamber and knock at the door, and one of queen Madelyn's maids opens the door. The maid fairies and goblins have already received the news of the King's arrival by now. But somehow they seemed a little nervous. But they didn't have much choice so they stood silent by the door.

Soon with the announcement, the king entered the queen's chamber with a straight face. All the fairy and goblin maids bowed before him, showing the respect he deserve as a king.

His eyes scanned the whole room, but he couldn't find Madelyn.

"As expected" he mutters with a sad chuckle.

"Your majesty, the queen is..." A goblin tried to justify her absence.

He chuckled bitterly as he ask "She is what? Missing again?"

She and the attendants were too afraid to face the king right now. His eyes were showing the anger that could kill anyone who would come in front of him right now.

"I guess she is..." he says as he picks up her favourite hairpin whom she never leaves behind. A beautiful golden phoenix hairpin embroidered with a yellow sunflower on them. It was one of the dearest of Madelyn.

His anger reached a peak as he overturn the table that contains her precious hairpin.



A private meeting was called by the king in today's courtroom for the queen. Only a few attendants were allowed. Although she broke his heart, still he wanted to maintain her remaining journey with the kingdom to be diligently.

She stood there silently as she had nothing much to do. She was wearing a white silk gown combined with a few amulets. Her golden hair was left alone till her shoulder as always.

"Where were you last night?' he asked sternly looking at her.

"Your majesty, the queen was with me," Her personal maid, sylph, says as she stood behind the queen, accused simultaneously.

"You were supposed to take care of the queen, not to help her to do the sinful deed, Maya," he says with a little hint of mock. "I have come to know of your little secret Madelyn. Now no matter how hard you try to hide it from me. I know. " he said enunciating the last words.

She choose to stay mum, which actually angered the king more.

"Fucking answer me you filthy woman, where were you last night?" he roared angrily, causing everyone to flinch whoever was present over there. Apart from queen Madelyn. She was now habituated to his criticisms. It was nothing new.

This all started only a few weeks ago, and she does not have any idea of what wrong she did to make him such angry.

"I guess you didn't see this coming, did you? You thought I would know of your dirty little secret? You affair?" he blurted out in pain. the tears beamed through his eyes as he kept accusing his wife. never in his life had he imagined this day would come.

The picture he had for both of them in his mind was completely different now. All of his dreams were shattered.

He came down from his throne and walked a little towards Madelyn. He put his index finger under her chin to lift her beautiful face up, visible to him.

"Huh, you dare to cry now!" He mocked. "I would rather kill you than see your beautiful face any minute longer" he took out his sword in one go, and he directly aims towards her throat.

A gasp filled the room who were present currently. It was something they never thought to witness. A side of Tartelon, which was unseen until now.

Maya immediately bowed before the king and says "I beg you for mercy, my king, she is pregnant with your child, please have mercy on her"

For the first time in all this moment, Madelyn looked up. Her face scrunched up in the pain at the betrayal from her trusted friend.

"W-What?" he breathed out in confusion.

"Your majesty, she is pregnant with your child. Thus yesterday when she was not feeling okay, I took her to midwife Shira."

Still confused with her words Tartelon asks "What are you talking about?"

Maya gulped looking at Madelyn who stood there with a defeated face and crying in silence.

"Your majesty, the queen was found pregnant a few weeks back. and as the good news is found, she asks me to keep this news a secret. Even from you" she tells the truth.

"Why?" He asks confusingly looking at Madelyn.

"As instructed the firstborn of this bloodline was to be handed over to mother Empress Soraya. She fears that due to the prophecy that was made, her child will be in danger. Thus she wanted to hide all of this from everyone. Until she finds a way to protect the baby." she explains.

As the truth came forth, Tartelon's legs crumbled a little.

There was something that he was missing in all of this. With shock and confusion, he left there without any further doubts.


Madelyn was sitting in her chamber, looking over the broken hairpin in her room. That was very special to her, as it was attached to one of her life's best memories, which she wanted to cherish forever.

The whole day she expected her husband to come bay as he already knows the news. But he never came by.

After waiting for a long time she gave up. She had her daily routines and was about to go to bed when she heard the loud noise being the doors.

"Let go of me, I order" A voice shouts behind the closed doors.

She couldn't keep her curiosity to look at what was going on there. But before she could even reach the door, it burst open revealing king Tartelon standing before him all drunk.

As soon as his eyes fall on her he smiles. It was after a long time she saw her smiling, so she didn't disturb the moment until he says "My queen, I am so happy today"

She smiled a little understanding that he was happy to be a father. She had to discuss a lot with him though. Although at the beginning of their relationship, it was not easy to communicate with a mute person, she made out a way.

She always uses a few signs to make him understand his feelings. And then she would write all she wanted to tell him. Tartelon found it interesting and he never stops visiting her by giving even silly excuses. She loves when she writes letters to him, to express what she was feeling at that time.

It was all flashing before her eyes.

But it was not for a long time.

As soon as he stepped in with wobbling legs being all drunk he says "The guy must be lucky right? After all, he gets the queen."

Her brows scrunched as she couldn't understand what he meant.

"Who was the father of this baby, Madelyn?" He asked with a drunk voice looking at her. She could see the dried tears on his cheeks. Honestly, that sank her heart. He doesn't trust her!

"'Cuz as far as I remember we never consummate to produce any heir. Then how am I the father of this baby?" he stated, looking sadly at her. His heart was broken into million pieces.

She wanted to speak, but as a god-given punishment to be the mute girl, she could only stand there and cry.

"You were afraid that I would harm your baby?" He said holding his cheeks between his big palms, that fortunately fitted perfectly for her face. "You don't have to. I am really a fool. No matter what I cannot stop loving you. As a matter of fact, I give you my words, that by all means, I will keep this baby safe. Are you happy now hm?" he asks as tears run down his cheeks.

She couldn't stop herself from crying as she saw how broken his husband was, but at the same time, his words were only killing her from the inside, Never had she thought, that she has to listen to such an accusation.

He looked into her eyes for the last time as he said "From now on, I will never show you my face, you will only have to serve until the baby is born. After that, you are free to go anywhere you want with him. I would never come in between you two"


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