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Read Two Sesang novel written by the author Wendrila_Kundu on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering comedy, magic, mystery, cultivation, dark. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


An entangled prophecy- " She shall be holding seven hearts swathed in her fingers," An act of divine power- "How can this be possible?" Asked the queen bemused and distorted. She walked warily towards the seven broken energy forms of life. She was brooding standing all shocked. One written fate- " Who are you guys? Why does my power calm down when it comes to you?" Asked the first princess bewildered. "Love can change everything," said the older Hyung. "Love is a weakness" the third princess retorted. "Weakness is needed to make us remind of our designated home," said another man. "Home?" The first princess asked bemused. Seven fates of the powerful princess of forerunners are in the hands of seven mere humans. *The misted surroundings of fog* *The feeling of petrichor filled in the air* *In between the sierras* *There lies the Great Kingdom* A world filled with magic and power. A kingdom ruled by integrity and honesty. A Queen that speaks justice and authority. A world that was hidden beneath the layers. Seven princesses in the race of sovereignty. *The beautiful Earth.* *Habitant of leaving beings* *Human race* Seven k-pop stars. BTS. The biggest boyband on Earth holds the biggest fandom and is the current sensation. The seven kings who ruled many hearts. Two groups of people in their adventurous journey. Warriors and Singers. An oddly matched fate entangled with one prophecy. One curse, that will cause chaos. One prophecy that will collide the worlds. A mixture of the real world and a magical one can grab your attention. Seven powerful princesses and seven kings of the singing world. Would it do any difference? The seven princesses in search of one key, meet the seven Kings of Earth. Witness the collision of two worlds. Witness the battle between evil and good. Witness the entangled fates of the odd couples with fun, emotions and war. Witness the story of Meridith VS BTS. "Two Sesang." Disclaimer: It is a work of fanfiction.

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Hi, all readers, I am back with a new book, And this one is a BTS ff. I am looking for some engagement in my book Hope you all will help me as before




I didn’t read the description 💀 like I read the first ch and then BTS, the multiverse, and a Sponsor for your YT channel suddenly appeared. Like I ain’t mad about it, its actually kinda funny tho with the opening of the book, this went a completely different direction that I originally thought


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