Transmigrated as an NTR’ed protagonist. Book

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Transmigrated as an NTR’ed protagonist.


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WARNING!!! The mc of this novel is weak(mentally) and thus unlikable. The story also has a tag SLOW-PACE. Which means there won't be a lot of actions going on from the get-go. Erlig, a senior in a respectable college lived his whole life without knowing such a word as trouble. Stable life with no accidents, great parents, and a good friend. Gaming was his hobby. But when he tried a new game something happened to him. He was trapped in a new world as the protagonist of this game. The worst is that he was cuckolded, humiliated, and beaten down. Not knowing how this happened he now forced to live a different life. Those things, that looked like fiction in the game turned out to be much more real. He is forced to confront the dark and grimy world that looks much harsher than what he always saw. The only things that left in his changed world, is his meager knowledge of the game and his, own, self. Given such a miraculous opportunity, he is forcibly taken out from his bubble and placed between a choice. To break and fall or to forever change his fate, his life, and everything around him. A little description to give a better understanding of what this story is about. It's my vision on a fusion of Korean fighting manhwas and Korean r-18 romance manhwas with the protagonist that is not typical to those particular works. Author's note: As this is my first novel and English is not my native language any criticism would be appreciated. Release schedule: At least one chapter every week. I also post on Scribble Hub and Royal Road.


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