Multiple Talents in Naruto World

Author: Logical_Dot
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What is Multiple Talents in Naruto World

Read ‘Multiple Talents in Naruto World’ Online for Free, written by the author Logical_Dot, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering ROMANCE Fanfiction, R18 Fan Fiction, SUPERPOWERS Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: Second Shinobi War is just few years away and Kidou got transmigrated in Ninja World with few talents. How will he work ...


Second Shinobi War is just few years away and Kidou got transmigrated in Ninja World with few talents. How will he work out to keep himself safe in the world? Being a Chunin in Twenties, how will Kidou fair with his low IQ? MC isn't genius so he will make stupid mistakes. If you want a MC who is cautious, genius, always makes amazing decision, then this isn't you you. Also, Hmm? I forgot what I was about to write, so anyways. Just read the book and tell me how you feel about this. . . Like always, support me on Patreon and you will get extra chapters in returns, https://www.p@treon.com/Logical_Dot Of course, replace the @ with a.

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A man knelt in front of a fire. His shoulders hunched and dropping with exhaustion. Remnants of what may have once been armor hung off him. His skin was cracked and soot-covered and where the bare skin could be seen it glowed with the same intensity as the fire before him. A weapon lay beside him, a halberd. It was caked in ash and its shaft showed signs of breaking. Covered in so many little cracks that the wood looked fragmented. A bang sounded out sharply in what was once total silence except for the quiet crackling of the fire that he watched. The man raised his head looking over what was once a great hall. The stones were cracked and the furniture in the room had long ago been used to feed the flame. All that was left were the great doors that held them outside. Again it sounded the door shaking from the force of it. The man rose this time taking hold of his weapon of choice. Tiny pockets of flame rose upon his body. popping in and out of existence sporadically. He was tired so very tired. He was ready to give it all up he was the last after all. The banging continued getting louder and louder. The doors creaked and groaned under the stress of it when suddenly there was a cracking sound. The doors burst inwards sending splinters hurtling around the room. The man raised his arm to shield his eyes as the splinters flew at him. He lowered it quickly as to catch sight of the foe. It was a gnarled thing, an amalgamation of grey sickly skin and yellow push like eyes that covered its body. Its limbs had no hands or feet only blade-like bones that jutted out every so often. The creature and man rushed at each other battling with a vicious intensity. The man took blows but replied in kind lashing out with the halberd and whips of flame that came off of his body. The creature moved rapidly around the man looking for an opening when suddenly the man swung the halberd. It bit deeply into the creature's flesh and the man drove the fire around him up the haft of it and burned the creature to ash. He stumbled then and fell to his knees exhausted and wounded. He turned his head towards the fire and closed his eyes for what he thought would be the last time. Then he felt something, an overpowering warmth. His eyes flashed open and he saw the fire expand. It twisted and turned as it took the shape of a figure. It continued to change as it made its way out of the fire. Blury edges sharpened and formed a more complete image. A women made out of fire reached out towards him. Speaking words that could not be heard. As the man drooped into unconsciousness she smiled and that was the last.

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Setelah enam bulan mengunci diri lantaran berduka, akhirnya El putuskan untuk membuka pintu dan kembali menjalani kehidupan normalnya. Ia berharap sekolah bisa menjadi tempat mengaburkan pilu yang selama ini dipeluknya seorang diri. Tapi seluruh angan-angan indahnya seketika lenyap setelah menghadapi kenyataan di hari pertama sekolah. Tak ada kedamaian, pandangan memusuhi tersirat dimanapun ia berpijak, musuh-musuh baru berkeliaran mengincar. Ancaman, cemooh, tuduhan ... sekolah bukan lagi tempat berwarna baginya. Mereka salah paham. El bukan pelaku dari apapun! Bahkan ia tidak mengerti apa alasan mereka membencinya tanpa celah. Tetap menghindar dan bungkam. El sama sekali tak berkutik terhadap semua orang yang terus berusaha menghancurkannya. Tentu si manis itu bisa menghabisi mereka begitu saja, tapi ia bukanlah gadis gegabah yang senang membuang waktu untuk hal tak berguna. Lagipula ia bukan sang pelaku. Tapi El sudah menyadari apa alasannya. Hari-harinya penuh lamunan dan rasa bersalah. Tidak ada secercah senyuman meski hanya palsu, ia tak mau. Di tengah ramai pertempuran balas dendam itu, munculah satu tokoh anonim dalam kehidupan El. Laki-laki asing yang tiba-tiba menghampirinya dan memberi sebungkus obat luka. Aneh. Tidak banyak yang berubah setelah kedatangan dia, tapi ... gadis itu sekarang tertawa lebar karena ocehannya? "Tenanglah sebentar saat kupeluk, tidak masalah menangis sekarang ... hanya ada aku di sini."

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MAIN STORY: COMPLETED SIDE STORY 1, 2, 3 & 4: COMPLETED ONE SHOT COLLECTION: 8/10 COMPLETED A secretary faces a difficult choice: to join or not to join a dating site for the most eligible bachelor alive, Her boss. However, he can't know it's her on the side of the screen. Just when she thinks it's over, more difficult things await—like meeting in real life. ============== "You're not about to carry me out in bridal style again, are you?" "Do you want me to?" He couldn't help but smirk. Her face from their date surfaced in his memories. He found it just as amusing as back then. Revenge never tasted sweeter. Would she make the same reaction right now?  It was tempting but the venue wasn't the best place for it. "No!" Eve protested a little too loudly. She pressed her fingers against her mouth and scanned the premise. As she predicted, hundreds of eyes watched them. A groan escaped her lips. She buried her face on the side of his chest, inhaling his cologne. "Are you sure?" Ambryan asked, genuinely concerned now. He held her chin and raised it. His violet eyes met her hazel ones. The blush on her cheeks had magnified in saturation. He couldn't tell anymore if it came from embarrassment or the alcohol. Either way, it intrigued him on how much redder she could possibly be. He leaned down and whispered in her ear. "I'd be gentle this time." ============== As a secretary, Eve knew affiliations between her and her boss were forbidden. She must stay in his shadow where she didn't pose a threat to his lovers and his admirers. She had taken measures to fit the job, even changing her style of appearance. Ambryan Hathaway, CEO of Eros Productions, disliked false information. The only ones he allowed were the ones he initiated himself—mainly about his love life. In order to please his mother, he had participated in the game of love with a string of flings. Unfortunately, his mother had enough. She must find a way for him to open his eyes and his heart to meeting the right girl. That one spark would be enough for her son to consider marriage. And who would be the better candidate than his own secretary? Will the screens pull them closer together or push them further apart? An office romance like no other! ============== Average Words: 1.5k per chapter Disclaimer: Set in modern day of a fictional country, everything in this novel is fictional. Any similarities with real life's event is purely coincidence ============== DISCORD SERVER: https://discord.gg/5V89qkc All Rights for the cover art belongs to webnovel users, CailinMatthews and Meizhen. > Pose & FL inspiration taken from Ikemen Vampire > Text done through online-image-editor. com If you have a very kind soul and want to boost my Cai-ffeine spirit, you can go here: https://ko-fi.com/cailinmatthews

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I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating

When Su Jiu dies on her eighteenth birthday, she transmigrates into a novel about painful love and becomes an adorable four-year-old child. After she grows up, she will become the villainous second female lead in the novel. Not only will that happen, but her father is also a lazy bum! Su Jiu is worried sick about her father. “Daddy, you’re not allowed to eat anymore. Maintain your figure!” “Daddy, there’s a shoot for you tomorrow. Prepare for it!” “Daddy, pull yourself together! Don’t you want to find a stepmother for me?” “Daddy, it’s time for you to receive the award. Think about your thank you speech!” With Su Jiu's help, her father, who is initially a deeply hated and unpopular celebrity, becomes the most popular celebrity in the nation and earns loads of money. As the only inheritor, Su Jiu owns assets worth billions of yuan. With such an enjoyable life, she can just play her life away. However— Wait a moment! Why is the menacing, stubborn and evil villain courting her, instead of the main female lead? She only showed some concern to him when he was a child. Why does he miss her so much? Furthermore, isn’t he an emotionless money-making machine? Why is he doing this? Many years later, the villain becomes the most powerful figure in the business and entertainment world. He even becomes her father’s boss! As a father who dotes on his daughter, he realizes that there is an evil wolf eyeing his daughter. Hence, he fearfully educates her on all sorts of safety precautions. She must treasure her life and stay away from the villain! However, the villain smirks menacingly. “Su Jiu, marry me. I’ll give you everything—even my life. Otherwise, I’ll blacklist your father and destroy everything that he has!” Su Jiu is speechless. “…???”

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2/3/2/2/3 English could use some work, bad writing decisions like coherent drunk ramblings such that MC says he has future knowledge but Tsunade acts as if she believes him yet chooses not to confront him as if the lives of those she cares about are not worth his knowing that she tried to pull information from him


This has a lot of potential but seems like the creativity wasn’t explored the mc can do so many things with his chakra and talent yet mainly makes support jutsu and the romance is super forced and rushed I dropped when he made a robot but the story isn’t bad for the right person I guess just not to my liking


Well in my humble opinion, of course without offending anyone who thinks differently from my point of view, but also by looking at this matter in a different way and without fighting and by trying to make it clear, and by considering each and everyone's opinion, I honestly believe that I completely forgot what I was going to say.


one of the best ff i have read 💯🔥🔥🔥The romance part is my favorite.Please don't abandoned it and update more.It is now in one of my favorite list.


btw, is this an original work or a TL result from Raw? . The story is good, the characters are not forced, and the MC is a romantic idiot. Lol #Tsunade#Waifu#1 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


It's reaaaallllly gooooooooooooooooooood!


One of the first naruto fanfic authors with the balls to save the Uzumaki clan If you're fed up with the endless repetition of canon, and want to see a story where the MC's actions have a real impact on the evolution of the ninja world, this is the story for you. Long live the Uzumaki, Senju, Uchiha, Kaguya Clan Death to Hiruzen, Death to Danzo


this is the first time I'm reading a naruto fan-fic that I really like. i think you're really good at this and i wish you don't stop writing this novel. i'd like to offer constructive criticism, but to me there's no bad points, and if there are, they're small enough to be forgotten. In my humble opinion, I would add that offering a deeper perspective on the events and writing from different people's perspectives can improve the quality of the novel.


one of my favorite so please don't drop👍👍


I have searched far and wide for a well-written Naruto fanfic with Tsunade as the female lead, and now I have found it. Please author-Sama, don't drop!


It's quite exciting!! It's quite exciting!! It's quite exciting!! It's quite exciting!! It's quite exciting!! It's quite exciting!! It's quite exciting!! It's quite exciting!! It's quite exciting!! It's quite exciting!! It's quite exciting!! It's quite exciting!! It's quite exciting!! It's quite exciting!! It's quite exciting!! It's quite exciting!!


it's just bad if the author really wanna know why, just ask


obrigada por escrever essa obra de arte, estarei asiosamente esperando por mais capítulos!


A Masterpiece Book! Which do not makes you bore while reading the story. An MC who uses his talents and the character+story development where MC learns & develop as the story develops. Just hope that the Author won't drop midway & we all to see this Story/Book a Grand Completion. I also expect this story goes on for a very very long-term.


I have currently read up to chapter 13. (at time of post it's the latest chapter) I honestly like the way that the characters are developing at the moment. It doesn't feel forced. The grammar is decent, no glaring issues so far. This is going into my reading list and I can't wait for new updates. Good job so far author and keep up the good work.



Reveal spoiler


That's not how those talents supposed to work. Also the writing structure is just terrible, hard to read through, I saw some MTL with better English than this.


this is the first time I'm reading a naruto fan-fic that I really like. i think you're really good at this and i wish you don't stop writing this novel. i'd like to offer constructive criticism, but to me there's no bad points, and if there are, they're small enough to be forgotten.


Quite decent on the romance side, iIhope it remains that way.


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