The Whole World Was Watching, But I Forgot It Was A Game!

Author: God Of Games
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What is The Whole World Was Watching, But I Forgot It Was A Game!

Read The Whole World Was Watching, But I Forgot It Was A Game! novel written by the author God Of Games on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Video Games stories, covering system, levelup, egoist, invincible, rapiddevelopment. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


In a worldwide online game called “Divine World”, gold coins could be exchanged for real money. This attracted countless players from around the world to play the game. In order to seize the resources in the game, various countries began large-scale conflicts. Having just bought a gaming console to play the game, Su Chen’s amnesia kicked in right after he entered the game. He ended up believing that he had transmigrated to an alternate world. From then on, while others played the game as they pleased, Su Chen carefully struggled to survive. Other players did not treat NPCs as people, yet Su Chen considered them his brothers. Other players acted selfishly, but Su Chen sought justice for the NPCs! When others saw the world’s boss, they said, “Wow! This monster is ferocious! I want to fight it on my own!” When Su Chen saw the world’s boss, he asked, “Chief, can you send more reinforcements? I am afraid that the village will be wiped out!” Most crucially, everything that he did was broadcasted for all the world to see. After seeing his actions, the audience was stunned! They couldn’t help but wonder why this person was being so friendly with the NPCs… However, because of his kindness towards the NPCs, Su Chen ended up obtaining a hidden profession and even a dragon slayer badge, causing him to surpass the number one player in the game!

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It sounds interesting. Just don't know how the story will progress. It fine as long as it isn't forced plot but proper story. Hmm, by the way i am thinking how did he survived without eating or drinking and just playing game. Hope its good.


this one would be filled with braindead characters and super..forced..plot..Armour . . .


The author downscaled the intelligence of every single character to sub zero iq. So that the mc can shine. Like, how can being friendly with npcs be something that is very rare? Out of all the billions of people, everyone has got maggots for brain. BRAIN DAMAGE.


I expected humor, but I got a power fantasy instead. MC keeps getting cool stuff by being completely oblivious to everything, while everyone in the chat praises the air he breathes. Very disappointing IMO.


i need the raw, this seems like a good read, especially the name of the mc, reminds me of the strongest system. .


Unfortunately, author forgot that amnesia doesn't make someone stupid. I could have been a good novel, but I can't stand reading the story of someone just being dumb.


idk what's raw name.....[img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=coins][img=coins][img=faceslap]


Very interesting concept, have been looking for a novel like this since 'Legendary Mechanic' and I hope this work gets picked up so I can support it and the great author! However this is a very small excert of what seems to be a massive story, so anything can happen when considering writing quality, world building and character development. We can just hope this gets picked and supported properly.


Pfft, hehe, I get hooked up because the game is called "God's Domain" hehe, God's Domain is it ey? Well then, show me all you got and don't disappoint me.


Reveal spoiler


The concept of this novel is very unique compared to the other game novels.For now(ch 40) it looks quite interesting.I hope the author makes it more better in the future.


I love this story I hope someone can make this a picked novel, or tell me the raw please! I wanna know more about Su Chen’s adventures. I hope this can update more in the future.


Five Star support Five Star support Five Star support Five Star support Five Star support Five Star support Five Star support Five Star support


First off I want to say that this is an interesting story. That said... It is not without it's flaws. The amnesia is not explained well and leaves one feeling a great sense of "plot armor". To those who get hung up on "things that don't make sense" this may ruin the story for you. If on the other hand you can get past that and just enjoy the story it's not too bad. I don't know if the writing improves past chapter 40 but I think that this is a good relaxed read for those who are looking for it.


This is a must read. This is the best to come from trial read in a while. There have been too many simulators, farms, pets, etc lately. This is a fun change of pace, not to be taken too seriously. Plenty of overanalyzing by third parties that come up with a conclusion on their own. This had me audibly laughing multiple times. The rate of progression is a bit fast, but the leveling system hasn’t been too prevalent yet. Give it a read!


Give it a try 🦊 Its fun and pretty nice to read novels like this. This is a gem for sure. no cap frfr istg This novel has the same vibes of that of "The Legendary Mechanic", but with more selflessness probably hahaha


Sheba all be well be an be be ja ja he ja ja he is a state of a good one to be a good one to be a good one to be a good one to be a good one to be


a new premise/idea to me and it's very interesting, I'm not too picky but I don't find any major flaws and say this could be the rising of an amazing novel


it's good, I like the concept of Amnesia in a game and it's time reversal power. This novel has OP MC so there would be more plot armor and insane luck I guess.


This actually looks so amazingly unique. Can't wait to see if it just turns into a stupid vrmmorpg, or if it can cement itself as a really good slice of life type book.


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