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The Universal Villain


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Shen was normal in the sense he was extremely selfish and focused on himself alone. He would never go out of his way for another person and kept only to himself. He lived his life that way for years and years and it only seemed to benefit him. He had slowly climbed the economical ladder while indulging in the wonders of the entertainment world. His life seemed to be spiralling in a perfect direction. However one day Shen broke the rule he made with himself. He went out of his way to try and save someone who was about to die. And in the end, even though he did save that person his life was taken as a substitute. He could only wonder why he did such a foolish thing when he died. Waking up after his death he found he had a new lease on life and he also has an interesting System to boot. "If being selfish and doing all you can to reach the top worked in my last life then what if I took it to the next level in this one?"


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