The Powerful Eye System in MHA

A normal man gets transmigrated into the world of My Hero Academia with an 'Eye System'. When waking up to the system, he learns he transmigrated into a body that's in front of UA to take the entrance exam but... HIS QUIRK WAS GONE?!? Fortunately, the Eye System had given him a 'Free Eye': Six Eyes, the powerful eyes of the Gojo Clan. This is the story of how a normal man transmigrated and became someone on the level of god. Tag: Multiverse Fic Inspired by "Eye System in RWBY"

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Chapter 18: Sports Festival Part 3

A/N: Decided I've taken a long enough break of not uploading to focus on school stuff (Done my business exam and am pretty much done with my computing assignment), so here's a chapter finally.

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"So, is this our team?" Kaminari asked as he looked at both Ren and Mei in front of him who nodded in response.

"I guess so... though that's all we'll need to be honest" Ren replied with a smirk, "After all, no one will be able to touch us" He declared.

"Hohh~ This guy's confidence will definitely stand out, I'll have plenty opportunities to show off my babies" Mei murmured ominously with a creepy smile, causing Ren and Kaminari to look at each other with worried expressions.

'Did we choose the right teammate?' They telepathically thought.

"Hey... do you mind if I join your team?" The three turned their heads to see a familiar purple-haired guy, Hitoshi Shinso.






With Ren's team, Mei, Shinso and Kaminari were Ren's horses as he sat on top of them with a headband on wrapped around his forehead with the number '10,000,100' imprinted on it.

"You guys ready?" Ren asked as he looked down at his horses.

"Hell yeah!" Kaminari said enthusiastically, pumped up as a smile of excitement appeared on his face. 

"Of course, me and my babies are locked and loaded!" Mei replied with a cheery tone.

"..." Shinso nodded his head in silence, many thoughts filling his head.

"HERE WE GO!! THE COUNTDOWN TO THIS BRUTAL BATTLE ROYALE!!" Present Mic's voice filled the arena as the second event was about to begin, "3... 2... 1...


"Woah!-" Kaminari gasped as he was surprised, though he expected it, to see all the teams focusing on them as they charged them, "Ren!" He panicked as he looked up at Ren to see a smile on his face as he rested his chin on his hand cockily.

"Don't worry, we're good..." He chuckled lightly as he observed the look of greed he received from all the other teams as they looked at the points on his head hungrily, "We'll win"

Suddenly, the ground beneath them began to go soft like quicksand as a man with no lips sank the ground beneath them.

"WHAT NOW?!" Kaminari panic exploded further as he felt himself beginning to sink.

"Heh..." Mei snickered as stars appeared in her goggles as she lifted them up to rest on her forehead which revealed her excited eyes, "Time to show off one of my babies! Ren!" She called out as he handed him a jetpack from her bag of 'babies'

"Thanks, Mei" He thanked as he wore the jetpack and used it to escape the quicksand, 'May aswell save some seconds of limitless with this little manoeuver' He thought as his team landed safely away from the others, ignoring the loud cheering from the crowd at the amazement of Mei's item.

Ren took off the jetpack and threw it away after getting Mei's consent as he didn't want to accidentally break it or something and have to owe her.

"THOSE POINTS ARE MINE, REN!" Ren turned his head to see team Bakugo approaching them.

"They're ours!" He turned his head to the side to see team Todoroki doing the same. 

"Hell no, the points are ours for the taking!" Team Tetsutetsu called out as well.

Looking at this, Ren smiled as he challenged the others by giving them a 'bring out' sign.

He told his horses to remain still as he let the other teams come up to them as they tried to steal their headband in any way possible.

"WHAT!?" Tetsutetsu's team and Shinso, not knowing Ren's 'quirk' were shocked to see that no matter what they did, they were unable to touch Ren, let alone grab the headband.

"Tch" Todoroki and Bakugo both kissed their teeth and told their teams to back up and decided to take the points from other teams after realising they also had no way to touch Ren, "Busted quirk..." Their teams whispered underneath their breathe.

"Why can't we get you, damn it?!" Tetsutetsu asked impatiently, fed up with the fact that nothing had worked.

In response, Ren put his index finger to his mouth in a 'shush' motion as he said "A magician never tells his secrets", 'Unless you're my classmates'

As Ren's team was left alone, Shinso looked up at Ren as he asked, "So... what's your quirk?"

"So, you're finally talking, ay?" He replied with a smile as his blue eyes changed every so slightly where, if someone were to look close enough, they'd be able to see a fine outline of something that looks like a transmutation circle.

He did so after making sure no one was anywhere near them as he switched from his [Six Eyes] to a new set of eyes he had unlocked after responding to Shinso's question.

[Condition Met: Be put under a type of manipulation, hypnosis, illusion, etc]

[Truth-Seeing Eyes: Able to see through deception and lies. Grants immunity to illusions and manipulation, able to see invisible objects/people. Heightened eyesight. Able to know if someone is lying or telling the truth when looking into their eyes. Able to create illusions. Able to switch people's visions]

After this notification appeared, a new notification about Six Eyes' upgrade appeared.

[Condition Met: Acquire 8 Eyes Total]

[Six Eyes: Able to see everything within 200m. Able to use Limitless for 3 Hours per day. Can be activated and de-activated at any time. Able to use blue. Able to use red. Able to use purple - Uses up half of daily limit. Able to use Short-Ranged instantaneous movement within 10m, cooldown of 10 seconds]

(A/N: Short-Ranged instantaneous movement uses up 1 minute of limitless per metre. So 1m = 1 minute, 6m = 6 minutes, etc. Blue and red are still the same in terms of consumption)

Shinso ignored Ren's comment, causing him to chuckle a little, "Oh well... well, if you MUST know~ Let's just say most attacks will never be able to touch me" 

Satisfied with the fact he even got the smallest answer from Ren, Shinso nodded in response as their team bought their focus back on the teams that were rushing them again in an attempt to steal their points. 

About 5 or so minutes had passed with most teams trying to get Ren's headband. During this team, he was surprised to see that Izuku and Bakugo were actually being smart and doing well.

Ren boiled it down to: Bakugo actually being smart and calculative when it comes to something that doesn't involve 'Deku'. And Izuku being smart enough to have realised he could do nothing against his infinity so he went for other teams.

"5 MINUTES REMAINNN!" Present Mic announced.

"Are we just gonna stand here the whole time and do nothing?" Kaminari asked, "That's kinda boring..." He sighed.

"I know, right!? I can't show off my babies if we stand still and do nothing!" Mei complained.

In response, Ren sighed, "You guys are idiots, aren't you? First of all, it's best that no one can do anything to us and we've got the most points anyway so it doesn't even matter if someone were to steal every other teams' headbands.

Second of all, Mei, if you want to show off your 'babies' so much, then you'll have a better chance of doing it in the next round" He said.

"Fair enough" Mei and Kaminari shrugged as they gave up and just waited patiently, Shinso being as quiet as ever.

"3 MINUTES LEFT!!" Present Mic said.

With infinity still activated, Ren was shocked when he felt his headband coming off his head.

Fortunately, he was quick enough to grab it forcefully, preventing the headband from being taken as he kept a tight hold of the headband around his head.

"Who-!?" He called out in shock to see a team of girls from class 1-B in front of them.

"Awww, you were so close, Reiko!" An orange haired girl, Itsuka Kendo, pouted as she patted the shoulder of a girl with short white hair, Reiko Yanagi.

"Sorry..." She mumbled tiredly, as if she was on 1 hour of sleep.

"Hey, would you mind telling me what your quirk is?" Ren asked Reiko as he was intrigued as to why he was able to go through his infinity (He only switches to the Truth-Seeing Eyes when answering a question that Shinso asks), causing her to look at him as she put her finger to her lips.

"Secret..." She murmured, copying Ren's action that she had seen him do to her classmate Tetsutetsu.

"... Fair play, fair play..." Ren nodded, "Do you mind leaving us be, now? I don't plan on letting go anytime soon" He said firmly as he gripped the headband on his head.

"Sure! Byebye!" Kendo waved as their team ran away to try and steal points from other teams.

"Wait, that worked?" Kaminari tilted his head in shock.

"Don't complain" Ren smacked Kaminari's head causing him to yelp as they spent the last 3 minutes bickering at each other, 'Must be some type of telekinesis quirk, allowing her to go straight through infinity... damn, I really shouldn't have stopped at the overhaul arc' He cried internally.




IN FIRST PLACE, UNSURPRISINGLY, IS TEAM KIYOTAKA (Ren Kiyotaka, Denki Kaminari, Mei Hatsume, Hitoshi Shinso)

IN SECOND PLACE, TEAM TODOROKI (Shoto Todoroki, Tenya Ida, Momo Yaoyorozu)

IN THIRD PLACE, TEAM MIDORIYA (Izuku Midoriya, Ochaco Uraraka, Fumikage Tokoyami)

IN FOURTH PLACE, TEAM BAKUGO (Katsuki Bakugo, Eijiro Kirishima, Hanta Sero, Mina Ashido)

WITH A NICE, EVEN NUMBER OF 14, THIS MAKES THE FINAL EVENT VERY SIMPLE FOR US..." Present Mic paused as everyone waited in anticipation for what the final event was (Excluding Ren)

"WE'LL PROCEED TO THE AFTERNOON PORTION AFTER AN HOUR LONG LUNCH BREAK!" Present Mic announced, causing everyone to tumble onto the ground at the cliff-hanger, "SEE YOU THEN!!"

And so, Class 1-A reunited with one another as they headed to the cafeteria to grab some food. 

"Hey, where's Midoriya? Deku?" Uraraka asked no one in particular as she looked around and noticed her green-haired friend wasn't with them.

"Todoroki pulled him aside again" Ren answered as him and the boys walked past her and Ida, "He's probably gonna go on about the little 'challenge' thing he has with Izuku" 

"But..." Uraraka looked down worriedly, "Will Midoriya be okay...?" 

"... I dunno" Ren shrugged bluntly, "Just leave them be, it's none of our business really. Plus, it's not like they're killing each other right now so it's all good" He pat her shoulder in an attempt to comfort her, though it wasn't really working which caused everyone around them to face palm at Ren's actions.

"You know what, I think it's time for us to GO and EAT!" Kirishima exclaimed as he wrapped his arm around Ren's, with Sero doing the same for his other arm.

"Oi! What're you guys doing!" Ren cried as he got dragged away by the boys, "LET ME GOOOOOOOOOOO!"


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