The Powerful Eye System in MHA

A normal man gets transmigrated into the world of My Hero Academia with an 'Eye System'. When waking up to the system, he learns he transmigrated into a body that's in front of UA to take the entrance exam but... HIS QUIRK WAS GONE?!? Fortunately, the Eye System had given him a 'Free Eye': Six Eyes, the powerful eyes of the Gojo Clan. This is the story of how a normal man transmigrated and became someone on the level of god. Tag: Multiverse Fic Inspired by "Eye System in RWBY"

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Chapter 17: Sports Festival Part 2

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Can someone remind me what height I made MC, was it 5'11 or 6ft


With Present Mic's shout instigating the start of the race, the students ran like they were in a stampede as they attempted to get past the starting gate.

Ren stayed back as he knew that Todoroki was about to clear the way any mome- Ah, there it is.

Todoroki had created an ice path under his feet as he skid through every contestant, causing most to either slip on his ice trail or have their feet encased in ice.

Taking advantage of the clear path, Ren did a quick sprint burst as he ended up past the gate - followed by most of class 1-A who used their quirks to go past the other students.

"I AIN'T LETTIN' YOU GET AHEAD THAT EASILY, HALF N HALF!" Ren heard Bakugo shout from behind.

Thanks to all the training (Both gym and the dojos), Ren's legs and stamina were probably one of - if not THE best for running, excluding Ida.

Ren, not far behind from him, saw Todoroki turn his head as he muttered to himself, "I expected it from our class, but... more made it past than I thought would"

"GOOD THINKING, TODOROKI!" Mineta could be heard shouting, "BUT NOW IT'S MY TURN, PREPARE FOR MY-" A robot's arm then punched Mineta away.

"EVERY OBSTACLE COURSE NEEDS OBSTACLES!! STARTING WITH... THE FIRST BARRIER, ROBO INFERNO!!" Present Mic announced as about 5 or so 0-pointers from the entrance exam appeared in front of Todoroki and Ren, as well as a few of the other pointers.

"Heh..." Ren smirked as he ran towards the feet of a 0-pointer.

"REN!" Some concerned classmates of his shouted, thinking he was running to his death.

Fortunately for him, Ren had evaded any attack from the 0-pointers as he now appeared on the other side of them.

Turning around to face the students, Ren waved with an ominous 'smile', "Bye-bye..." He said as he shot a strong Red at the feet of the 0-pointer, causing it to tumble on the other robots before it fell upon the students, "Don't die!" He shouted in concern as he carried on running.

"WHAT A DISPLAY FROM THE STUDENT REPRESENTATIVE!! Let's just hope no student got seriously injured..." Present Mic muttered, which was honestly surprising with how loud he always is.

"This is what you guys faced in the entrance exam...? This is lightwork" Todoroki mumbled as he crouched down, ignoring the cries and screams of the scared students seeing the robots falling towards them.

He shot a massive ice spike at the tumbling robots, freezing them in place allowing the students to carry on with the race.

After a bit more running from the students, the second obstacle arrived urging Present Mic to commentate for the audience.


'If only I was able to use long-distance teleportation right now' Ren sighed, 'This would be so much easier and quicker... oh well, I'll still win' He smiled as he began to jump across the platforms that were a jumpable distance for him, making it look easy.

When reaching the middle area of the zone, Ren had realised that the remaining platforms were no longer jumpable.

'I've never tried this before, I don't think... but let's hope it works' He thought.

He produced a blue which appeared at the end of the zone, and then felt himself being pulled towards it at a high speed that made it look like he had vanished in the eyes of others.

Making sure to not accidentally kill himself somehow, Ren activated infinity for safety measures when getting closer to the Blue, before de-activating it and successfully reaching the end.


Looking back, Ren saw the rest of the students were at the start of this zone, urging him to run even faster.

'I could use more blues, since I have 56 minutes and 55 seconds of limitless left after all of that...' Ren began to contemplate as he kept running, 'If I'm not wrong, the minefield is the only thing left for this race, and then after that is the other events...

Y'know what, fuck it' He shrugged, 'I don't need 56 minutes of limitless to win against these guys' He thought cockily as he began to spam blues to reach the end of the race as fast and easy as possible.


He had used 4 blues to reach the end, meaning he still had over 52 minutes of limitless.




"RACERS CROSS THE FINISH LINE ONE AFTER THE OTHER! WE'LL GO OVER THE STANDINGS LATER, SO CATCH YOUR BREATH FOR NOW!!" Present Mic said as the race was close to finishing at this point.

"Mannnn, how the hell did you get here so fast?" Kirishima said as he, Kaminari and the others (Excluding a sulking Bakugo) walked up to Ren.

"Trade secret" Ren put his index finger to his lips in a shushing motion, "What's with him, then?" He pointed to a fuming Bakugo.

"Oh, I think he lost to Midoriya or something, so he's quite angry about that... you know how he is when it comes to Midoriya, for whatever reason" Kaminari shrugged as he answered Ren's question.

Ren sighed in response, "Sometimes I wonder if he actually hates Izuku that much, or if he's some next level tsundere with anger issues" He shook his head.

"THE FUCK DID YOU SAY!? I'LL KILL YOU!" Bakugo shouted.

"HOW THE FUCK DID YOU HEAR THAT!?" The boys shouted back, not understanding how Bakugo, who was out of ear-length of them, managed to hear that.

"Everybody, gather round" Midnight ordered with a snap of her BDSM-thing as the students walked to the stage she stood on, "It's finally over, so let's check the results!" She said enthusiastically as the hologram behind her changed to the top 42 students:

1st - Ren Kiyotaka

2nd - Izuku Midoriya

3rd - Shoto Todoroki

4th - Katsuki Bakugo

And everyone else who made it.

Midnight then proceeded to talk about the next event: The Cavalry Battle.

As Ren already knew what it was, he closed his eyes and took a little nap. The cavalry battle was basically just teams of 2 to 4 students getting into a horse-and-rider formation and the teams would have to snatch the headbands of other teams and get the most points.

"-Rth... TEN MILLION POINTS!" Midnight's shout caused Ren to jolt awake from his very small nap as he looked around in confusion when he saw the students looking right at him.

"Huh? The fuck did I do this time?" He asked no one in particular as he saw the students look at him with determined faces, "WHY ARE YOU GUYS LOOKING AT ME!?" He shouted, the stares ticking him off.

"Alright alright, that's enough" Midnight spoke, causing the students to turn their attention back on to her, "The match will last 10 minutes. Each teams points are determined by its numbers. The rider will wear a headband displaying the total number of points!

Until the match ends, you'll all compete to grab each other's points and maintain the ones you have. Any headbands you grab must be worn around the neck or higher - but the more headbands you've got, the harder it'll be to manage!

More importantly, if your headband is taken... and even if your horse formation is broken... it's not over 'til it's over!" Midnight instructed, causing the students to murmur amongst themselves before being silenced by Midnight's snap

"Quirks are allowed, so this'll be an exciting battle... however, it's still a cavalry battle! Therefore, malicious attacks aimed to knock down a team purposely will earn yourself a red card! And that means you're out of the game!

You've got 15 minutes to form your teams! Go go go!" She urged, causing the students to rush to find their teammates.

"Yo, Ren!" Ren turned around to see Kaminari approaching him, "Team?" 

"Of course, bro!" Ren smiled as he put his arm around Kaminari's shoulders, "What about the others?"

Kaminari then pointed to Bakugo, Sero and Kirishima, "Those 3 teamed up", he then pointed to Tokoyami standing with Izuku, "Tokoyami teamed up Midoriya"

"I see... well, welcome to the team, pal!" Ren pat Kaminari's back with a chuckle.

"So, you're the first place... yes yes, you'll definitely be the one to stand out" Ren turned around as he heard someone mutter behind him to see a pink-haired girl wearing goggles, "Team up with me, Mr. first place!" The girl begged as she got super close to Ren, attempting to reach his face.

However, due to the height difference, whilst trying to get up close to his face it just ended up with the girl pressing her chest up against Ren's.

'...' He was silenced as he entered zen mode, 'I no longer wish to be horny' He quoted a meme as he calmed himself down.

Looking over at the crowd in front of him, thanks to [Six Eyes] being able to make everything (Eyeline) up to 1000m super clear, Ren was able to see the third years (Mirio, Tamaki, Nejire, and Yuyu) sitting down together.

Seeing them, Ren sent a wave, which he got in return followed by Nejire pouting as she turned her head away after giving him a small wave as if it was an accident.

'Huh?' He tilted his head in confusion (He was a virgin in both this life and the past life, and was a firm believer in not believing a girl's interested in you unless she says it with her mouth)

Ren was bought back after Kaminari had tapped his shoulder and pointed to the girl, "So... who are you, exactly?" He asked, allowing her to step back.

"I'm Mei Hatsume, from the support course!" She answered as she lifted her goggles to reveal her interesting eyes, "I don't know you, but I could be useful to someone in your position.

Joining with you means I'll inevitably be right in the spotlight! And then, inevitably, my supercute babies... will be seen by the industry big shots. They'll HAVE to take notice of me and my babies!" She said enthusiastically as she revealed her true intention for wanting to join Ren's team.

"Ren... com'ere" Kaminari dragged Ren away from Mei a few metres, but made sure to tell her to stay put as they spoke with one another, "She's a hot weirdo, whaddya think about her?" He asked as he nudged Ren, "How'd it feel, ehh? Ehh?" He asked as he squeezed his imaginary breasts.

"It felt nice, I'll be real" Ren closed his eyes with a quick nod, "Anyway, 'hot weirdo' she may be, but I have a feeling she'll be a good asset, especially in the future as heroes - we'll need someone on the support side" He stated, earning a satisfactory nod from Kaminari.

"So... yes?" Kaminari asked, to which Ren nodded "Yes"

They turned back to Mei and walked back to her as Kaminari put his hand on Mei's shoulder, "It's settled, you can join our team!" He gave a thumbs-up with his free hand.


A/N: I might be the odd one here, but I personally found the sports festival a bit boring (Except a few fights), so I kinda wanna just breeze through it and reach the fights. However, as this IS a story, I will have to write about the events, so don't worry about it being too fast - I also won't breeze past conversations between people to make it feel more natural/alive like I've said previously.

Also, don't worry about the MC being slightly dense forever. As I said, he has like no experience with women and is a believer of thinking girl's don't like someone unless they properly make it clear. Once the virgin-arc is done, he won't be dense like he is now.

Question: Should I keep the fights as it being the top 4 teams of the cavalry, or change it to top 5.

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