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Chapter 85: All Out Brawl (6)

Chapter 85: All Out Brawl (6)

~Third POV~

Arthur was soon surprised to see one of the members of the Seven Deadly Sins appear his eyes following towards a group of 3 with wide eyes smiling thinking to himself, 'Are those Master Merlin friends she talked about? The Seven Deadly Sins? They look so cool in action!!'


Standing up Hendrickson saw Gowther and Meliodas appearing at the ready with him grinning at the scene happily replying conjuring black flame from his sword, "Ban. Gowther. Meliodas. It seems it was you three that came here to challenge me. What do you intend to do here?"

Meliodas glared seeing the black fire responding in a disappointed tone drawing his sword and glaring at Hendrickson, "We're here to save Elizabeth but I can see in the short while I haven't seen you, you've learned a troublesome form of Magic. You're going to give me back Elizabeth."

Hendrickson merely grinned overconfident in his ability to respond in a cold tone expressing a smirk, "I'm sorry, but… that can't be done. She's a vital key after all."


Just as Hendrickson says those words a shadow soon casts over behind Meliodas as Diane in her Giant form lands down glaring at him with ill intent, "Sorry but we're saving her and the Kingdom from you sicko. No one goes after my friend and lives to tell the tale."

Landing down holding Gideon her war hammer King stood by her left shoulder and Mash on her right as he spoke saluting to Meliodas informing him of the news cheerfully, "No worries, Bossman! Elizabeth safe with her sisters headed towards the King's room. By the princess's request to capture or kill the Holy Knight Captains for treason, frame, and plot of overthrowing the Kingdom! Dreyfus is down and his the only one to go!"

Meliodas hearing this sighs in relief as he directs his full attention toward Hendrickson with a grin on his face in a confident tone, "Well, well, well it seems like today's not your day Hendrickson. We can do this the easy way or…"


Releasing his Demon Power within Meliodas cheekily responds frightening Hendrickson in a serious tone, "… the hard way. And quite frankly I need my Elizabeth time soon so best to clean this up."

Hendrickson eyes widen in disbelief but soon regain his confidence activating his Demon abilities slowly regaining his youth in an arrogant tone, "Hahaha! So what? Do you think you 5 can defeat me? Especially with that Shitty Cook counting your numbers – "



Suddenly Gowther shot him with his [Invasion] as everyone blinked looking at him as he calmly spoke tilting his head in a neutral tone, "I'm sorry but he was seriously talking on too long. It was the best course to shut him up and trap him in his memories to stop him from any funny business."

Everyone blinked as Mash proceeded to grab Hendrickson with Ban responding in a bored tone with a blank expression, "… And there goes my mood. Way to ruin expectations Gowther… damn it. It's the Vampire situation all over again."

Mash soon 'shared' his meal obtaining the skill needed grinning no longer needing him anymore with Diane pouting lightly, "Ah man… well that killed an epic battle of the fate of the Kingdom. Oh well…"

Shrugging Meliodas merely smiled giving Gowther a thumbs up as Gilthunder soon came to the scene thanking the Seven Deadly Sins the New Generation came confused as he addressed everyone in a serious tone, "Fellow Holy Knights cease all actions at this moment! The true perpetrators have been captured and will be dealt with accordingly. Do you hear!!"

However, despite his words the New Generation was discussing with each other seeing hesitation before not too long a new voice emerged, "Ahem! Halt your actions at once by your command of your King!!!"

All eyes soon landed on the King of Liones with his daughters with Merlin by his side having been healed all the Holy Knights widened as he spoke in a disappointed tone, "To think the Knights of Liones would be led astray by such actions… actions of two Great Holy Knights wishing war instead of peace."

Listening to their King's words all knights took a knee wishing punishment as they're creed and honor as Knights are to listen to the King. If the King is disappointed with their actions, they failed their duties as Knights taking honor as the highest respect.

"Your majesty!"

"We are terribly sorry!"

"Your Highness!"

"Please… punish us Holy Knights thoroughly!"

Having listened to their Kings words one of the Holy Knights of Hendrickson faction kneeled tears streaming from his face in a disheartened tone, "We believed the words of a man who was plotting to revive the Demon race and who craved the wicked powers of the Demon realm. As a result, we strayed from our path."

Another from the Dreyfus faction also spoke kneeling pleading acknowledging their failure in a disappointed tone, "As protectors of the Kingdom, we got carried away with the promise of a Holy War… we were unforgivably insulting towards you when you wished to avoid war to protect the people's futures."

Arthur was waiting to see the King of Liones Bartra's response closing his eyes and giving them an order as all Knights held their heads up to listen intently, "I know. Then I will give you new orders. For the time being, all of you are to work without rest."

His words confused the Knights and Arthur listened as Gilthunder asked kneeling in a confused tone, "Y…Your Majesty? How is that punishment for our sins?"

Bartra extended his arm pointing at his astray Holy Knights in a determined knowing tone stroking his beard, "It will not be your punishment. No matter how punished you are, it will do nothing to heal the wounds of the people who have suffered. Now is the time for the Kingdom's Holy Knights to put all their efforts into reconstructing the Capital and aiding the people! Hereafter, we will work with all of our might to avoid Holy War, so that such a mistake is never made again!"

All the Holy Knights had tears in their eyes as their King forgave them. Bartra's eyes soon landed on currently here The Seven Deadly Sins thanking them, "And The Seven Deadly Sins. I am forever in your debt! Though your reputations were ruined, and you were branded as traitors, you protected the Kingdom. As it's king, I thank you."

Diane smiled happily at the news looking towards King with a brilliant smile responding in a happy tone, "We just did what any friend would do. Right?"

Elizabeth cried tears of joy as Bartra thanked the Sins for protecting his daughter in a thankful tone, "And for always protecting my daughter. As her father, you have my gratitude. Thank you!"

The Sins bowed with Meliodas scratching his nose laughing lightly for the praise, "Heh! Knock it off with formalities, Bartra."

Bartra nodded as he gazed at Mash listening to the tales from Elizabeth of his actions thanking him in a respectful tone, "And you young man. Mash Bastion, I thank you for protecting my daughter as well. You have my utmost thanks."

Mash blushed embarrassed by a King grinning like a fool responding in a nervous tone to him scratching the back of his head, "Hehehe… i-it was no problem. She's a friend of mine and was in trouble no way I can leave her hanging to face the world alone. And besides it's been one heck of an experience so we're good."

Bartra nodded as everyone began to greet each other and began reconstruction…


Later on the day, Mash was meeting with Meliodas and Merlin both in her Mansion intact and partially being constructed as he handed the Coffin of Darkness to them in a neutral tone, "Here you go Bossman! Hopefully, this will go into better hands. No need for a demon to appear thank you very much."

Meliodas caught the relic taking the dragon handle away thanking Mash for his assistance in recovering it in one piece in a thankful tone, "Yeah. This would've been bad if this went into the wrong hands. You have my thanks for keeping Elizabeth safe and returning this to me."

Mash nodded as Merlin analyzed Mash with a glint of curiosity judging his Magical Powers hearing him doing impossible feats in a curious tone, "So you must be the one that the other Sins talk about? Mash Bastion. We haven't been introduced I'm Merlin the [Boar's Sin of Gluttony]."

Both analyzed each other before Mash tilted his head deciding to leave the area seeing he accomplished his objective, "Welp! Nice seeing you little child pretending to be a woman. I bid you a goodbye. Hopefully to see you guys in the future!"

Merlin froze on the spot as Mash swiftly left leaving Meliodas to scratch his head confused by his words, "Little child pretending to be a woman? Guess he can see through you huh Merlin? I swear my cook says the weirdest things at times. Sorry about him Merlin his just a bit unique."

Merlin soon regained her bearings coughing lightly a bit surprised by Mash's response managing to see through her, "Yeah… his certainly unique. We should better put the Coffin of Darkness somewhere safe."

Merlin saying this gazed at the fleeing member with a pondering thought passing through her head with a baffled expression in a confused tone, 'There was no way him defeating one of the Ten Commandments was humanly possible. And what's his relation to the Sins in general? What a mysterious man fufufufu... I hope we meet if to discuss.'

Both nodded in agreement returning to business. Unaware it would be the last they would see Mash vanishing without a trace and no warning for some time….



Elsewhere away from everyone Mash steps outside stretching his limbs as Beatrice appears questioning him in a knowing tone, "I see. Then is it time for you to obtain the rest of the Authorities Mash? Not even going to say goodbye to your friends yet I suppose?"

Mash for his part finishes stretching explaining himself crossing his arms and facing Beatrice in a confident tone, "Yup! After my time spent here, it made me realize there could be enemies stronger than me that can destroy me in an instant. Considering recent events, I need all the power I can get. And I do mean ALL I can get Beatrice…"

Beatrice agrees with his words nodding her head and crossing her arms in a neutral tone shivering at the mention of Meliodas, "Hmph! Took you long enough Mash. Despite your Authorities you know if that Demon you call a Bossman was ever serious... not even your Authorities would save you from his wrath if he ever goes all out. Or beings of his caliber I suppose."

She shivered at the thought recalling Meliodas immense destructive potential. It was partially why she never introduced herself to him because of how disturbed she was near his presence but shakes her head with Mash agreeing as he pouted and said, "Yeah no kidding. Meliodas despite holding back could kill me if he returned to his original ways. This was a wake-up call for me that I'm not at my strongest. I was lucking making connections but it won't be like that in other worlds. That and I need to make my Authorities full."

Beatrice nods bringing up her fingers and counting the missing Authorities that Mash needs to be complete, "Of course. Dismissing Sloth, you need all the other Sins to be complete. Wrath. Greed. Gluttony. Lust. Pride. Vainglory. Melancholy. And… Envy…"

Beatrice mutters the last sin in disdain for obvious reasons with Mash curtly nodding his head summoning the Book of Wisdom in a serious tone, "Yeah. They'll be hard to obtain especially the last sin. But I have a plan for Satella and I've finished charting this world so we can return here later if need be. Besides, I wonder how much Merlin is willing to go that far for... you know what never mind I said anything."

Beatrice raised an eyebrow but brushed it off nodding in understanding what needed to be done as she spoke up revealing Hendrickson's notes and Echidna's research of revival in a happy tone, "True. That and I need time to formulate a spell with the items you obtained and research notes. Soon Mother will come back it will be difficult but one step at a time I suppose."


Mash nodded as they opened the portal leading back to the Re: Zero world with a serious expression on his face, "Now then… it's time to dismantle the Witch Cult and obtain the Authorities once and for all."

Both entered through the portal as Mash looked back to see the Seven Deadly Sins world before sighing leaving this world with a fleeting thought crossing his mind, 'Still… this would would probably be plagued into madness soon enough. And I'm not that ready to confront God Level threats…'

Just as he finishes his thoughts Mash's eyes flickered a purplish-like glow responding to his remaining Witch Factors in a determined tone, '… not yet at least...'

Like that, he entered inside determined to complete his objective. To finish what he started obtaining the remaining 8 Witch Factors of Sin Pride, Greed, Gluttony, Wrath, Melancholy, Vainglory, and…. Envy.


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