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Chapter 86: Complete Set (1)

Chapter 86: Complete Set (1)

~Third POV~

[Corridor of Memories]

The Corridor of Memories is the cradle of Od Lagna. It is, according to Rui Arneb, a white expanse that is the resting place of the souls of the dead and where they go to commence the process of being filtered.

When a soul is filtered, the memories attached to it are cleared off like dirt, allowing for its reuse once it becomes clean. The memories of the soul are then sent to the library at the Pleiades Watchtower, where they are used to create a Book of the Dead, which contains the history of the soul's life.

The events within the Corridor of Memories could not leak to the outside easily, not even being able to reach Satella… and residing the only tenant of the Corridor of Memories like one of the Sin Archbishop of Gluttony Rui Arneb.

Rui Arneb is a Sin Archbishop of the Witch Cult, representing the Satiation aspect of Gluttony. In contrast to her brothers, Rui has large blue eyes, light skin, and extremely long blonde hair that can cover the floor like a golden sea. However, as is the case with Lye and Roy, she has fang-shaped teeth which help her smile look to be one more reminiscent of a menacing smirk.

She normally wears an elegant white dress that nearly looks transparent. It comes with a jabot that has two small red lines along the leftmost side. She is physically in her mid-teens, although her exact age is unknown…


Rui was within the Corridor of Memories till a portal opened eyes widened till she was caught and pinned down by an unseen force her growling eyes widened in disdain, "What the hell – oh it's you. The foreigner of another world."

Eyes gazing at Mash as he used his [Unseen Hands] to phase through her body ripping the Authority of Gluttony Witch Factor in his hand replied in a cold tone, "Sorry but I kind of need you dead or forgotten. No hard feelings, right?"

Rui shot a glare as Mash used his Life Sword Zeam on the Witch Factor killing a piece of 'Rui' inside thanks to the effect of [Gluttony: Splitting].

Similarly to the Oousagi, Rui can split and create a copy of herself whenever she separates her Witch Factor of Gluttony into multiple pieces. With a copy, Rui can attach her existence as a Witch Factor to someone else. This ability to attach a copy of herself to others, allowed her to forcibly trap their memories up to a certain point. She was also able to temporarily take control of someone from within her Witch Factor.

Placing one hand over to Rui in a defenseless state he announces to her in a cold tone leaving through the portal obtaining one of the Witch Factor pieces of Gluttony, "Goodbye Rui Arneb. You are the first and others of the Witch Cults that I plan to eliminate soon enough. Good riddance."


Licking his left hand Rui's eyes soon fade as her whole existence soon becomes forgotten with Mash obtaining skill experience in his [Brawler Mastery] and [Martial Arts Mastery] into higher levels gaining the skills [Leaper] and [Carnivorous Beast].

Exiting through the portal Mash plans to eliminate the Witch Cult continues…


[Sin Archbishop Greed Mansion]

All entrances to the mansion are boarded. The doors are nailed shut from inside, and planks of wood cover all windows. Should he have been attentive enough to find the state of this shut-curtain mansion strange, perhaps he would have noticed it.

The man searching his mansion is the Sin Archbishop of the Witch Cult, representing Greed Regulus Corneas.

A man with no eye-catching features and he had golden eyes that were usually murky and disinterested but started to sparkle when he passionately engaged in his long monologues. His modestly handsome face wasn't particularly attractive or unattractive, while his hair was neither short nor long and without a distinct style, however, it was naturally white despite his youthful appearance.

Regulus' primary attire primary piece of clothing was a pure-white great-style overcoat that reached down to his ankles and had golden-edged cuffs, a set of five golden buttons running down the torso of his center front that usually ensured that the coat was closed above the hipline, and golden-highlighted edging.

The inside of the coat was black and featured vertical golden stripes traveling down the entire coat. The most striking part of his coat was the opulent gold and black high-neck collar it sported that had the symbol for infinity inscribed on it, perhaps reflecting the nature of Regulus' Authority.

Though naturally, Mash arranged these operations with confidence that he wouldn't with his Book of Wisdom providing the right time and day to enact his plan seeing the Mansion being burned to the ground with Beatrice and the wives of Regulus standing by his side seeing their tormentor downfall.


A raging inferno swallows the whole of the mansion, steadily burning it to cinders. The flame that started this fire knows no pause, blazing furious and furious as it consumes the whole of the mansion, screaming frenzied demands that everything return to dust.

The furniture and ornamentations of the inflamed manor aren't the only things getting charred. The many women who have spent a long time in agony in this mansion, are free thanks to Mash [Unseen Hands] ability to take away the hearts that Regulus placed using his Authority of Greed secondary effect of [Little King] by phasing into their bodies to remove them.

The embrace of flame and smoke, prepared for the Sin Archbishop of Greed's death was indeed a gruesome deed. Anyone would think so of this barbarity.

But this was what the burning women desired wishing to see their tormentor dies in the pits of hell's fire as Regulus searches in an annoyed tone, "Fuck, fuck, fuck this inanity!!"

Tongues of flame compound in intensity, buffeted on further by the wind. Through this blazing mansion echoes the sound of Regulus cursing. His voice is so strained it's pathetic as he yells inside this burning, collapsing building.

He screeches in an utter frenzy, the situation beyond his belief, unaware of what the hell has happened his voice breaks as he screams like a child throwing a tantrum, "#99! #114! Even #123 would suffice! Where are you!? Where'd you run off to!? Who do you think I am!? Leaving me behind while you go off and expire, what kind of irresponsible, selfish women are you!?"


White clothes garb his form, his banal face grisly like a demon's as he raves. He makes for a very strange sight inside this disastrous mansion fire. A sane person would be doing everything they could to escape the blaze.

But the man shows no indication of doing that at all. It's like he hasn't been considered for an instant that he would die, operating off some kind of dogma that transcends mortality.

Mash witnessing the ramblings of a madman child could only glare intently as he thought to himself in a cold tone steeling his heart, 'He's insane, or rather not. -No, it's incorrect to deny that he's mad, but in truth, he is soundly confident. This fire cannot kill him, he believes. What a pathetic man not realizing his failsafe is long gone absorbed pieces of his Witch Factor in me made his ability of [Little King] nullified.'

And so, the man's screaming and cursing has absolutely nothing to do with fear for his own life. It's due to the inestimable rage he has towards his wives, who probably committed the arson in a childish tantrum, "All of these accursed people, taking my limited assets and disparagin-I'd appreciate it if you could close your unpleasant mouth. Nuh."


The frenzied man's face eats a kick from the foot which comes crashing in through a blazing wall by Mash as Regulus is dizzied by the unforeseen angle of the strike, and by the unforeseen attack, the man flies easily down the hallway.

Even the burning wall turns brittle, unable to withstand the collision with him as it shatters. He tumbles to stop spread out on the floor and stares up at the burning ceiling in dumbfounded shock, "What is..."

The voice that replies to the astonished Regulus is Mash the same one he heard when he got kicked. Regulus jerks himself upright, and crawls through the broken wall—for a man garbed in black as he spoke in a cold tone comes entering the burning room, "This fire is the parting letter from your many wives. Spoken plainly, it seems that this is the end to these terror-born fetters of love. You sicken beast."

Mash's frown is resplendent, but what speaks most of his identity is, held in his right hand, his Life Sword Zeam spoke out rambling in a madness, "Burglar! Who do you think I am!? Your tomfoolery is what you'll..."

Regret prattles Regulus as he swings up his arms to attack Mash…




But a light impact and the sight of his arms, severed at the elbows and flying, foils him. He looks down. Observe that his arms are missing as Regulus thinks to himself in disbelief at the scene, 'Impossible. What on earth is happening?'

Unaware his invincibility is long over Mash steps forward with a 100 of [Unseen Hands] from behind spoke in a cold tone to Regulus in disdain, "Immortal? Invincible? I forget which it was, but I know the trick to how it works. Now all you are is a very unpleasant insect of a person."

Forgetting about his missing arms, Regulus attempts to swear at Mash in disdain, "-! A strumpet like you-"



But he doesn't let him say a word of it. Mash swings up his leg, sweeping in between his legs as he sits on the floor and proceeding to kick him in the crotch. The blow is strong enough to shunt him into the air as Mash flourishes his Life Sword Zeam…



Mash now severs his arms at the shoulders and butchers round cuts of meat out of his legs from his feet up to his thighs. His toes, ankles, shins, knees, and thighs, are all subject to slashes, blood abounding as the man's body swiftly turns into something atrocious trying to speak, "-My"

However, Mash interrupts Regulus his expression showing disdain for the man in a cold tone, "It's incredible that you're still trying to speak in that condition."


Mash plunges his foot into the man's torso, now a considerably smaller target, which blasts him through the supposedly boarded window and outside the burning mansion.



Alongside shards of broken window glass he falls, incapable of catching himself with his missing limbs, to the earth. It's fortunate that he only fell from the second floor, which lets him escape fatal wounds from the fall.

However, his lack of limbs and overwhelming blood loss are already plenty fatal with Regulus speaking nonsense even in his state, "As if I could stand this abject idiocy. ...I, I am the most perfected being in the world. Wanting of little, conscious of adequacy, humble and without avarice, that's how I live my life... and so, why do I, of all people, have to face heckling from human failures of your..."

Mash could see Regulus spouting nonsense as he thought to himself taking down the Sin Archbishop of Greed with a confident smirk, 'This is only the beginning for you monsters. It's time someone teaches you your place and stay dead for good… your death will benefit me and my allies. My goal won't end till I see you all die for good.'