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Chapter 84: All Out Brawl (5)

Chapter 84: All Out Brawl (5)

~Third POV~


A brilliant light soon filled the halls as King and Diane's eyes widened feeling an ominous presence suddenly filled the room as did Howzer, Gilthunder, Guila, and Helbram as Mash mockingly said, "And here folks we have the true mastermind behind the sudden events happening to the Kingdom of Liones! Hello Fraudrin-chan how's your day going?"

Immediately the demon soon came to appearance as Dreyfus was knocked out from being suddenly separated from the Demon revealing his true form towering over humans, his back was covered in spiky protrusions and scales, and his mouth was on his pectoral muscles instead of his face. His fingers are long and sharp, and by clasping them together he can use his hands as spears. He has hand-shaped feet.


Stomping down and gaining his footing the demon known as Fraudrin glared intently at Mash opening through his chest with shocked eyes, "YOU!! YOU'RE THAT GODDESS BRAT THAT DESTROYED THE RED DEMON – "


Shooting an energy bolt of [Ark] everyone did a double take with Fraudrin accusing his race as he groaned in pain from the light Mash using him as a scapegoat, "Now that's rude. I'm 100% human thank you very much and considering I read your mind… you controlled and manipulated Hendrickson and took control over Dreyfus for the past 10 years. Committing murder against Gil's father… experimentation… damn you are one sick fuck, aren't you?"

Everyone's eyes glared intently at Fraudrin eyes widening recovering from the extending his arm towards them, "What…? No wait I – "


Suddenly Helbram died being crushed when Fraudrin extended his arm making it look like he caused what killed him when it was Beatrice following Mash's command. That was enough for everyone except Jericho who lost consciousness being crushed to attack seeing the true enemy.

Even King was fooled thinking it was the Demon's ability that killed him because of his biased hatred for the Demon Clan ruining his life and killing Elaine. He would never expect his comrades to kill Helbram even as a corpse reanimated, he was still King's friend.

Seeing Fraudrin extend and kill Helbram pulled the last straw from King changing his weapon to go on the offensive growling at him, "Die you damn monster! [Form 5: Increase]!"

Beatrice soon extended her hand enchanting King's spear changing shape announcing [Murak] making the kunai in his form 5 lose the effects of gravity as they each shot powerful blows stabbing Fraudrin.




Noticeable dents on his body were shown but he wasn't a weakling either with his durability as he began to use his Magical Powers of [Full Size]. [Full Size] is an ability that allows Fraudrin to grow to gargantuan proportions which proportionally increases his strength and endurance along with the range of his attacks.

By growing the other Holy Knights acted immediately calling upon their strongest attacks as Beatrices used [Ul Vita] to push him down with gravity unleashing their strongest attacks against the ambushed demon.

Howzer began to gather the air around him and form it into a formidable, disc-like whirlwind with the appearance of a tornado that had been flattened and turned on its side tossing it at the demon, "[Whirl Shock]!!"


Gilthunder reacted immediately attacking by thrusting his sword or pointing his fingers toward his opponent, Gilthunder can evoke a colossal lightning bolt to strike the ground with tremendous force, "[Hammer of the Thunder Emperor]!"


Condensing the immense amounts of bombs accumulated and gathered before her she thrusted her weapon erupting and bursting apart, sending a rain of explosions onto the demon, "[Brilliant Detonation]!"


Diane slams her weapon Gideon is slammed into the ground, raising the earth up into a sharp, gigantic spire with the appearance of a blade so large that it could be seen from across the capital, "[Ground Gladius]!"


Despite being attacked by all sides Fraudrin manages to hold on despite their combined attack and confidently thinks, 'Hmph! These pathetic attacks mean nothing to one of the Ten Commandments! That Goddess Clan brat will die and the sacrifice. I can't hold back now!'


Unleashing his Magical Power easily eclipsing the group in power a sense of dread soon filled everyone except for Beatrice and Mash as Fraudrin was about to turn serious, "I had enough playing with you all… it's time I finish what – "

But soon Mash interrupted everyone when he spoke in a cold tone, "Authority of Sloth, [Unseen Hands], and Authority of Greed, [Lion's Pride]."


Suddenly Fraudrin's body was destroyed with multiple holes in his body as Mash took him seriously using his Authority of Greed [Lion's Heart] combined with his Authority of Sloth, [Unseen Hands] unleashing all of his [Unseen Hands] unleashing punches that destroyed the demon into a red bloody paste and beyond shocking his allies.

Mash's [Lion's Pride] practically makes him an anomaly and interferes with the outside world making him completely cut off from the world's flow of time becoming a distortion of space.

When Mash combines his [Lion's Pride] with anything say his [Unseen Hands] as the time of these hands was stopped, the objects effectively acted as anomalies in the world, being cut off from the flow of time. They passed through anything they collided with, no matter the sturdiness, leaving behind only small holes–if the structure was still left standing in the first place.

If thrown at an individual or an animal, the objects would naturally travel through them, completely shredding and goring them, usually leaving behind nothing more than an unrecognizable pile of flesh or a bloody mist.

Despite his strength, he was quickly reduced to paste with his eyes looking down on his body in disbelief with genuine fear gazing at Mash with one word in fear, "H-How… can a mere -"


With one simple swipe of his hand, he produced a vortex of wind, traveling in a straight line following his arm. By stopping its time, the wind would not dissipate but instead, turn into an invisible blade of wind, cutting everything in its path.

Cutting Fraudrin straight in the middle in half Mash sighed calling off his [Lion's Pride] with Fraudrin dead body lying dead on the floor scratching the back of his head with a smile speaking in a confident tone, "Welp! That takes care of one threat now to the next right guys?!"

Everyone slowly nodded seeing Mash could've ended the fight evaluating their skills and if a fight occurred to the death the Sins nodded surprising him showing this kind of power but not in their spars earning genuine curiosity but decided to hold it in the back of their heads because of the situation they're currently in.

Howzer grabs onto Dreyfus and Jericho's unconscious body asking the group in a stunned tone watching Mash marching off, "Uh… not to be that guy in the room but… did he seriously obliterate the Demon that made us sacred shitless in a flash? Just that… Fraudrin's Magical Power easily eclipses what we have and he… killed him…"

Guila only gulps swallowing just witnessing how summoning the revival of the Demon Clan was such a screwed-up idea in a frightened tone, "W-We can see Howzer… and frankly if the Demon Clan was that powerful I suddenly think reviving them is a very BAD idea… but to be beaten and killed like that…"

Gilthunder slowly agrees nodding his head and darting his eyes towards the Sins seeing the situation with them has been cleared in a curious tone, "Despite the shocking power aside Lady Diane. Sir King. Was your… friend this strong? I couldn't sense anything in those last few seconds…"

King for the most part casually answers still shocked seeing the demon that made him afraid to be killed off that easily in a stunning tone, "No… in our spars he never even showed that level of power or destruction otherwise we would've known."

Diane slowly nodded her head agreeing with their conversation pondering out loud as she began to move her legs, "Yeah… he said Authority of Greed and Sloth before that happened? But for now will worry about that later. King come on we have to still save the Kingdom remember!!!"

King eyes alarmed quickly followed suit with Guila looking at Dreyfus and Jericho's unconscious forms helping Howzer curtly bow to Gilthuner in a respectful tone, "Sir Gilthunder I and Howzer will place these two away. You must hurry and capture Hendrickson and announce to the people their crimes. We'll make sure Dreyfus pays for his crimes…"

Gilthunder slowly nodded seeing Dreyfus before leaving with the trio to capture Hendrickson in a serious tone, "… Very well then. I wish you both luck in reigning them in. Till then I have one more thing to do."


Leaving a trail of sparks and electricity Gilthunder soon joined Mash, King, and Diane to locate the final player left to defeat…

Unaware of the group Mash used his Gamer Ring to open a small portal to the King's room using his Authority of Wrath, [Restoration] healing the King to a State he was healthy dangerously depleting his own HP and MP in the process.


Meliodas group soon runs towards Hendrickson's direction as they sense an ominous feeling of Magical Power causing everyone to notice.

Meliodas noticed this magical power with beads of sweat forming realizing who it was from 10 years ago in a concerned tone, 'That magical power…?! Impossible he should be by all accounts be gone! Fraudrin shouldn't be alive… then Elizabeth is in greater – '


However, just as Fraudrin's magical power rose suddenly vanished from the power of the shockwaves pausing all fights occurring following an invisible wind blade that cut through Merlin Mansion and the Kingdom 'luckily' not harming the citizens or enemies in the process.

Meliodas, Ban, and Gowther were confused by the sudden disappearance as they sensed multiple Magical Powers on top of the Mansion before they could change direction however their attention was caught with clashes in the distance sensing other Magical Powers in the process from the explosions happening.


"It's a war!"


"The Deadly Sins have come to attack!"




"Save us, Lord Holy Knights!!"


Meliodas and co began to see a fight occurring between Arthur and Hendrickson with Ban asking with a raised eyebrow confusion in his tone, "Whoa… who's the kid taking on the Hendrickson Cap'n."

Meliodas and Gowther remained silent seeing the clash between the two as they talked surprising the Sins with Hendrickson speaking in an annoyed tone, "Your authority is your only kingly quality. Arthur Pendragon…"

Hendrickson analyzes Arthur with many thoughts going into his head in a serious tone on Arthur's motives, 'This boy's true strength and thoughts are a mystery to me. Judging by his choice of words, it appears he has some grasp of the Kingdom's inside information. The question is what and how much of it? Is it the King's captivity? The princess abduction? Or the plan to revive the demon clan?'


Drawing his sword already into a swiftly striking stance Arthur replied intending to continue to attack with a happy tone, "Is your mind wandering during our battle, Hendrickson? Or is it the ominous power that was snuffed out?"

Hendrickson eyes glared at Arthur blocking his strikes blow for blow pushing him back coldly responding, "You're the one who should step it up. Show me the 'power' that gives you a reason to be the new king."

Arthur took this moment to stand up as Hendrickson soon tried to attack but was met with a pause as his arm was grabbed by Ban casually responding using [Zero Sign], "Now, now Hendrickson you've been a very bad boy. Do we hear some crazy things? Like you have that Red Demon for example?"

Hendrickson eyes widen realizing the Seven Deadly Sins are here in a shocked tone, "Ban the – ACK!!"


Ban slammed his face with a powerful punch to the ground crashing to the ground as he glared cracking his knuckles in a malicious tone, "You and I are gonna have a LONG talk where you found the body, Hendrickson. And it ain't going to be pretty."