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Read ‘THE MULTIVERSE: GAMER PATH’ Online for Free, written by the author Jovami6729, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering ACTION Fanfiction, ADVENTURE Fan Fiction, MAGIC Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: Disclaimer All copyrighted content is the property of its respective owner(s).Lost. Stranded. And boned. These are the t...


Disclaimer All copyrighted content is the property of its respective owner(s). Lost. Stranded. And boned. These are the thoughts of many normal Joes lost in the Multiverse whether it was intentional or not. Such a story for our protagonist accidentally wandering too far off from his home reality. However, such is fate. Yet... it seems that Mash Bastion has met the right man to assist him with the tools needed to travel the Multiverse to find his home universe with modified abilities of [THE GAMER] across worlds in the unforgiving territories of the MULTIVERSE.

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In this book filled with passion, romance, excitement and so much more. We learn who Renae is on a deeper level and how she struggles to survive with mental health from losing her father, Jarrod, in prison to her abusive mother and even losing her best friend to a losing battle of depression. In the beginning of the book she reunites with her father in a new school where her father is the headmaster. Her mother, Lisa, continues to try and ruin her life after Renae leaves her for school till they finally lock her in the schools prison. Renae struggles to figure out the difference between her soulmates and her twin flame and who her heart truly belongs to. You learn and love the five souls that have to break the eternal curse put on mankind which consist of Renaes first true love Eros, her twin flame Adam, her best friend Tyler, her older brother Jefferson and she herself, who is the strongest witch the world has ever known as the last and final soul. Before they break the curse, Renae and her twin flame get married in Hawaii where they learn she is actually the goddess of Empathy Elea. Shortly after the wedding they have twins and have to say goodbye after they grow eight weeks. They go to Italy where the curse had been enacted at the beginning of time on earth itself. However at the top you meet a goddess who simply wishes the world to burn and die off on its own. You're left heart broken and wondering how Renae will save Eros and everyone else from the murderous grip of this goddess who claims to be Aphrodite but Adam and Tyler knows exactly who she is. All of the unanswered questions of Reconnect are answered in its sequel Reconnections.

SamiJeJoRoxx · Fantasy
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Venomous Empress Reborn

# scumtorturing # rebirth She was a daughter of the general’s family and a gentle woman. She fell for Prince Ding and offered to be his wife. After supporting him for six years, she became his empress. After risking being a hostage in a foreign country, she returned five years later to find that she no longer had a place in his imperial harem. Lying in his arms, the new consort said with a sneer, “Sis, now that the country is stable, it’s time for you to die.” Her daughter died a tragic death and her son was removed as crown prince. The Shen family had been loyal, but they ended up being slaughtered. Shen Miao never thought that their marriage and mutual support all this while would end up being just an act Prince Ding put on! Prince Ding said, “On account that you’ve been with me for twenty years, I’ll allow you to die with your entire body intact. Now you may thank me and hang yourself to death.” Before she hung herself, Shen Miao made a resentful oath, “When I perish, I will haunt you day and night!” She was reborn as her fourteen year old self when the tragedies had yet to occur and her family was still intact. She was still the delicate and elegant daughter of a general’s family. Her relatives were evil, her cousin sisters were vicious and ruthless, and her aunties were eyeing her possessions. She had to protect her family, take revenge, and get back what belonged to her. In this life, she would be the last one standing! However, the Xie family’s young marquis, an unruly youth, pushed her up against the wall and said arrogantly, “Remember, the world belongs to you, and you belong to me!” The thirteen cities of You State… belong to you. The city of Dingyuan in Mobei… belongs to you. Yuzhou by the Yangtze River, the East Sea of Dingxi, the Green Lake of Lin’an, and Luoyang City… they all belong to you. If they all belong to me, what will you take, Xie Jingxing? Hmm… you. At first, he said impassively, “There has always been a clear distinction between the Shen and Xie family. For the Shen family’s daughter to suddenly show us goodwill, she must have ill intentions!” Then, he said calmly, “We're all on the same boat. Shen Miao, behave yourself. Who would have the audacity to force you into a marriage while I’m around?” After that, he said proudly, “Overthrowing an empire isn’t that hard. My dear, how shall we divide this great piece of land?” Finally, he waved his hand domineeringly. “Sweetheart, dividing them is too much work. Forget it! They’re all yours, and you are mine!” Shen Miao yelled, “Get out!” A domineering empress who was reborn and a young delinquent marquis. Both leads are righteous and they dote on each other.

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Cinta Yang Buruk

***********Nica Adriana*********** "Nica" adalah wanita 28 tahun, mempunyai paras cantik seperti artis Hollywood, dia sendiri berdarah campuran ibunya adalah WNA asal Australia dan ayahnya WNI asal Jakarta..... kehidupan Nica berjalan baik dan normal, selain materi yang berlimpah, paras yang sempurna, Nica juga adalah seorang dokter spesialis anak. di usia yang baru 28tahun, Nica mampu menyabet gelar dokter spesialis, tidak bisa di pungkiri bahwa Nica adalah wanita yang cerdas dan mandiri...... selain itu nama Nica sendiri sangat baik Dimata teman, rekan kerja, dan juga lingkungan hidupnya. tapi tidak dengan kaum wanita yang merasa iri dengan apa yang Nica miliki terutama paras cantiknya... tapi sangat di sayangkan, Nica yang begitu sempurna dengan kehidupan sosialnya, karirnya, dan juga sebagai dokter Nica tidak pernah mulus dalam urusan asmara dan kehidupan pribadinya, entah apa yang membuat seorang Nica selalu gagal dalam urusan cinta dan kehidupan pribadinya... sampai suatu ketika Nica, bertemu dengan gadis kecil berumur 5-6 tahun, gadis itu sangat cantik, lucu dan imut akan tetapi kehidupan gadis kecil itu juga sangat rumit dan menyentuh hati Nica. tapi gadis kecil itu bukanlah anak dari keluarga biasa saja, gadis kecil itu adalah anak tunggal dari pengusaha kaya raya yang sukses dalam bidang penerbangan dia negara ini.... pertemuan Nica dengan gadis kecil itulah, yang mengubah hidup Nica, tidak pernah terbayangkan dalam pikirannya jika kisah hidupnya akan penuh dengan, emosi, air mata, rasa sakit, perjuangan, pengorbanan dan kebahagiaan......

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The Fallen Odyssey

Author: Corey McCullough is an independent copy editor, proofreader, ghostwriter, and author. He lives in western Pennsylvania with his amazing wife Vanessa and their two beautiful daughters. His favorite pastimes are reading, writing, playing video games, spending time with his best friend (Vanessa), and, most of all, being a dad. A teenager’s wish to escape his stressful life just came true — with otherworldly consequences. Nothing is going right for Justin Holmes. Like many seventeen-year-olds, he sometimes wishes he could just run away and leave everything behind. But he gets more than he bargained for when he storms out of the house after an argument with his father and accidentally steps into a parallel universe of swords, shields, magic, and monsters. Suddenly, Justin is desperate to find a way back to his ordinary life in small-town America. His search for answers takes an unexpected turn when a strange old man and a powerful mercenary recruit him to rescue a kidnapped princess. But their rescue mission quickly takes a disastrous turn and becomes a life-or-death flight deep into the unknown wilds. Justin and his unlikely allies are on the run from dark forces wielding deadly, arcane power — demonic beings that seem to have suddenly arrived from somewhere beyond this world . . . just like Justin. Justin may not be a fighter, but he is intelligent and strong-willed. He soon realizes that nothing in this world is what it seems. Even his allies’ mission may have all been a ruse . . . to get to him. Ancient secrets are revealed that could shake the foundations of this alternate world . . . and might unlock Justin’s portal home. The Fallen Odyssey is a contemporary portal fantasy novel for college and “new adult” audiences. It is the first of a trilogy but can be enjoyed as a stand-alone novel. If you like epic, serious fantasy about dangerous quests in magical worlds, check out The Fallen Odyssey.

Corey McCullough · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
175 Chs
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how can a story with such perfect grammar have such horrible sentance structure?! the grammer is good, but the words are just thrown on the page like sentance structure doesn't matter or exist!


Hello author-san I loved the previous fanfiction of fairy tail best wishes for this one as well .


..... .... im out... how the F you can write individual words correctly but mess the F up all syntax and semantics so badly!?!?!?!?[img=faceslap]


Hahahahha, another masterpiece is coming, after the amazing Rwby FF and fairy tail FF. We have another great FF is coming. And it's a Multiverse this time huh, can't wait and see what will happen. I'm interested in what worlds will he travel too. And what kind of ability will he get. Now.... Since this is a Harem FF, I have a request to author dono, I won't ask to add specific characters now, but I just hope u won't drop hints here and there and then mislead your readers like what happened in fairy tail FF, it was cruel move, so I just hope this won't happen here( just my opinion) . The rest is all good, I just wish it a long story so I can enjoy for the rest of this year since I love your writing style, also please don't skip arks and fast pase things, take it slowly and go with the flow. My power stone are obviously going here even though I won't start reading it until ch 100 at lesst. I'm cheering for you author kun. [img=gift][img=gift][img=gift][img=gift][img=gift][img=gift][img=gift][img=recommend]


It is not the best book in the world but by being X himself does the author cooks. Writing quality isn’t the best, there are some errors here and there. But it’s simple and easy to understand and the author improves in quality every book. Story development is pretty standard, the author tends to follow the canon (much to my liking) but does does his own thing. The only thing that has always seemed to be forced is the romance/harem relationship. Character design, it’s good. The MCs are always seemed to be a variant of being X (to my understanding), so it’s a bit weird there but they usually understand the world they go to (meta knowledge, etc.). Word background, well it’s usually an anime world and along the lines of such. I’m hoping for game worlds in this book, something like DND or even anime related games etc. Overall, I’m looking forward to the new book and here’s to the future of The Gamer’s Guild.


why does subaru die? doesn't he have satila protection?




Not much to say other then I’ve really enjoyed it so far, keep it up! 👍🏻


it was a good fanfic sadly its not that popler i wish its get spretd if you ask my wht i dont do it becuse i dont have frinds how read novel or fanfics


Read your last 2 gamer fics, and I gotta say I can't wait for this one! You've kept me intrigued with great adventures and I'm looking forward to where this one will lead!


Reveal spoiler


Vggyyyyyg G


This is worth to read if you can bear with author's cringe. Seriously, there's some moment that really cringe. But if you can ignore it, it's readable


Keep it up author very good story.[img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]


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