The Fallen Gamer (MarvelxDXDxMulticross)

A woman from our world is reborn as a Fallen Angel Gamer in a Marvel/Crossover AU. Will she grind her way to the top, or get a game over?

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Chapter 198

Zeus gripped his sword tightly. "You might be stronger than me, Hela, but this is my domain!" He swung his sword down and a massive bolt of Divine Lighting fell from the sky.

Hela raised her hand and a giant sword formed above her and acted as a makeshift shield/lightning rod. Her sword absorbed his entire attack and was pulsing with electricity. Hela glanced at it and smirked. "You can have this back." She swung her arm forward and her towering blade hurtled itself towards Zeus. His eyes widened in panic.

"Fuck!" Her giant sword smashed into him. He was sent flying and crashed into the stone amphitheater seats and then right through them. 

Poseidon and Hades gaped at how Hela just smacked their brother away like he was nothing. "I'll handle Zeus. You can have his two idiotic brothers." Hela said as she dashed forward through the hole she had just made.

My eyes shifted as I activated my Rinnegan. "So…what can you two do?" 

Poseidon grimaced. A set of blue armor manifested around his body. "I'll show you what a true God can do!" Jets of water blasted out of his feet as he rushed towards me. The golden Trident of Atlantis appeared in his hand and he stabbed it forward towards me.

I held out my palm towards him. "Almighty Push!"

All of Posiedon's momentum turned against him as he crashed into the invisible force I'd just released. "GAAAHH!" He screamed in pain and spat out globs of golden blood as he was harshly sent careening backwards. He crashed into the stone stands.

I glanced over to where Hades was and my eyes widened when I realized he was gone! An instant later, I felt the air shift behind me! I jumped forwards just in time. A pitch black scythe slashed through the spot where my head was. 

It was weird that my instincts didn't warn me of his sneak attack at all…

Hades scowled when he realized he failed to kill me. "It seems that your luck is quite high!" He said with sarcastic praise. He held up his black scythe and caressed the flat blade.

"This is the Scythe of the Underworld! My greatest treasure and weapon. It is a metaphysical blade that doesn't do any actual damage! Instead, it instantly kills whoever it hits! Hahahaha!" He started cackling madly. "Even Zeus fears this weapon! And now it will be your death!" 

Oh…that's why my instincts didn't warn me about his sneak attack…

[This poor bastard never had a chance…]

The shadows underneath Hades became much darker and his body sunk down into them. He once again disappeared from my senses. He was very good at hiding!

"Die!" Hades suddenly popped out of the ground, from my own shadow behind me! His arms swung forwards and his scythe came hurtling towards my torso. I didn't bother dodging. 

The blade pierced through me and I felt absolutely nothing. He was right, it was a metaphysical weapon.

"Hahahaha! I killed the bitch! That's what you get for being so arrogant!" Hades threw his head back and cackled even louder.

His laughter was cut off when I spoke. "Sorry to disappoint you, but as the Champion of Lady Death, I'm immune to death magics."

His head snapped forwards and we locked eyes. A look of panic and fear came over his face. "No…That's impossible…" He whined.

The cooldown of my Deva Path ended just in time. "Almighty Push!" I spoke again. Hades cried out in pain as he was blasted backwards and crashed into the stands right next to Poseidon. I held onto his scythe as he went flying. I stashed it into my inventory. It radiated death magic and it might make a cute gift for the next time I see Lady Death.

I honestly expected a bit more out of these two. They were both around Level 60 and giving a very poor showing for it.

The rubble shifted as Posiedon stood up first followed by his brother. He raised his hand up and wiped the golden blood that was trailing from his mouth. "It's been a long time since we last clashed with an Angel. I forgot how fierce your kind can be. But you have clearly forgotten how strong we Olympians are!"

"Prepare to witness our true Divine Forms!

I squinted my eyes because the two of them suddenly became as bright as the Sun. An ordinary Human's eyes would have been burnt out if they stared at these two for more than a few seconds. 

When the bright light show ended, they had both considerably grown in size. They were both around 6 feet tall before, but now they were towering around 40 feet. 

Poseidon's body had become almost translucent. As if he was now completely made up of water. Hades was similar except he looked like a giant that was made out of numerous shadows stitched together.

Both of their levels also went up by 10. Poseidon was not at Level 67 and Hades was at Level 70.



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