The Ace Sniper Wife

She is a legend in the world of mercenaries. She is a myth in the realm of snipers. The queen of mercenaries in her previous life, betrayed by a trusted friend in a crisis, she lost her life. Reincarnated in her present life, she became a newbie lost in the bottom rung, only to rise to glory again! Assigned as a procurement officer? With a heavy burden on her shoulders, she can still take out the elites in a flash! Doubting her shooting skills? With one shot, she can make you pee in your pants! Trapped by love? She can reject her fiance without a second thought! In a life steeped in iron and blood, she forged her legend. But- Why did that overbearing, handsome, friendless captain suddenly announce to her, "I will control your life and I will protect you!” And so, on the road to legendary glory, she even managed to find some time for a romance. # In this world, some are displaced and some are homeless, but she was moved by this country and found a sense of belonging. Therefore, she was willing to protect this country, just like she had once protected her own life. [Hot Blooded Chapter] There's a legend that in Eastlandia there is a mysterious team- In the desert, the jungle, the maritime territories, the sky, they excel in triphibious combat. People see them as ghosts, capable of anything. * A drill, a surprise attack, a massacre. The sneak attack did not last more than two minutes. Flossie Wright leaned against a doorway, her expression calm, “Playing so ruthlessly, aren’t you afraid of causing resentment?” Inside the room, Hutchinson, after extracting the information he wanted, blew the head off of the last living witness with one shot. Upon hearing this, his eyebrows lifted, his voice careless yet particularly arrogant, “Those who should resent, already do. What do a couple more count for?” “......”

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Chapter 17: Episode 008 Instant Kill (1)

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On the vast parade ground, the soldiers stood straight as an arrow, beautifully blending their camouflage color with the environment, not a single sound could be heard emanating from them.

"Flossie Wright, step forward!"

Rowdy Brightwill's voice was calm and dignified echoing clearly in the emptiness of the parade ground and reaching every ear present.

From within the crowd, Flossie Wright furrowed her brows slightly. Amidst many perplexed gazes, she loudly affirmed, "Yes, sir!" and proceeded to walk to the center of the field in standard posture, standing straight and tall facing Rowdy Brightwill.

"I hear you're the worst in hand-to-hand combat." Rowdy Brightwill patted her shoulder amicably as if they were on great terms. His radiant, captivating smile made the other female soldiers green with envy, wishing they were the one sharing such a report with the Instructor.

Flossie's eyes darted around, then she deliberately raised her voice yelling in Rowdy Brightwill's ear, "Instructor, correct!"


The hand on her shoulder involuntarily tightened. Flossie's sudden outburst left a faint buzzing in his ears, muffling any other noise. He tightened his grip slightly on her shoulder, his brows instinctively furrowing.

After a delay of several seconds, Rowdy Brightwill's stunned hearing began to improve. He gave Flossie Wright an indirect glance, catching sight of her indifferent expression. His lips twitched minutely, and in the next moment, his hand fell from her shoulder.

"Jamson Eldeanor, fall in!"

Rowdy Brightwill casually waved at a group of male soldiers from behind, gesturing someone to step forward.

"Yes, sir!"

Soon, a feeble and hollow voice replied, and a tall figure emerged. A few lighthearted laughs came from the male soldiers, but mostly there were looks of disdain, from which one could easily perceive Jamson Eldeanor's combat ability.

Yet, as Jamson Eldeanor, almost six feet tall, stood before Flossie Wright, their height disparity become glaringly visible, leaving no room for questioning their difference in combat abilities.

"I heard, your performance isn't much either?" Rowdy Brightwill, matching Jamson Eldeanor in height, stood beside him, his fit image and cool pose leaving the female soldiers' hearts thumping.

"Yes, sir." Contrasted with Flossie's solid bravado, his confidence appeared significantly weaker. Although his superior physique suggested otherwise, he was like a timid woman standing next to Flossie's calm and composed demeanor, inadvertently inspiring admiration.

Despite her appalling situation, she seemed so calm and tranquil, one had to commend her thick skin and mental fortitude.

"As a man, do you have the confidence to defeat her?" Rowdy Brightwill looked over at Flossie with a smile in his eyes, yet his words were directed towards Jamson Eldeanor.

"I..." Jamson Eldeanor hesitated a while, then glanced surreptitiously at Flossie before finally saying with false bravado, "Sir, she's a woman, I can't strike her!"

"There's no gender distinction on the battlefield!" Before he could finish his sentence, he was interrupted by Rowdy Brightwill's stern voice, his once jovial face now serious. "Will you avoid combat or even die under a woman's gun just because she's female?"

Unsettled, Jamson slowly shook his head with determination, "No, I won't."

"Then answer me, are you confident you can win against her!" Rowdy Brightwill's tone was unmistakable.

Instinctively puffing out his chest, Jamson Eldeanor replied in a louder voice; "Yes, sir!"