The Ace Sniper Wife

Author: Fruit Shop Bottle
Contemporary Romance
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What is The Ace Sniper Wife

Read ‘The Ace Sniper Wife’ Online for Free, written by the author Fruit Shop Bottle, This book is a Contemporary Romance Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: She is a legend in the world of mercenaries.She is a myth in the realm of snipers.The queen of mercenaries in her previo...


She is a legend in the world of mercenaries. She is a myth in the realm of snipers. The queen of mercenaries in her previous life, betrayed by a trusted friend in a crisis, she lost her life. Reincarnated in her present life, she became a newbie lost in the bottom rung, only to rise to glory again! Assigned as a procurement officer? With a heavy burden on her shoulders, she can still take out the elites in a flash! Doubting her shooting skills? With one shot, she can make you pee in your pants! Trapped by love? She can reject her fiance without a second thought! In a life steeped in iron and blood, she forged her legend. But- Why did that overbearing, handsome, friendless captain suddenly announce to her, "I will control your life and I will protect you!” And so, on the road to legendary glory, she even managed to find some time for a romance. # In this world, some are displaced and some are homeless, but she was moved by this country and found a sense of belonging. Therefore, she was willing to protect this country, just like she had once protected her own life. [Hot Blooded Chapter] There's a legend that in Eastlandia there is a mysterious team- In the desert, the jungle, the maritime territories, the sky, they excel in triphibious combat. People see them as ghosts, capable of anything. * A drill, a surprise attack, a massacre. The sneak attack did not last more than two minutes. Flossie Wright leaned against a doorway, her expression calm, “Playing so ruthlessly, aren’t you afraid of causing resentment?” Inside the room, Hutchinson, after extracting the information he wanted, blew the head off of the last living witness with one shot. Upon hearing this, his eyebrows lifted, his voice careless yet particularly arrogant, “Those who should resent, already do. What do a couple more count for?” “......”

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sky_maiden · Fantasy
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The story is nice, it has a good flow with good build up of the characters read only free chapters but liked it hope it continue to build up


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