The Ace Sniper Wife

She is a legend in the world of mercenaries. She is a myth in the realm of snipers. The queen of mercenaries in her previous life, betrayed by a trusted friend in a crisis, she lost her life. Reincarnated in her present life, she became a newbie lost in the bottom rung, only to rise to glory again! Assigned as a procurement officer? With a heavy burden on her shoulders, she can still take out the elites in a flash! Doubting her shooting skills? With one shot, she can make you pee in your pants! Trapped by love? She can reject her fiance without a second thought! In a life steeped in iron and blood, she forged her legend. But- Why did that overbearing, handsome, friendless captain suddenly announce to her, "I will control your life and I will protect you!” And so, on the road to legendary glory, she even managed to find some time for a romance. # In this world, some are displaced and some are homeless, but she was moved by this country and found a sense of belonging. Therefore, she was willing to protect this country, just like she had once protected her own life. [Hot Blooded Chapter] There's a legend that in Eastlandia there is a mysterious team- In the desert, the jungle, the maritime territories, the sky, they excel in triphibious combat. People see them as ghosts, capable of anything. * A drill, a surprise attack, a massacre. The sneak attack did not last more than two minutes. Flossie Wright leaned against a doorway, her expression calm, “Playing so ruthlessly, aren’t you afraid of causing resentment?” Inside the room, Hutchinson, after extracting the information he wanted, blew the head off of the last living witness with one shot. Upon hearing this, his eyebrows lifted, his voice careless yet particularly arrogant, “Those who should resent, already do. What do a couple more count for?” “......”

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Chapter 18 Episode 008 Instant Kill (2)

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Rowdy Brightwill's knitted brows slightly relaxed as he took a few steps back and lazily said, "Let's get started then. The one who loses skips lunch."


Suddenly, the soldiers, who were still immersed in Rowdy Brightwill's compelling words, were abruptly pulled back to their senses with that sentence.


Everyone instantly focused their attention on him.

For these new recruits, the harsh training of the recruit company was indeed very tough. So, for them, mealtimes and sleep were the only time they could enjoy. Now, these tiny pleasures were about to be taken away...

They even doubted whether their sleep would be deprived if they did not reach the standard set by Rowdy Brightwill.

From this point on, they suddenly realized that this seemingly kind-hearted Instructor could actually be a ruthless wolf clad in sheep's skin, ready to push them towards death with just a few words.

"You first."

Flossie stared at Jamson Eldeanor, who had been hesitating to make a move. She spread her hands slightly to both sides as if she didn't care, and spoke to him. It was hard to guess whether she was confident of victory or just trying to bluff.

At this moment, Jamson Eldeanor was not in a place to say ladies first. Plus, seeing Flossie's disparaging posture, his male pride surged, and like a shot of adrenaline, he instantly clenched his fists and launched a direct left punch towards Flossie's head...

His massively proportioned fist and Flossie's head seemed to meet at a shocking angle, the sight of which made people hold their breath.

However, in the next moment, Flossie abruptly side-stepped to her left to elegantly avoid his cumbersome attack. Simultaneously, she grabbed Jamson's left wrist with her right hand and pulled it forcefully backward while stepping slightly forward with her left foot. Her moves were so quick it was dizzying – before Jamson could counterattack, Flossie had elbowed him right in the neck.

But the moment she was about to strike, she suddenly stopped.

"I win."

The two were standing close to each other, and Flossie, with just a tilt of her head, gently lifted her lips into a confident smile. Her voice, aloof and cold, echoed clearly in Jamson's ears. He felt a colossal pressure slam into him. Still, it abruptly halted midway, making him unable to budge.

After speaking, Flossie let go of Jamson and took a few steps back to keep a safe distance.

One move and she had bested him.

The whole field fell silent.

Both in terms of speed and outcome, this development was beyond everyone's expectations.

All the skilled fighters in the new-recruit troop were asking themselves – if they were in Flossie's shoes, could they have executed such a simple move so impeccably, neutralizing a large man like Jamson in just a few seconds?!


Many of the male soldiers had sparred with Jamson. While they could easily overcome him, they were never as effortless as Flossie had been.

For a moment, all the male soldiers were cursing internally. Just what kind of creatures were these female soldiers? Even the worst among them could reach this level?!

"Not bad." In response to Flossie's dazzling move, Rowdy Brightwill nodded appreciatively, artfully concealing any surprise. He simply glanced at the two and ordered, "Return to your ranks!"



As Flossie followed Rowdy Brightwill's orders and returned to her ranks, she could clearly sense the distinct gazes of the other female soldiers. She saw Jocelyn Carrington's irate and disgruntled expression. Flossie withdrew her gaze and passed by Jocelyn without glancing her way.

Jocelyn clenched her teeth in frustration.

Later, Rowdy Brightwill didn't call out more soldiers for sparring, let alone a male-female contest. After he taught them a few new moves, he allowed them to practice on their own.

The sense of enthusiasm Flossie had sparked in the soldiers with her victory over Jamson resulted in everyone pushing themselves even harder. The female soldiers were inspired and felt the threat, making them work even harder. As for the male soldiers, they couldn't bear to lose face in front of the women, they trained ruthlessly to widen the gap between them and Jamson.

"Flossie, want to spar with me?"

Jocelyn had declined several requests from others who wanted to spar with her and, after some hesitation, she directly approached Flossie, who was sparring with Janice Wood, and interrupted their movements to ask her proposal.

At the same time, the nearby female soldiers, who had sharp ears, stopped what they were doing and curiously looked over.