The Ace Sniper Wife

She is a legend in the world of mercenaries. She is a myth in the realm of snipers. The queen of mercenaries in her previous life, betrayed by a trusted friend in a crisis, she lost her life. Reincarnated in her present life, she became a newbie lost in the bottom rung, only to rise to glory again! Assigned as a procurement officer? With a heavy burden on her shoulders, she can still take out the elites in a flash! Doubting her shooting skills? With one shot, she can make you pee in your pants! Trapped by love? She can reject her fiance without a second thought! In a life steeped in iron and blood, she forged her legend. But- Why did that overbearing, handsome, friendless captain suddenly announce to her, "I will control your life and I will protect you!” And so, on the road to legendary glory, she even managed to find some time for a romance. # In this world, some are displaced and some are homeless, but she was moved by this country and found a sense of belonging. Therefore, she was willing to protect this country, just like she had once protected her own life. [Hot Blooded Chapter] There's a legend that in Eastlandia there is a mysterious team- In the desert, the jungle, the maritime territories, the sky, they excel in triphibious combat. People see them as ghosts, capable of anything. * A drill, a surprise attack, a massacre. The sneak attack did not last more than two minutes. Flossie Wright leaned against a doorway, her expression calm, “Playing so ruthlessly, aren’t you afraid of causing resentment?” Inside the room, Hutchinson, after extracting the information he wanted, blew the head off of the last living witness with one shot. Upon hearing this, his eyebrows lifted, his voice careless yet particularly arrogant, “Those who should resent, already do. What do a couple more count for?” “......”

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Chapter 16, Episode 007: The Fiancé(3)

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Feeling his prestige slipping away, Drake Easton huffed and puffed, stopped looking at her, and loudly told the other female soldiers in the dormitory, "Hurry up, we're assembling in the drill ground in ten minutes!"

After saying this, he stalked off without a backward glance.

Rowdy Brightwill, who had come with him, didn't mind being left behind at all, as he found this situation rather routine. He calmly glanced at Flossie Wright several times only to receive no returned gaze. It seemed as if she didn't care about his existence at all. This puzzled Rowdy. He knew she had been desperately trying to get herself into the military camp because of him, and it hadn't been that long... Did she really need to play hard to get this much?

Finding it a bit strange, Rowdy Brightwill withdrew his gaze and habitually waved to the other people. His smile was even more charming, "Ladies, see you on the drill ground."

"Goodbye, instructor!"



As soon as Rowdy Brightwill finished speaking, he received enthusiastic responses from many of the female soldiers in the dormitory.

Even Jocelyn Carrington, who was usually aloof, pretended not to care but her gaze fell on Rowdy Brightwill's retreating figure, gazing at him until he had gone far away. Meanwhile, she naturally noticed Rowdy Brightwill's interest in Flossie Wright and her gaze towards Flossie turned increasingly inhospitable after Rowdy had left.


The female soldiers knew they had combat training today. Those who had seen Rowdy Brightwill before were obviously more enthusiastic about their duties today, finishing their tasks to perfection with lightning speed and then joyously rushing off to the drill ground to see the handsome instructor.

However, what they didn't expect was that in addition to the handsome instructor they knew of, there was also a large group of... male soldiers.

Previously, male and female soldiers had trained separately. Although the dormitories were quite close to each other, apart from meal times, there was almost no time when they gathered together, so there was very little interaction between them. All in all, this was the only significant gathering in the past two months.

"Does this setup mean that male and female soldiers will be doing combat training together?" Seeing a large number of neatly arranged male soldiers upon coming downstairs, Janice Wood quickly approached Flossie Wright and asked somewhat doubtfully.

For some reason, Janice Wood had been clinging to Flossie since yesterday. After Flossie saw what was happening on the drill ground, she responded noncommittally, "Maybe."

A little hesitant, Janice Wood asked, "Then, aren't we at a disadvantage?"

Flossie lazily looked at her, her voice indolent, "Yes, not to mention physical strength, we are greatly outnumbered. The female soldiers are going to get mobbed."

"Huh?" Janice Wood was surprised, thinking that the instructor wouldn't let them fight as a group.

But while she was still surprised, Flossie had already slowly walked away. Before she could catch up and ask for clarification, the vice squad leader couldn't help but pat her on her shoulder, her face full of uncontainable amusement, "She's messing with you. How could male and female soldiers train together? Of course, we each have our own fights."

"Oh..." Understanding dawning on her face, Janice Wood nodded. However, she felt utterly helpless and powerless when it came to Flossie's ability to bluff people so effortlessly.

Perhaps because of the attraction between the sexes, or perhaps because of the attractive instructor, the time it took for the female soldiers to assemble was greatly reduced. Dozens of female soldiers neatly lined up, standing according to their units, each of them standing tall and straight, ready even before the instructor ordered them to stand at attention.

"Today is combat training..." As the observing coach, Abram Phillips raised his voice, drawing the attention of everyone present, "Because the previous instructor of combat is temporarily unavailable, the combat training for the next month will be under the guidance of our instructor, Rowdy Brightwill, let's welcome him."

As soon as Abram Phillips finished his words, the female soldiers applauded enthusiastically in response. However, the male soldiers seemed a little dispirited, nobody wanted to see that face steal all the limelight.

Subsequently, Rowdy Brightwill came forward for a brief introduction. After his short speech, he proceeded directly to the theme of the day —combat training.

There was a pause for two seconds. Rowdy Brightwill stood with his hands behind his back, walked a circuit in the center aisle, and finally his gaze accurately fell on someone amidst the female soldiers.

"Flossie Wright, step forward!"