Surviving In An Island With My Survival System Book

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Surviving In An Island With My Survival System


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When I boarded my family's multi-billion dollar yacht, I never would have guessed that I'd witness a love confession fit for a rom-com. One of my classmates had mustered up the courage to declare his feelings to a girl named Bianca, whose beauty could only be rated at a stunning 9.5/10. That, no one else had the guts to make a move, but hey, I've always been one to keep a low profile, so no one even noticed when me when I was casually drinking wine. Just as Bianca was about to deliver her answer, a tsunami of epic proportions crashed into us with no warning whatsoever. The impact was so massive that it caused our ship to be completely wrecked, and people were swept away like debris in a storm. I was among those unfortunate people and I passed out from the shock. When I came to, I found myself on a deserted island, with nothing but a survival system to keep me alive. Talk about being stranded in style! [HI GUYS AUTHOR HERE JUST WANNA SAY ITS MY FIRST TIME SO PLEASE SUPPORT MY NOVEL]


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