Supreme Harem God System

[Supreme Harem God System.] This was the Cheat Nux Leander, the man who transmigrated to a cultivation world, received. In a cultivation world, this cheat system allowed Nux to skip the arduous process that takes years, decades, or even centuries. All Nux needed were his lovely wives. The stronger the wife, the more benefits he receives. “What? You are a 100-year-old Grand Master Stage Cultivator? And you call this Unparalleled Talent? Unparalleled Talent my Ass! I am 18 and I am already a King Stage Cultivator, get better bitch!” As ridiculous as it already was, Nux’s cheat did not end there. Cultivation Talent, Special Physiques, Bloodlines, his System could inherit them all! All he needed to do was seduce strong Women. Accompany Nux in his journey as he promotes himself from a mere mortal, to a boy toy of a Lonely Noble, and then to Emperor of the strongest Empire in the world! All while he gets stronger while spending time with his lovely wives. ... Do check out my other novel, Primordial Vampire God System If you want to read revenge, war, blood, gore, vampires, and, the Return of the Forgotten Blood Empire ... AI-Generated Cover. ... Discord: https://discord.gg/qZHRTHGdZG If the link does not work for some reason, DM me: SleepDeprivedSloth

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Characters And Their Images. (Might Contain Spoilers)

Look, I won't have perfect images since I have just searched them on the internet after all... you can use your imagination a little, I will just give you a reference image. There are also some AI-Generated Arts, so welp, yay, I guess.

Yes, I am finally updating this chapter after like, 6 months.

Thank you<3


Nux Leander

Nux's Look: His long thick raven hair, combined with his smooth white skin with a perfectly carved face. His golden eyes had a unique shine within them. His sword-like eyebrows, thin nose and sharp jawline made his face immortal-like even though it was a little bruised.

Here is the image (in paragraph comments), just change the eye colour to golden, and of course, normal-looking hands. He is frail now, but that won't be for long.


Felberta Alveye:

She was a classic example of a MILF! Her perfect hourglass figure was as enchanting as it could ever get, Nux couldn't help but glance at those milky breasts that were enough for a normal weeb to die from a nosebleed. Her raven hair matched Nux's, while her black eyeballs were as deep as an abyss. Her thin eyebrows, small nose and cherry-like red and luscious lips made her look like a succubus.

Here is the Image, just imagine the eyes and hair in black colour.

Skyla Hale

Skyla was a beautiful fair-skinned woman; she was 1.68 meters tall, with short auburn hair, big green coloured eyes, a cute small nose, and pouty red lips. Her breasts weren't really big but they weren't small either. They were what they call, 'they would perfectly fit in my hands' type. She had a perky bottom and although she might appear serious, if one gets to know her, she was a clumsy type.

Here's her image.

Lane Wynee

Sister Lane, or Lane Wyne, was a beautiful and serious woman. She had dark brown colour hair and eyes, she had a well-carved face, with sharp brows, a thin nose and soft pink lips. Nux's favourite part about her was her big but firm breasts which were even larger than Fel's. Her body curves were wonderful, coupled with her maid uniform; she was an ideal dream maid girl in any teen's fantasy.

The Image, change her eyes to the colour mentioned.

Edda Osburn

Edda was a 1.65 meters tall woman, she had white coloured hair with shades of pink on the tips, this combined well with pink-violet eyes, and her tanned skin gave her a different charm than others.

Her small nose, and rosy red lips, combined with the perfect hourglass physique that rivals Felberta made her an extremely beautiful and alluring woman.

Here is her picture~

Thyra Cruse

Thyra was a beautiful fair-skinned woman with short raven hair and Icy blue eyes. She had a small nose and cherry-like lips. She has a great physique; her breasts were of the same size as Skyla. Her black coloured clothes contrasted well with her fair skin and icy blue eyes. All in all, she was a really beautiful woman.


Allura Skyfall

Concubine Allura, or Allura Skyfall, is a 1.7-meter tall woman, just like her name, she has an alluring, sinful body and a perfect hourglass figure. White hairs, Crystal blue eyes, and juicy red lips. A fatal Beauty indeed.


Amaya Skyfall.

The woman had long dark black hair, juicy red lips, a thin nose and a peerless face.

A perfect face, a perfect body, it was as if this woman was born to define the word perfect.

Her breasts weren't large, but they weren't small either, her body wasn't curvy, it was more lean however, combining it with her divine face, she was…

Outright gorgeous.


Evane Skyfall.

The woman had long blonde hair, beautiful green eyes, a small nose and light pink lips, her features were sharp and combined with her perfect hourglass-like mature body, she looked breathtaking.


Arvina Skyfall.

Brown-red, fiery eyes, sword-like eyebrows, light-blonde hair, luscious red lips and a lean physique, the woman was really enchanting; however, together with being beautiful, she also released a ferocious, dangerous aura.

An Aura of a Warrior.


Ember Windstar.

Nux's eyes fell on a woman wearing a black coat sitting on a chair with a leisurely look on her face.

No, actually, she did not look leisurely at all, she looked like a wild lioness who was looking at her prey, she was a dangerous woman.

And on top of that, she was a beautiful woman, with black-red hair, sword-like eyebrows, red eyes that shined ferociously, a straight nose, and a wide smile on her face,


Astaria Skyfall.

A woman with long Black Hair, brown eyes, sword-like fierce eyebrows, a thin nose, and light pink lips, a beautiful face, combined with an equally attractive body with a nigh-perfect Hourglass figure. Astaria was a top-class beauty, however, not many could appreciate her beauty because of the cold and fierce look in her eyes.

With just one look, it was clear, she was a dangerous woman. Far more dangerous than any woman Nux has ever met before.


Aisha Lust.

The First Demon Nux meets, a beauty with purple hair and purple eyes, a seductive smile on her face, as a Succubus, her features were slightly different from normal humans, her ears were slightly longer, she had two horns on her head and a pair of cute wings on her back that only made her more desirable.


Eisheth Lust

Aisha's Mother, and the Queen of all the Succubi.

An epitome of perfection. Just like her daughters, she had purple eyes and hair, however, that slightly curious and lazy expression on her face, a body with perfect curves, and round, upright breasts, long legs, and that… alluring stance…

All of that combined with the dignity of a Queen...

Eisheth was on a completely different level.


Melia Bloodheart.

Vampires, one of the most beautiful races in Yrneil.

Melia was a Vampire as well.

However, even by the standards of the Vampires, her beauty was on an entirely different level, long raven hair, hypnotic blood-red eyes, pale skin, slightly longer ears, and just like any other vampire, she had 2 sharp fangs.

A stoic face with a small nose, thin eyebrows, beautiful red eyes, and soft, delicious-looking pink lips, her pale skin was enhanced by the lovely black dress she wore, the way she carried a glass of wine in her hand, and her perfect hourglass body,

She was definitely different from others.


Ambrosia Bloodheart.

A woman with long white hair that nearly touched her knees, she wore a gothic purple gown, her steps were light, her figure was absolutely stunning, her pale skin, thin eyebrows, small nose, everything about her was… extremely beautiful, however, what captivated one the most were her eyes,

Under those long white eyelashes, her crimson eyes shined brightly, it felt like she had the power to look straight into one's soul with those eyes.

She is Melia's mother, and the Vampire with Royal Blood Flowing through her veins.



More characters will be updated after they are introduced, so look forward to it. Also, I won't be adding random side characters like Florence and Willa, if they appear more in the future, I might add them here, but right now, they haven't really appeared in the story and I certainly don't have any plans to add either.

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