Supreme Harem God System

[Supreme Harem God System.] This was the Cheat Nux Leander, the man who transmigrated to a cultivation world, received. In a cultivation world, this cheat system allowed Nux to skip the arduous process that takes years, decades, or even centuries. All Nux needed were his lovely wives. The stronger the wife, the more benefits he receives. “What? You are a 100-year-old Grand Master Stage Cultivator? And you call this Unparalleled Talent? Unparalleled Talent my Ass! I am 18 and I am already a King Stage Cultivator, get better bitch!” As ridiculous as it already was, Nux’s cheat did not end there. Cultivation Talent, Special Physiques, Bloodlines, his System could inherit them all! All he needed to do was seduce strong Women. Accompany Nux in his journey as he promotes himself from a mere mortal, to a boy toy of a Lonely Noble, and then to Emperor of the strongest Empire in the world! All while he gets stronger while spending time with his lovely wives. ... Do check out my other novel, Primordial Vampire God System If you want to read revenge, war, blood, gore, vampires, and, the Return of the Forgotten Blood Empire ... AI-Generated Cover. ... Discord: https://discord.gg/qZHRTHGdZG If the link does not work for some reason, DM me: SleepDeprivedSloth

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Cultivation Stages And The World Background. (Contains Spoilers)

Ways to get stronger in this world.

First and the most obvious,


There are two paths a cultivator can follow, Body Cultivation and the other is Mana Cultivation.

The Stages' names is the same for both of them.

So you have Advance Stage Mana Cultivator or Advance Stage Body Cultivator.


Apprentice (This is still a mortal, but a mortal who has started cultivating. You can ignore this, the System will treat it as mortal.)




Grand Master





The Second way to get stronger is Skills.

Now of course, Skills are divided into Tiers as well.

1-star Skills.

2-star Skills.

3-star Skills.

4-star Skills.

Of course, the better the Skill one has, the Stronger that person is.

Then comes the Third Way, it is pretty similar to the Second, instead of Skills, it depends on weapons.

1-star Weapons.

2-star Weapons.

3-star Weapons.

4-star Weapons.

Better the weapons, the stronger you are.

Now comes the Fourth Way, the Second and Third were kind of like Pay to Win.

This one requires effort.

Skills Mastery.

The Skill Mastery levels are.



Small Achievement.

Big Achievement.



Again, the higher the Mastery level, the stronger you are.

Also, if the Skill Mastery level is high enough, then given the condition, it is even possible to defeat an opponent whose cultivation is higher than one's own.

You can say that Skill Mastery is what differentiate between normal Cultivators and strong cultivators.

These are not the only ways to get stronger, there is one more left.


It depends on luck, but there are certain people who have different physiques than normal humans.

They can be termed monsters or prodigies or whatever.

Of course, physiques have different mastery levels as well,




A Beginner Stage Cultivator who has Advanced level Mastery over his physique could easily defeat a Grand Master Stage Cultivator, that is how absurd the physiques are.

So Physiques - good.

Welp, these are all the ways to get stronger.

Are there more?

Who knows?

I certainly don't know about it.

Hmm hmm, this is all about the human cultivation system.

Now we talk about Star Beasts Cultivation and Comparision with Human Cultivation.

1-star beasts - Beginner.

2-star beasts - Advance.

3-star beasts - Master.

4-star beasts - Grand Master.

5-star beasts - Expert.

6-star beasts - King.

7-star beasts - Emperor.

This is it.

Now, we move to the next topic.

The World and The Kingdoms.

This world only has one continent which is around 6000 km in the distance if you travel from one end to another, there were four kingdoms that ruled this continent, namely,

The Sky Fall Kingdom, where Nux lives.

The Kingdom Of Skadi.

The Solid Earth Kingdom.

The Woods Dynasty.

There were a few cultivation sects, but they were too weak in front of these large kingdoms and could only continue to exist if they submit to one of the kingdoms.

These four kingdoms were surrounded by the Blood Hill Wilderness, no one knew how deep or wide it was, but from what little information they have gained, the people divided it into 3 levels.

The outer area, the inner area, and the forbidden area.

The outer area was occupied by 1-3 star beasts.

The inner area was occupied by 3-5 star beasts.

As for the forbidden area… well it was forbidden to enter so no one knows about it.

Author's Note: There's a map in the comments, check it out for a reference.


A/N: Alright, this will be the much-awaited update for this chapter, I know, I should have done this sooner but me dum dum. But anyways, as they say, its never too late.

Anyways, first, the readers who haven't read like, first 700 chapters, don't read this, the info ahead is nothing you should bother yourself with.

As for the rest, well, let's start.

The new continent, Yrniel, brought many new things.

First I'll talk about the Cultivation Stages, (You guys keep asking for life expectancy so I will add that along with the stages as well.)

Beginner - Normal Human life expectancy.

Advance - Do normally live up to 100-110 years.

Master - 120-130 years

Grandmaster - 150 years

Expert - 200 years

King - 250 years

Emperor - 500 years

Sage - 1000 years

Great Sage - 2000 years

Semi Saint - 3000 years

Saint - 5000 years

Divine - 10000 years. (Yes, these people are pretty much immortals, Oldies they are.)


The Cultivation is still divided into two paths, Body and Mana Cultivation, unlike the Sealed continent, the people of Yrniel had Body Cultivators as well, and there are also the Seven Heroes who were known for being Complete Cultivators (Both Body and Mana Cultivator like Nux)

The Mana Skills have turned into Spells.

As for the Skills related to Body Cultivation, they aren't as common as the Spells and only low-level versions of those skills are available.

Now let's talk about other races,

There are







and Dragons.

The map of Yrniel, the main continent, I have uploaded in at many places but I will also upload it in the comments section of this chapter. If you can't find it, then just join the Discord server, things are more easily accessible there.

Anyways, I also wanted to talk about the different powers of Yrniel, but honestly, unlike the 4 simple Kingdoms in the sealed continent, the power division here isn't as simple. So I'll just give a brief description.

Humans, Beastmen and Elves live in the same continent called the United Continent, it is also the largest continent there is.

Humans have 3 Empires ruling the entire continent.

Beastmen have Beastmen Cities that are independent of human rules, each Beastmen race has its own city and they are spread all over the United Continent.

Elves live in the forests, forests where no Humans, Beastmen, or anyone, in general, is allowed to enter.

Demons live in the Lair of Demons or the Demon Continent, there are 42 Demon States, each led by a different type of Demon.

Vampires live in the Vampire Continent, this land is filled with strong Star Beasts and is one of the most dangerous places in the world, the Vampires, because of their dislike for the son, have built an underground Kingdom and live there under one Ruler, the Vampire King.

Dragons, well, not much is known about the dragons yet(Chapter 970), will update this when Nux learns about them.

Dwarves live in the Land of Dwarves, they are known for the artifact they create and have absolute control over the economy of Yrniel.

These are all the continents and the powers ruling over these continents and the entire Yrniel, however, there is one force that is not mentioned yet.

The Ancestral Order,

A Mysterious Force that even the world leaders respect. Their background, who they are, what they want, everything is a mystery that will be revealed in the later chapters.

Sighs~ this was long.