Starting as a Class Five Mutant

Syd Castell found himself transported to the Marvel universe, turning into a mutant held in a research facility. He was somewhat panicked... Luckily, at a critical moment, he awakened his mutant ability: 'Imitation,' allowing him to mimic the abilities of others! Imitation Targets: - Orochi (Titles: Sun God, Earth's Will) - Wanda (Titles: Scarlet Witch, Owner of Chaos Magic) ...Imitation Target → Sun God… … Professor X: "We must find him quickly and guide him in controlling his powers to prevent an irreversible catastrophe!" Magneto: "Are you my child???" Thor: "Brother?" Loki: "?" https://zaelumtranslations.com/ [+3 Extra Chapter FOR FREE] [Schedule: 1/Day]

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Chapter 30

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"Are you sure?!" Alexandro asked in surprise and doubt.

"Positive!" Captain Kenny nodded solemnly, "No. 37 indeed has acquired two new abilities; one can reflect bullets, and the other can emit a blue energy beam!"

Upon hearing this, Alexandro stroked his neatly trimmed beard, murmuring in surprise and suspicion, "That kid, could he have been hiding his strength and abilities?"

Although he thought so, he still felt something was amiss.

"No... His range of mutant abilities is still too vast..."

He had considered whether these abilities might be derivatives of a single mutant ability, like psychic powers giving rise to telepathy and mind control.

However, the abilities that the kid had shown didn't seem related at all.

"Let's just assume that the kid has mutated, gaining several abilities isn't that big of a deal."

After all, the kid had many abilities, but none particularly strong. Even if he had many, what difference would it make? In Alexandro's eyes, as long as he was willing to pay the price, he could easily take care of that kid, not a significant threat.

Unable to figure it out, Alexandro didn't dwell on it, his gaze sternly settling on George and another man, he said, "This doesn't change the fact that you've failed again."

"This time, you didn't just fail to capture him; you also lost a lot of men!"

Hearing this, Captain Kenny knew they would likely face punishment and hurriedly said, "Commander Alexandro, please give us one more chance!"

"I have already tested his limits; I am sure I can catch him next time!"


George and Alexandro, standing by, were slightly startled by his words.

"Oh, Captain Kenny, what do you mean?" George asked in surprise.

Noticing their gaze, Captain Kenny smiled slightly, saying, "I didn't understand when No. 37 escaped before, but now I've figured it out."

"At that time, No. 37 took down almost half of our men. With his abilities, it wouldn't have been hard to take down the rest."

"Yet, the kid didn't continue; instead, he left…"

With a laugh, he added, "You mean…" George, catching on, his eyes lit up.

Captain Kenny affirmed, "Yes, I suspect that the kid had reached his limit and couldn't sustain his abilities any longer!"

Considering this, George and Alexandro thought it over and agreed.

Indeed, judging by the kid's decisive attitude in killing before, if he could have continued, he would not have spared the remaining men and would have killed them on the spot!

That is to say, he had probably reached his limit at that moment, which forced him to retreat.

"You mean..." Alexandro frowned slightly.

Captain Kenny affirmed, "Just send more people next time to encircle him, and No. 37 definitely won't escape!"

"Having tested the kid's limits, plan it out, and he won't get away even if he had wings!"

Alexandro, seeing the logic, hesitated for a moment before deciding to give them another chance.

He nodded his head.

Seeing his agreement, Captain Kenny and George breathed a sigh of relief.

Just then, George suddenly thought of something and asked, "Commander, could we request a few giant sentinel robots?"

Captain Kenny also brightened up at the idea.

Alexandro shook his head, "The giant sentinel robots are still in development; some critical aspects haven't been breakthrough yet; we don't even have a finished product."

George and the other were a bit disappointed.

Looking at them, knowing they were somewhat unsure and wanted to secure some leverage, he instructed, "This time, you'll head to Base 2, call on a mutant known as 'Hound'; he can help you locate No. 37."

"Also, No.1 and No.5 will be joining you this time."

As he mentioned No.1 and No.5, his face couldn't help but show pride.

George and the other were stunned.

Hearing the name 'Hound', they knew what abilities that mutant had, and they were not surprised, but No.1 and No.5 stunned them.

Thinking of No.1 and No.5, their eyes showed both awe and fear.

No.5 with super-speed self-healing, energy bursts...

No.1 with metal body, enhanced strength, heightened senses, pulse interference...

These two were monsters, humanoid weapons!

Monsters born from their base's research!

From the numbers alone, the strength these two possessed was far more terrifying compared to No. 37.

Initially, Kenny had assessed that compared to No. 37, these two were the true mutants, possessing fearsome power!

Moreover, No.1 was known as the mutant nemesis, his pulse interference not only made electronic devices malfunction in his presence but also disrupted mutants' abilities rendering them ineffective!

So far, they had never encountered a mutant who wasn't affected by his interference!

With him around, even if No. 37 tried to run, he wouldn't get far; facing him, his abilities would be neutralized on contact!

Without his powers, No. 37 would be just a regular person; how could he resist then?

Realizing this, Kenny and the other couldn't help but show confident smiles.

Captain Kenny praised, "Compared to No.1 and No.5, No. 37 is really nothing; with them, we absolutely cannot fail!"

He couldn't even imagine failing, not just considering the pulse interference, but even the sheer power of No.1 and No.5 alone wasn't something No. 37 could handle!

No. 37 took some time just to deal with a dozen men, whereas No.1 and No.5 could probably dispose of them neatly within a minute!

And now that they had tested the kid's limits and had No.1 and No.5 on their side, how could they lose?

Captain Kenny couldn't see how.

Before dismissing the two, Alexandro also approved five sentinel spiders for assistance in the capture.

Then, he stayed in his office, quietly awaiting good news.

While they were discussing these matters, inside Base 23, both regular and mutant prisoners were whispering among themselves.

"Hey, have you heard? They still haven't caught No. 37!"

"Not only that, but he killed a lot of the people they sent after him!"

"I heard it was a dozen or so…"

The inmates shared the news they got from the guards.

"Really? They still haven't caught him? How is that possible? Does No. 37 really have that much strength?"

"I've seen that No. 37; he shouldn't be that strong, right?!"

"What kind of mutant power does he have, to kill so many people?"

(End of Chapter)