Starting as a Class Five Mutant

Syd Castell found himself transported to the Marvel universe, turning into a mutant held in a research facility. He was somewhat panicked... Luckily, at a critical moment, he awakened his mutant ability: 'Imitation,' allowing him to mimic the abilities of others! Imitation Targets: - Orochi (Titles: Sun God, Earth's Will) - Wanda (Titles: Scarlet Witch, Owner of Chaos Magic) ...Imitation Target → Sun God… … Professor X: "We must find him quickly and guide him in controlling his powers to prevent an irreversible catastrophe!" Magneto: "Are you my child???" Thor: "Brother?" Loki: "?" https://zaelumtranslations.com/ [+3 Extra Chapter FOR FREE] [Schedule: 1/Day]

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Chapter 29

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Thinking about the Sunburst, Syd shook his head. After sensing the remaining energy inside his body, he knew it was impossible to execute it now.

The battle had drained him, not just from the spatial transfers but from the energy expended to eliminate those ten or so people. His internal energy store was only enough for about forty uses of his abilities.

Moreover, it was nighttime, making the execution of Sunburst even more difficult. The last thing he wanted was to attempt it and end up completely drained. Even if he could execute it, he wouldn't be able to eliminate all of his pursuers at once.

It seemed that if he tried and exhausted his energy, he would be left helpless. "If only I had more photon energy, or if Sunburst was at level two!" Syd sighed to himself.

After sensing his remaining energy and noting that Logan and the others had left, he felt it was time for him to also make his exit.

[Black Particle Experience +1]

[Black Particle Experience +1]

Before leaving, he fired two black particles at a nearby Sentinel spider, completely destroying them to prevent any pursuit. After estimating the leftover photonic energy, he fired another black particle at a man, eliciting a scream.

[Black Particle Experience +1]

Without waiting for the furious Captain George and his men to react, Syd's figure blurred and vanished from the spot, reappearing ten meters away. After several more flickers, he completely disappeared from everyone's view.

George and Kenny, with grim expressions, hesitated for a moment but did not order a pursuit.

"Damn it!" Captain Kenny cursed through gritted teeth.

They had let that kid escape again! If it weren't for his hidden abilities, they could have captured him this time. Thinking about these hidden abilities, even he couldn't help but be astonished.

"Damn, how many abilities does this kid have?" he cursed.

Captain George felt similarly bewildered, wondering how that kid was so different, possessing so many mutant abilities…

"I think this time the kid must have reached his limit!" George managed a strained smile.

Captain Kenny hesitated but eventually nodded, sighing, "Another failure. We need to think about how to explain this to Alessandro."

George's expression soured.

It wasn't really their fault; it was that the kid had again shown new powers! Just then, they heard Irina comforting the audience.

"Dear viewers, it seems our capture operation has failed, but don't be discouraged. That mutant fugitive won't escape for long."

"After all, he's just one person. How can he contend with the government?"

"It won't be long before he's captured!"

Irina smiled sweetly, trying to calm the viewers.

Some viewers, initially fearful of mutants, relaxed a little.

Right, that mutant is powerful, but how could he possibly stand against the government? If the military had been deployed, he would have been captured already!

Many people relaxed thinking this.

Listening to Irina's comforting words, George and Kenny felt even worse.

A good operation to capture a mutant and show that mutants weren't that scary had turned into this? Now, wasn't it blatantly telling everyone that mutants are terrifying? That they couldn't defeat a mutant?

Thankfully, Irina's final words salvaged some dignity for them, and they too felt it made sense.

After all, how could one person escape their grasp? Though they hadn't captured him now, he would surely be caught eventually!

Some mutants watching the live stream, initially happy for their fellow mutant's escape, felt a twinge of worry at these words.

Professor X and Magneto had different thoughts now.

Professor X wondered if they could find the boy and hide him to avoid the storm, while Magneto thought about going to meet him and teach the humans a lesson!

[Spatial Transfer Experience +1]

After escaping the area, Syd breathed a sigh of relief.

"I'll let you off this time!"

Thinking about the two leaders, a glint flashed in his eyes.

Then, sensing his nearly depleted photonic energy, his face showed a hint of helplessness.

The energy inside him was still insufficient; otherwise, he could have resolved those people completely.

"This time, their heavy losses should buy me some development time…"

Syd looked forward to the daylight, eager to continue practicing his abilities, aiming to level up Sunburst to level two and the black particles and other abilities to level three! By then, if he encountered those people again, he wouldn't even need to run; he could easily defeat them!

Just as he was filled with anticipation, Syd paused, remembering Logan and the others who had fled.

"Where did they escape to?"

After thinking for a while, he decided to head towards Chris's house.

Forty minutes later, he heard a call from a distance.

"Hey, Kevin, over here!"

Otto called out from afar.

Syd looked closely and saw a man waving at him in the distance; Logan and the others were also there.

Dragging his tired body, Syd quickly ran over.

"Follow me!"

Otto led him towards a manhole cover near a sewer entrance, opened it, and climbed down first, followed by Logan and the others.

Syd hesitated for a moment before covering the manhole and slowly climbing down.

Just a short way down, he was surprised to find a whole different world below.

In the dim, damp environment, a makeshift dwelling was set up not far away.

Otto looked at Valentine and said, "We built this a while back, originally as a place to stay in case we needed to escape…"

He paused, then laughed wryly, "But now it's just as well, it's coming in handy."

After introducing the place, including Otto, everyone looked at Syd with astonishment.

"Who exactly are you?" Valentine, who had regained some consciousness, couldn't help but ask.

Logan appeared amazed.

Otto and Chris, too, looked at him with a strange expression, viewing him differently.

Syd didn't know how to respond.

At that moment, Wolverine Logan said dryly, "Kid, you sure have a lot of abilities."

"You said you only had teleportation?"

He looked at Syd with an odd expression.

Syd felt a bit awkward and tried to explain, "I didn't say I only had teleportation, just that I could do it…"

Despite his explanation, Logan and the others still looked at him as if he were a creature.

Especially Logan, Otto, and Valentine.

Previously, they had found him mysterious because of his detailed recounting of Logan's exploits. After the recent battle, they found the young man even more unfathomably mysterious.

They were all curious about his identity, origins, and abilities.

Then, Chris, who had been silent, spoke up, "Is this what you meant by hiding a bit of your power?"

"From the time we met until now, you've shown nearly six abilities. Does that mean you have at least six abilities?"


Logan and the others, who thought they knew the young man well, were utterly dumbfounded.

Six abilities?

Not just what they had seen before but others hidden as well?

Their expressions changed, and they were even more shocked.

Who exactly was this young man?

Why did he know so many secrets?

As a mutant, how could he have so many abilities?!

At that moment, a string of questions popped into their minds.

Syd didn't know how to answer, so he simply repeated something he had told Chris before.

"As a mutant, I must be cautious, so I hid some of my abilities."

"That's just a bit?" Chris asked incredulously, scratching his head, "You kid…"

Suddenly, he asked, "Kid, are you hiding anything else?"

"What level mutant are you?"

"Level three or four?"

Not just him, but even Logan couldn't help but wonder.

As for level five, they didn't even consider that possibility.

Syd coughed awkwardly, unsure how to respond.

He changed the subject, "How long do you plan to stay here?"

Looking around at the poor environment, Otto replied, "We'll wait until things calm down outside before we can leave. It should take a few days. It's too dangerous to go out now."

Logan and the others nodded.

Hearing this, Syd glanced at them and then said, "I might leave here tomorrow."


"You're crazy?" Otto exclaimed in shock, "Aren't you afraid of being caught if you go out like this?"

"Listen, kid…" Wolverine Logan also couldn't help but interject, wanting to persuade him.

Before he could finish, Syd said, "Staying here makes no sense for me. Even if I don't leave, those people will find this place soon."

"And they're after me, not you. It's better for you if I leave."

Of course, the most important reason was that the place was too dark. Without sunlight, how could he enhance his powers? If he really stayed here without improving his powers, that would truly be courting death!

After some persuasion, seeing that his mind was made up, they could only look at him with complex expressions.

Time passed quickly, and soon it was the next day.

Absorbing the little sunlight that came through the manhole, Syd's energy began to recover.

Ten minutes later…

Nodding at Logan and the others, Syd's figure blurred and vanished from the sewer.

Watching his figure disappear, the others showed a trace of concern.

After yesterday's events, the pursuit of Kevin would definitely intensify, and they wondered if he could evade capture…

In a secluded alley, Syd's figure suddenly appeared.

Quickly scanning the surroundings to ensure no one else was around, he hurriedly left the area.

As he searched for a new hiding place, he saw how extensive their power was.

On the streets, people were stationed at regular intervals, seemingly looking for suspicious individuals.

Syd frowned, opting to rely on spatial transfers to move around.

[Spatial Transfer Experience +1]

[Spatial Transfer Experience +1]

After nearly half an hour, he found a secluded spot that was also sunlit.

Once his energy was fully restored, he heard the long-awaited notification sound.

[Photon Energy +1]

[Photon Energy +1]

[Photon Energy +1]

Taking advantage of the time to collect light energy, Syd experimented with some things.

[Rebound Shield Experience +1]

[Rebound Shield Experience +1]

In the blink of an eye, two invisible rebound shields appeared around him.

When Syd tried to summon a third rebound shield, he frowned.


He had a feeling that a third rebound shield might require the rebound shield to be at level three.

"I originally thought about deploying several rebound shields to completely protect myself, but it seems I was thinking too much."

After testing the rebound shield, he focused on his other abilities.

Soon, his attention was drawn to Sunburst.

[Ability: Sunburst (23/100) Level 1]

"First, I'll level up Sunburst to level two, then raise the black particles to level three. By then, the range of Sunburst and the range of the black particles should both be enhanced!"

The next second, a dazzling light appeared on him, accompanied by the notification sound.

[Sunburst Experience +1]

[Sunburst Experience +1]

[Sunburst Experience +1]

As Syd worked hard to enhance his abilities, at Base 23, after dealing with the wounded and having a sleepless night, George and another person nervously knocked on the office door of the base commander, Alessandro.

"Come in."

Alessandro's deep voice sounded.

Captain George and the other person entered tentatively, startled by the intense gaze of Commander Alessandro staring at them as they walked in.

Sitting in his chair, dressed in a black and white suit and with a slicked-back hairdo, Alessandro looked grim and sharp-eyed as he eyed the two men entering.

"Failed again?" he asked darkly.

Captain George and his companion took a deep breath, reluctantly nodding.

"You two are really useless. With so many people, you can't even catch a simple Number 37!"

"Do you know how many calls I've received about this?"

"You two are incompetent!"

Alessandro angrily slammed his desk and threw a water cup at them.

Bang! The water cup struck George, causing him great pain, but he dared not make a sound.

Seeing the commander's anger slightly appeased, Captain Kenny hurriedly explained the situation.

"Commander, there's something very wrong with Number 37!"


Alessandro signaled him to continue.

Captain Kenny quickly summarized the battle and mentioned the enhancement of Number 37's abilities, even revealing that he had displayed two additional mutant powers!

"What did you say?" Alessandro's face showed a look of shock.

(End of Chapter)