Starting as a Class Five Mutant

Syd Castell found himself transported to the Marvel universe, turning into a mutant held in a research facility. He was somewhat panicked... Luckily, at a critical moment, he awakened his mutant ability: 'Imitation,' allowing him to mimic the abilities of others! Imitation Targets: - Orochi (Titles: Sun God, Earth's Will) - Wanda (Titles: Scarlet Witch, Owner of Chaos Magic) ...Imitation Target → Sun God… … Professor X: "We must find him quickly and guide him in controlling his powers to prevent an irreversible catastrophe!" Magneto: "Are you my child???" Thor: "Brother?" Loki: "?" https://zaelumtranslations.com/ [+3 Extra Chapter FOR FREE] [Schedule: 1/Day]

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Chapter 31

[Here's The Winner!!]

All the prisoners, both regular and mutant, showed expressions of shock.

They had been discussing and betting on when Prisoner 37 would be caught. Most believed he would be apprehended within a day or two, but now...

They were informed that the very person they had been gossiping about, the one they were eagerly anticipating to be captured, not only escaped but also killed a group of people chasing him?

That strong? How could he be that strong?

Nearly a hundred prisoners found it hard to believe and felt incredulous.

At this moment, a prisoner named Claude shouted, "You must be joking! Does 37 have that kind of power?"

"Are you messing with us?"

"Even I, Number 20, wouldn't dare claim I could kill several armed guys!"

The prisoners all nodded in agreement, feeling that Claude's words made sense.

In an instant, many skeptical eyes turned to the person who had revealed the news.

Even the freckled young man who had spoken to Syd before now found it hard to believe what he was hearing.

If you're going to lie, at least make it believable!

Feeling the doubts, the informant, Jeffrey, became anxious and said, "Damn it, I swear I'm not lying!"

He explained, "I heard that Number 37 has more than five mutant abilities, which allowed him to kill those pursuers!"

As soon as he finished speaking, the room fell silent, and everyone showed expressions of disbelief.

At this moment, they thought Jeffrey must have lost his mind to say something so outrageous!

More than five abilities? How could that be possible!

It's not just the regular prisoners who didn't believe it; even the mutants scoffed, thinking it was impossible.

How could someone have more than five abilities? Is that even a mutant?

Mutants wondered why someone among them would be so special.

Their disbelief didn't last long, as it was soon broken by another prisoner who had asked a friendly guard and received the same answer!

Everyone was stunned.

At the same time, they felt envy and jealousy.

However, this feeling didn't last long and was soon replaced by schadenfreude and pity as another piece of news spread.

Numbers One and Five, two monsters in special confinement and severely brainwashed, were being sent to capture Number 37?

"Number 37 is done for!"

"Those two are monsters; no one can beat them!"

"Number Five is unkillable; even if you smash his head, he won't die. And Number One is even worse..."

Mentioning Number One, most of the mutant prisoners showed expressions of disgust, both fearful and eager to kill him.

During the pulse interference, they didn't want to experience the feeling of being powerless again!

Knowing these two were sent, the prisoners started betting on how long it would take to capture Number 37. Most bet three days, a few bet a week, but none thought he could escape.

Some even believed that fragile Number 37 would die at the hands of Numbers One and Five!

While the prisoners were busy discussing, far away in a remote corner, Syd Castell was diligently practicing "Sunshine."

[Sunshine Experience +1]

[Sunshine Experience +1]

[Sunshine Experience +1]

With each practice session, the experience bar of "Sunshine" increased at a steady pace.

As the sun began to set and the sky darkened, Syd stopped and looked at his status panel.

[Ability: Sunshine (98/100) Level 1]

Syd was initially pleased, then frowned.

"Just two more points?"

Sensing his internal energy, he hesitated.

With his current energy, he could perform "Sunshine" two more times, but...

"If I use it all, I'll have little light energy left. What if I encounter pursuers then..."

Syd shook his head, abandoning the idea of upgrading immediately.

Since only two points were left, he could wait until the next morning.

Thinking this, Syd felt a sense of anticipation.

He left his current spot, looking for a hidden place to rest.

The night passed quickly without any incidents.

[Photon Energy +1]

[Photon Energy +1]

[Photon Energy +1]

Groggy, Syd was awakened by the sound of notifications.

Feeling the energy filling his body, he eagerly began to practice the reduced version of "Sunshine."

[Sunshine Experience +1]

[Sunshine Experience +1]

With the final notification, Syd Castell immediately felt a change within himself.

[Ability: Sunshine (0/500) Level 2]

A familiar warm current flowed through his body, causing an itchy sensation as if something was changing.

When the feeling subsided, Syd found it easier to control the special sunlight of "Sunshine."

Looking up at the bright sky, he focused his mind.

In the next moment, the sunlight within a 20-meter radius slightly distorted.

Syd quickly stopped the action.

"About 20 meters, huh..."

Syd felt a bit disappointed.

Despite his slight disappointment, compared to the level 1 "Sunshine," he could accept this improvement.

At level 1, he could barely cover half a room, but now, he could cover 20 meters!

And this 20 meters was based on his current energy levels!

The maximum range of level 2 "Sunshine" wasn't just 20 meters; his limited energy was holding him back from fully using it!

"When the black particles upgrade to level 3 and my energy increases, how much further will the range of 'Sunshine' extend?"

Syd's eyes gleamed with anticipation.

Compared to levels 1 and 2, level 3 represented a qualitative change, bringing even more energy!

As for now...

Sensing the gradually replenishing energy in his body, Syd silently estimated.

Besides "Sunshine," he could use his other abilities around fifty times!

If it was level 1 abilities, he could even use them over a hundred times, enough to fight intensely for two or three minutes!

Thinking about his level 1 abilities, Syd glanced at his status panel and found none remained at level 1; they had all been upgraded to level 2.

Noticing the sparse energy points on the panel, his attention turned to the unlocking progress.

(Unlocking Progress 79%)

"I wonder if reaching 80% will grant me new abilities?"

"Flight or something else?"

Syd felt a surge of anticipation.

Would the abilities obtained later be even more powerful?

With this in mind, he decided not to continue practicing his abilities for now, planning to focus on reaching 80% unlocking progress first!

Under the sunlight, a series of notifications echoed in his ears.

[Photon Energy +1]

[Photon Energy +1]

[Photon Energy +1]

(End of Chapter)