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Sin of Kin


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What is it, the first thing that come to one's mind upon hearing such a Sinful word... "Devil"? Those who are arrogant, greedy, envious, full of lust, and wrath - an embodiment of pure evil. How about "Human" then? Those who are annoying, obnoxious, horrible, rude, arrogant, immoral, muddle, scornful, violent, threatening, breaking rules, ravaging and hurting others out of greed and selfishness. Yet nobody has ever claimed that Humans are much better Kin than those Devil's are, however in linear perspective... Humans are much worse than them - such an inevitable disillusionment indeed. There is no such thing as "Craftiness" on the list of Seven Deadly Sins. The Devils will never pretend to be a friend, the Devils will never stab in the back. They are the archetype of enemies who will launch a frontal attack - upfront openly. As for Humans, they will do everything they can to fulfill their limitless ego and boundless desires; deceiving, exploiting, poisoning, tricking, and eventually... outrightly stabbing in the back. Enemies inside the blankets those Humans really are, who dare not show their real faces and tend to wear various kinds of inscrutable masks. And from there, such a common misinterpretation, the crimson thread will begin to roll... casting its shades of gray, painting the white void of canvas. A Devil who thinks her kin is the most wicked, cruel, and vile... setting forth her steps to set her feet into the mortal world with its variance of probabilities, mostly sourced from another being with its somewhat infamous tittle - Humans - whom sadly this Devil doesn't truly know anything about. Or perhaps it is the contrary reality that plays the role of innocence, acting as an antithetical response for the Devil's fortunate reality? Nevertheless, this curious Devil decided to initiate her little expedition into the mortal world overpopulated by the Human's Kin, getting to know them more closely by leaving behind her Kin she believes the cruelest. Perhaps it would be a wise opening move if the first thing she learned about humans, was their old adage, Such as, "Curiosity killed the cat."


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