Shigaraki in Marvel

Read about a teenagers descent into madness and destruction as he faces the reality of the marvel world. Not only does he face the reality of marvel but also fights with it hand to hand, read about him versus the rest of the world.

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It had been nearly 3 months since he met Samuel Sterns, it had been a boring 3 months.

All he had been doing is training, research then sleeping and repeating. He and Sterns rented out a small warehouse on the bad side of town, rent was easy to pay and with Tomura living there 24/7 it's security was top of the line.

Sterns was here almost as much as him, they used the money from Fisk to buy extra equipment and turn the warehouse into a lab.

Tomura had gone on some 'Mini Heists' as Sterns had called them, the heists mainly consisted on expensive ingredients and some overly expensive pieces of equipment.

Sterns hasn't seemed to make much progress on some sort of serum.

Turns out super serum is quite a bit harder than he thought. He apparently can't just inject himself with Hulks blood, according to Sterns that would only kill him but if it didn't it would also mutilate him.

Tomuras not a fan of that.

On another note he had recently changed his cloak, his red one was fine but he had found one that suits him far better.

A simple, thin black one that perfectly fit his frame, also didn't overheat as much as the thicker red one.

Tomura sighed, he was bored.

"Sam" Tomura said as he walked past the man "I'm going to explore, be back soon" the black cloak flapped in his wake.

Sam nodded and continued running gamma serums against Tomuras DNA, hoping to find some sort of enhancer.


Tomura found himself walking about a half abandoned group of warehouses, and abandoned half built factories.

If he can one day gain his own resources, maybe he can buy this entire thing. He thought to himself as he walked through the silent buildings.

His silent exploring was however quickly interrupted by a glowing orange portal opening ten feet in front of him.

Tomuras eyes went wide and he dropped to one knee with his palm hovering above the ground.

A bald woman came strolling through the sparking portal. "Tomura Shigaraki" the woman said as she took two steps towards the teenager.

"Oh, I forgot you hadn't taken that last name yet." She said almost teasingly, as the portal fizzled out behind her.

His eyebrows furrowed "Who are you?" His palm was hovering only inches above the concrete below.

"I, am The Ancient One" she nodded and took another step closer. "I am a sorcerer, a very good one at that. But I need some help"

Tomura hummed "Why should I help you? I don't even know you" The Ancient one laughed quietly as she kept in eye contact with him.

"Oh, we know one another, just not yet" She turned around and opened another portal, without hesitation on her part she walked through it.

He slowly stood, his eyes scanned his surroundings and he took steps towards the glowing portal. On the other side he could see a red sky, the place seemed to have almost a dozen moons from what little he could see.

His curiosity got the better of him and he stepped through, he looked back and noticed the portal closed behind him.

He felt a tinge of worry in his chest start to bloom.

The Ancient One was waiting for him as she stood on the edge of a cliff overlooking a massive barbaric looking settlement.

Spiked wooden walls, dozens of human bodies all lining the walls as some sort of intimidation.

He squinted, the people in the settlement were odd, they were a extremely dark purple with 4 arms and instead of hair they had dark horns that sprouted from their heads with grace.

"You see them? They are the demons of this dimension" the settlement was massive, truly massive in scale. "They have recently discovered portals, akin to humans discovering flame"

"They are a naturally strong and barbaric race of demon, one of the portals they have found coincidentally leads straight to a cave in Vietnam." The Ancient Ones eyes narrowed to slits.

"The race didn't even pretend to act civil to the humans they found, they slaughtered and ate them, anyone they didn't eat they skewered onto the gates"

The Ancient One turned to him "This, is why you're here, I could destroy the settlement but it means I miss meeting a very important fellow for the future, it also means that if I wait more humans will die"

"So I ask you Tomura Shigaraki, will you kill these beasts" She asked as her eyes met his burning red ones.

Tomuras head was racing.

The idea he could go down and use his ability, truly let go for the first time in a while.

Well that was worth killing some barbaric race.

The Ancient One already somehow knew his answer as a portal suddenly opened behind her. "A portal will open for you when your done, I need to meet that man now" she nodded towards him and went through the portal.

This settlement must have had nearly a hundred thousand demons in. He was going to have to kill nearly a hundred thousand.

Why was he excited.

Why was his blood pumping and his heart beating so fast, why did his pupils dilate at the chance and his palms itched to suddenly touch the dark purple dirt below the settlement.

The cliff overlooking the settlement was almost directly above the barbaric city. All he had to do was drop and then he can revel in his bloodshed.

He stepped closer to the edge, and then another step.

All it took was one more step.

He took a deep breath.

He took that step.

His body fell through the air, his cloak flapped behind his exultant form like a pair of demonic wings, his arms were spread to the side as he crashed into the ground below with a smash.

The demons came running but couldn't see his form due to how much dust had risen.

When the dust had fallen they were able to see the shape lounging across from them on a large rock.

His pure white hair blew in the wind, he looked otherworldly.

His cloak billowed behind him in an invisible wind.

Some of the demons watched in awe, some in anger, some in fear, some watched in Hunger.

"Your fates have been decided" is what he said, they didn't understand. He knew they wouldn't but it just felt right for them to hear some last words.

His hand brushed the rock beneath him.

The sound was almost cataclysmic as rocks gave way and buildings collapsed ontop of one another.

He heard screaming, not for long though.

Within a second every demon looking at him was dust within 5 half the city was gone and in 10.

Everything was gone.

He stood from his perch of untouched land and looked down where the demons used to be.

"That's it?" He asked the air as he looked around him.

"No hero, no nothing, no one trying to avenge them" He waited for something, anything.

"Just gone"