57 Chapter 53: Picnic (Part 2)

Haley then immediately called Ryan the moment she reached her room.

When Haley picks up her phone and dials Ryan's number, the scene quickly transitions to Ryan sitting beside Alex inside his dad's car.

Ryan's phone suddenly starts ringing, and he picks it up to find the contact is Sarah Hyland.

Yes, that's right, Ryan saved Haley's number by the actress's real name. He felt it was the best way to hide the fact that he had Haley's number.

Why did he hide the number? He hid it as he didn't know how Alex would react if she knew he occasionally talked with Haley.

There was no other reason. It definitely wasn't like Ryan was dating both sisters at the same time. Now that would have been wild.

He just felt it would be a very awkward conversation if Alex found her boyfriend had her sister's number on speed dial.

Ryan, who was zoning out, was soon woken up by Nathan.

Nathan on the wheel, "Ryan, your phone has been ringing. Aren't you going to pick it up?"

Ryan quickly responded by picking up the phone.

Ryan - "Hi."

Haley - "It is just as you said she fo..llows...ing rig..ht be..hind you..."

Phil, who had stopped Haley from speaking, quickly grabbed her phone and cut the call.

Ryan - "Hello?"


Alex - "What happened? Who was it?"

Ryan - "A prank call, I guess, but they messed up the line, so they ended the call."

Alex - "Oh"

Ryan, after answering Alex, quickly started thinking about what Haley was trying to say. Then it clicked.

The only reason Haley would call today was if Claire decided to do something crazy like follow them. Ryan then immediately looked behind and soon spotted Claire's car.

Ryan, in his mind, "I knew it. There is no way things would be so easy. Unfortunately for you, Claire, I have seen this show far too many times to not think about this scenario."

At this time, a Jojo meme describing his situation also popped into his brain. It was the "You may have outsmarted me, but I outsmarted your outsmarting."

Ryan then proceeded to pick up his phone again and directly dialed the culprit behind everything, Mrs. Dunphy, aka Claire.

The scene then transitions to Claire driving in her car. Claire looked at her phone and, seeing Ryan on it, couldn't help but be shocked.

Out of cautiousness, however, she decides to ignore the call instead of making up a fake story for her cover.

As Claire was looking at Nathan's car, she saw Ryan suddenly turn around and wave at her with his phone in his left hand.

Knowing her cover was busted, she quickly picked up the phone to clarify the situation before it worsened.

Ryan - "Hi there, what a pleasant surprise to see you right behind us, Claire."

Alex heard Claire's name and looked behind to find that her own mother had been trailing them.

Claire - "Listen, Ryan, I can explain."

Ryan - "Uh, no, you listen to me. Why don't we pull over in the next bus parking and have a little chat."

After a few awkward minutes, a bus parking finally showed up, and both Nathan and Claire pulled up at it.

Unfortunately for the Ryan family, this awkwardness was just about to escalate even more.

Ryan told his parents to sit inside and that this was a matter between Alex, him, and Claire.

Although Nathan tried to argue upon Alex's request, he and Amanda decided to stay quiet and wait in the car.

Alex and Ryan then headed towards Claire's Sienna, and Claire quickly got out and headed towards them.

Claire - "Look, I know what it looks like, but I was just heading to the supermarket and happened to encounter you guys."

Before Ryan could counter Claire, it was Alex who opposed her.

Alex - "Likely story."

Claire - "No, I am telling the truth."

Ryan - "Claire, don't give me that. Do you really think you can fool a master in writing tales and fiction?"

Claire was left speechless.

Alex - "I knew you were paranoid, but I didn't expect this."

Ryan - "Hey Alex, don't talk to your mom like that. She might be a creep who would follow her own daughter, but she did it cause she cares about it."

Claire - "Yes, see Ryan get me."

Ryan - "For goodness sake, Claire, I was being sarcastic."

Alex - "You know what, mom, I can't be bothered with this right now. Ryan, let's just go. We will deal with this when we get back."

Ryan - "Yeah, I don't wanna spoil your mood anymore. You head back. I want to have some last few words with your mom."

Alex started leaving, but Ryan stayed behind with Claire.

Claire - "Listen, Ryan."

Ryan - "No, you listen to me. Do you know, you are so predictable that I knew you would end up following us."

"Here is some advice for the future if you ever decide to go undercover, at least do some research for your background story. There isn't a mall or supermarket in the next ten miles."

Claire - "I..."

Ryan - "Also, you really said, you know what? I am going undercover, but I will use my own freaking car. Come on, Claire, that, like spy 101."

"Anyways, I don't even get creeped out at this point. I find it quite normal, as in my books. You are already an uptight mom who needs control."

Claire - "Wait, so you aren't upset?"

Ryan - "No, 'cause I know this is how your character is. I mean your personality. Yeah, that's what I meant."

"Anyhow, if I am upset or not doesn't matter as you have to deal with Alex, not me, for this stunt of yours."

Ryan then headed back, and Nathan drove the car back on track to their destination, Angles National Forest.

Meanwhile, Claire was left alone on the street, wondering about the life choices leading to her standing there alone with no one by her side.

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