Script Writing System In Modern Family

An ordinary young adult of the age 20, Ryan was reborn in the modern family universe. His cheat allowed him access to ready-made scripts for movies and tv shows as long as he participated in the modern family plot. He could get system points through which he could buy scripts. Not to mention that although he was born into a relatively wealthy family, the system will also provided him with a minimum wage, which would automatically improves as his net worth increases. With so many ways of making money, Ryan decided he didn't want to be ordinary in this life and walked down the path of a legendary scriptwriter.

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Chapter 42: Movie Set Visit

Within a day, Nathan managed to arrange a meeting with Paramount executives. They were quite happy that Ryan wanted to pitch a project to them.

The negotiation was very smooth. There weren't many hassles, and Ryan got all he could have asked for.

Negotiation Details -

Mr. Bean season 1 was sold for 85,000 an episode. With an additional clause of Paramount providing a 2 million dollar bonus if the show hit over 10 million in viewership.

Ryan even managed to get a clause for a 20 million viewership which Paramount considered a complete joke but allowed due to his age.

The clause would allow Ryan to be entitled to an additional 5 million dollars in total if the show hit 20 million viewership.

In the case of Aliens, Ryan managed to get 165,000 dollars for the script and a 7 percent box office share.

There was a very valid reason why Paramount was so generous, as Ryan promised them something very important.

He promised them that he would write at least one big production movie like Mission Impossible for Paramount in the future.

Ryan didn't forget to recommend Rowan Atkinson for Mr. Bean and Anne Hathaway for Ellen Ripley.

Paramount decided to consider Rowan Atkinson and give an audition to Anna Hathaway.

After all, Mr Bean was a low-budget show, but Aliens was a eleven million budget movie.

While sitting in the car toward the ride home with his dad. Ryan suddenly received a phone call from Marcus.

Ryan - "Hi Marcus, what's up?"

Marcus - "Hey Ryan, are you free today?"

Ryan - "Yeah, I am, but currently, I am outside. I had a pitch meeting to attend, so."

Marcus - "Who with?"

Ryan - "Paramount."

Marcus - "I see, anyways I wanted to ask if you would like to visit the set."

Ryan - "Why, what's up?"

Marcus - "Nothing. It would be fun to see your creation come to life. Plus, we did promise Danielle Panabaker that she would get a chance to meet you."

Ryan - "Oh yeah, I remember that. I guess I will come. After all, it is the weekend, and I would love to see how a movie gets shot in person."

Marcus - "All right then, I will text you the location."

Ryan - "Okay, send me location."

Nathan - "What's up?"

Ryan - "It was Marcus. He wanted to ask if I could come to the movie set and meet the cast."

Nathan - "Oh, do you want to go?"

Ryan - "Can I please go? I want to see how filming works and stuff."

Nathan - "All right, you can go but be back by six at the latest."

Ryan - "Yes, I will make sure of it."

Nathan - "Okay, so let uncle John drop me off. Then he can accompany you on the set."

Ryan - "Got it."

Ryan knew this would happen. After all, a parent couldn't just leave their 13-year-old son outside without any adult to accompany him.

Cut to on movie set.

Ryan got out of his car with uncle John and finally met up with Marcus.

Ryan - "Wow, it's so huge."

Marcus - "Welcome your first ever movie set."

"Someone bring Ryan and his guest a seat."

Ryan - "I can't wait to see what it looks like in reality."

Marcus - "Don't worry, you won't be disappointed."

One of the movie crew finally brings a chair for Ryan and John.

Marcus - "All right, everyone places."

After a few minutes, everything is ready and in order.

Marcus - "3, 2, 1 action."

(For reference Danielle Panabaker plays the role of Alice. While Jared Padalecki plays the role of Jack)

Marcie, Ned, and Jack are seen riding in a red camper van.

Ned - "Hey a Marcie."

Marcie - "What?"

Ned - "You think there will be another gorgeous woman at Camp Crystal Lake. Beside yourself."

Marcie - "Sex is all you ever think about, Ned? Huh"

Ned - "Hey, no, no, absolutely not."

Jack - "Ha"

Ned - "Sometimes I also think about kissing a woman."

Jack - "Ow."

The red camper van starts entering Camp Crystal lake.

Marcus - "Cut, that was perfect."

Ryan - "That looked very much like what I imagined the scene to be. Good job."

Marcus - "Thanks."

"All right, on to the next scene."

The red camper van arrives inside the camp.

Steve - "Hey, wanna give me a hand over here?"

Ned pulls over and stops. Then all three rush towards Steve.

Steve - "Alice?"

Alice is seen coming out of a wooden cabin towards Steve.

Steve - "Alice."

Alice - "Coming."

The trio of Ned, Marcus, and Marcie help Steve push over the bark of a tree.

Everyone then shakes hands with Steve and does a self-introduction.

Steve - "Welcome to camp Crystal lake. This is Alex."

Alice - "Steve, cabin b is already."

Steve - "Listen, where is Bill? Has he finished cleaning up the old house yet?"

Alice - "I don't know. I haven't seen him in the past half an hour."

Steve - "Aw, I want him to start cleaning right away. What about Bree Brena? Damn, what was the name again?"

Marcus - "Cut cut, take five."

"So Ryan, how are you finding watching your creation come to life for the first time."

Ryan - "It's really exciting, I won't lie. Seeing the characters being played in person is amazing."

Danielle Panabaker - "Uh, Marcus, who is this kid on our set?"

Marcus - "Oh dear, I just remembered I forgot to introduce you to the main cast now, didn't I."

"This is Ryan, the writer of our movie."

Danielle Panabaker - "What?"

Ryan - "Yeah, nice to meet you."

"Marcus, aren't you going to introduce me to everyone?"

Marcus - "Ah yes, so I don't think I need to introduce Dani and Jared over there."

Ryan - "Of course not, hi."

Jared - "Hello."

Marcus - "So this is Jeannine Taylor. She plays Marcie, and this is Mark Nelson. He plays Ned."

Ryan - "Oh, hi."

Jeannine and Mark - "Hi."

Danielle - "Is he really the writer?"

Marcus - "Of course, we wouldn't pull some sort of prank now, would we?"

Danielle - "I knew he was young, but this is a literal child."

Marcus - "A child who at 13 managed to write and even get his movie produced."

Ryan - "Come on, Marcus, don't hype me up. I am a humble script writer with six works being currently produced by three different studios."

Danielle - "S.i..x?"

Ryan - "Actually, now that you mention it, technically, seven works if you count my book that's about to be published in December."

(Author Note: In the future, Negotiations will probably appear like in this chapter. After all, I can't always write a negotiation chapter. If I did, there would be hundreds of Negotiation chapters in this book.)