Script Writing System In Modern Family

An ordinary young adult of the age 20, Ryan was reborn in the modern family universe. His cheat allowed him access to ready-made scripts for movies and tv shows as long as he participated in the modern family plot. He could get system points through which he could buy scripts. Not to mention that although he was born into a relatively wealthy family, the system will also provided him with a minimum wage, which would automatically improves as his net worth increases. With so many ways of making money, Ryan decided he didn't want to be ordinary in this life and walked down the path of a legendary scriptwriter.

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Chapter 40: Ryan and Alex sitting on a tree?

Ryan took a quick shower and changed in the locker room after the game.

Exiting the locker room, he found Alex awkwardly waiting for his arrival.

Ryan - "I hope I didn't make you wait too long."

Alex - "Nope, not at all."

Ryan and Alex then started walking toward the school exit.

Alex - "So, congrats on winning your first game here."

Ryan - "Thanks. I couldn't have done it without you."

Alex - "Come on, it was all you. I didn't help at all."

Ryan - "Seeing you on the sideline was all the motivation I needed."

Alex blushes as Ryan is clearly flirting with her.

Alex changes the topic and says, "Thanks again for giving me a ride home."

Ryan - "Oh, come on, it's the least I could do. After all, you stayed just to watch me."

Alex blushes and replies, "What? No, I like basketball."

Ryan - "As if anytime I start talking about it, I can clearly see you instantly get bored."

Alex - "Maybe I don't like talking about basketball but like watching someone play."

Ryan - "I see. I guess you learn something new every day."

Alex - "Hey, that's a nice quote. Where did you hear it?"

Ryan - "You really don't know who said it?"

Alex - "No, should I?"

Ryan - "It was said by a legendary genius. There are very few people in the world who can compare to him. Are you sure you haven't heard it before? "

Alex - "Now you have got me curious. Who is it?"

Ryan - "You know him very well."

Alex - "Hmm, still got no clue. Come on, just tell me who he is already."

Ryan - "Well, he is standing right before you."

Alex - "Yoou.u.u.u"

Alex tries to punch Ryan on his bicep, but Ryan quickly grabs her fist with his other hand. He then pushes her onto the lockers and gets up close.

Alex barely managed to speak, "Wh..at what are you doing."

Ryan - "You didn't think I would have forgotten about the reward I was promised, did you?"

Flashback starts

Ryan and Alex are talking before the game.

Alex - "Best of luck with the game."

Ryan - "Thanks, I guess."

Seeing Ryan tensed up, Alex said, "Relax, the game will be fine."

Ryan - "But what if it isn't?"

Alex - "Come on, have some confidence in yourself. How about this? I will reward you if you play well tonight."

Ryan asked, "A reward?"

Alex - "Yes"

Ryan - "Like what, a kiss?"

Hearing what Ryan said, Alex blushed and then ran away.

Flashback ends

Ryan then bends forward and goes for Alex's red lips.

Ryan and Alex then kiss passionately in an empty hallway.

Ryan picks up Alex and pushes her body closer to him during the kiss.

This kiss lasts for about a minute before both of them feel like they are out of breath.

Ryan then decides to lift Alex into his arms and walk down the hallways.

Alex - "Ryan, let go of me. What if someone sees us."

Ryan - "I can't do that. How can I let my princess walk to her carriage on her own."

Hearing this sentence causes Alex's face to go completely red.

Ryan then carries Alex out of the hallway, where he surprisingly ends up running into Phil, Claire, and Haley.

Alex -"Mom?"

Ryan - "Claire?"

Haley - "Why are you carrying Alex?"

Hearing this, Ryan instinctively wanted to drop Alex and make a run for it.

Claire glares at Ryan and asks, "Yes, Ryan, why are you carrying Alex?"

Ryan - "You see, her foot suddenly started paining, so I had no choice but to carry her. Aren't I right, Alex?"

Alex - "Uh, yes, my foot suddenly started hurting badly. Aha, aha, it still hurts."

Phil - "Oh dear, I think we should take her to the hospital in that case."

Claire - "Yes honey, we should."

Alex - "No, no, there is no need for that."

Claire - "Why did the pain suddenly vanish?"

Ryan - "No, 'cause we already checked her foot at the school clinic."

Ryan then holds Alex with one hand and fishes a note from his pocket.

Ryan - "See."

Claire and Alex are both left shocked by this sudden evidence.

Phil - "Anyhow, I think I should take her off your hands."

Alex - "Why"

Claire - "Cause it's a bit inappropriate. We are in your school, remember."

Phil - "No, actually, I think her weight might be a bit too much for you."

Haley bursts into a good laugh.

Alex - "Dad."

Claire - "Phil."

Ryan then hands over Alex to Phil.

Ryan then asks, "So anyways, what are you guys doing here?"

Claire - "You didn't think we did miss your first match, did you?"

Phil - "And, boy, were we in for a treat."

Haley - "You might not know this but dad loves basketball."

Ryan - "Oh really? Which team do you support?"

Phil - "Is that even a question? Of course, the lakers. What about you?"

Ryan - "Oh, I like the warriors."

Phil - "Really, warriors?"

Ryan - "Yeah, they might not be good now, but I think Steph Curry has wild potential just waiting to be tapped into."

Phil - "Who is Steph Curry?"

Ryan - "You might not have heard of him. He is the rookie that the warriors selected this season."

Phil - "I see."

Ryan - "By the way, where is Luke?"

Claire - "He is at his friend's house. It was a pre-planned thing."

Ryan - "I see."

Everyone then reached the school parking lot.

Ryan - "Are you sure you wanna take Alex in your car? I can still drop her off if you want."

Claire - "No need. I am sure she can adjust. Now, can't you, Alex?"

Alex - "Yes."

Ryan - "All right then, I guess I will see you guys around. Bye."

Claire - "Bye."

Phil - "Have a good one."

Ryan - "Likewise."

Ryan and Dunphy's then split up and headed home in their cars.

While riding the car back home, Ryan remembered that he might have earned points for his kiss with Alex.

Upon checking, Ryan found that he had been credited 90,000 points for his first kiss with Alex.