Savage: The Night Wizard - (A Harry Potter Fanfic)

I was an ordinary boy with a simple life... That is, until the day I died... and now I don't even know what is common in my life anymore! But in reality... I prefer it like this. Who would like to be normal if you could be a wizard? Especially if you're the greatest wizard ever! Well... I don't. ****************************************** Also help me in Patrë-on /Se7enX, there are advanced chapters for you and it motivates me to write even more. Thanks for reading! ****************************************** Attention: I don't own Harry Potter or his world, and all of this belongs to JK Rowling. The only thing belonging to me are the OC's characters and some changes in the story.

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Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

-Timeskip: 3 Years-

And then another 3 arduous years of a lot of training and planning went by, and in that time a lot of things happened...

My martial arts could now be considered top-notch. With my quick learning and my incredible instincts, I was able to easily achieve a black belt in many of the martial arts I practice, and this placed me on top of all the other students in the dojo. I also won a lot of competitions and tournaments at the request of my masters, and the tournaments ranged from kids my age to some older kids and teenagers, where I beat them all pretty easily. Should I feel terrible for hitting kids? Hmm... nah, they should be cured by now. Also, I liked seeing the proud looks of my parents whenever I won a fight and brought home an award or trophy.

I know that with my martial arts training, an adult with no combat experience could lose to me. Hell, even someone with experience might not be my opponent if I rely on my foresight (legilimencia) and my instincts.

What about my magic? Well, after a lot of training and practice, I finally got enough power and control to be able to cast advanced spells, at least those that I have some knowledge or understanding, like {Expecto Patronum} ...well, I may have exaggerated one little in this training, as I think making a patron at my age and without a wand is pretty advanced, but I'm not complaining! And for your information, I haven't been able to produce the corporeal yet, and that's not for lack of power or happy memories. When I release Patrono, it feels like something keeps me from completing it, and I don't know what it is.

But I'm very curious to know what my patron's form will be.

My levitation can now hold up to 200 kg, which might not seem like much since there are people with that weight, and I can summon things up to 10 meters in size... I can basically lift a sofa with my mind, a sofa very big. The distance of my telekinesis, which I thought it best to call it, extended to a radius of 130 meters, and the amount of objects I can levitate at the same time is 30, but the greater the distance, size, weight or quantity of objects, the more difficult it becomes.

In order to be able to cast the spells I used a method that involves intention and imagination, and let's say it was a success.

The transfiguration was the easiest, as it involves the principles of intention the most. I started small, transfiguring matchsticks into needles, and then moved on to transfiguring insects and small animals, where some had an unfortunate death when the transfiguration went wrong, but with those failures came success. I can also conjure some small items, and this is basically an infinite item maker! Okay, these items disappear after a while and you can't conjure something very complex YET, but I was sure I would get over it. But that was my limit, as I lacked the theoretical knowledge of transfiguration.

As for the Charms I was able to use the ones I know at least how it works, from {Alohomora} and {Lumos} to {Protego} and {Diffindo} , since the function of these spells is to lighten or cut something, quite simple actually. But when you don't know all the theory behind these spells, in practice it ends up being much more complicated. And even though I knew how to do some of the spells that appear in movies and books, I still felt that the ones I cast were still a little different.

What about my spell creation? I was able to create many spells that use elements, as elements were the most basic type of magic, as the intention we have when casting an elemental ice or fire spell is that we simply want to use our magic to produce the ice and freeze or create fire and heat something, and after some practice we can even mold them to our will.

The elements I had the most control over were the elements: lightning; fire; and water, which in turn allowed me to have control of the ice element. I could still use the other elements, but for some reason these were the ones I found it easier to use.

The first thing that came to my mind when thinking about using the elements was Naruto's ninjutsu and the Avatar element bender. The Avatar bender was simpler, so it was easier to copy, whereas the ninjutsus... let's just say that to produce a chidori or raikiri I also need to be immune to electricity or at least resistant to it.

But I was still able to replicate some techniques, like Earth Style: Mud Wall; Fire Style: Big Fireball, which luckily didn't burn my tongue or my face; Sand Casket and Sand Burial of Gaara; Ice Style: Ten Thousand Ice Petals, which is literally launching a barrage of ice darts and Shattering Ice Spear, where you create spikes of ice from the ground for a surprise attack; Water Style: Water Prison and Hidden Mist Jutsu; Wind Style: Forward and High Forward; and many other jutsus.

After trying to reproduce all these techniques, I realized that any spell with destructive elements, like fire and lightning, will have limitations. Techniques like this can sometimes end up doing damage to me, as I'm not immune to them like the anime characters. And chidori and raikiri were a great example, so I can only use techniques that don't involve contact with me or that aren't dangerous, as the water element wouldn't hurt me with the contact. But this problem is temporary, I will find a way to be able to use all the techniques without having to suffer from their retreat.

Now back to the rest of my magical training. I was also able to use my magic to improve myself, becoming stronger, faster and tougher, and with that I could even break a wall with my bare hands! To achieve this I needed to work my magic through my body, nerves and muscles, and human anatomy books were very useful for that. I was also able to heighten my already heightened senses by making my magic pass through my eyes; ears; nose; and even for my brain, and in those moments I had to be very careful, because any mistake I made could cause some irreversible damage to me, but luckily nothing went wrong.

And I realized that this was also a great way to become immune to elemental spells, but this enhancement isn't strong enough.



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