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I was an ordinary boy with a simple life... That is, until the day I died... and now I don't even know what is common in my life anymore! But in reality... I prefer it like this. Who would like to be normal if you could be a wizard? Especially if you're the greatest wizard ever! Well... I don't. ****************************************** Also help me in Patrë-on /Se7enX, there are advanced chapters for you and it motivates me to write even more. Thanks for reading! ****************************************** Attention: I don't own Harry Potter or his world, and all of this belongs to JK Rowling. The only thing belonging to me are the OC's characters and some changes in the story.

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Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

One important thing to mention, is that I found that I wouldn't need to go through the same time-consuming and stressful process tha I went through when I first improved, as my body seemed to memorize the process and now it's smoother for me to improve. It took me a week to improve my body for the first time, but now I can improve it in a matter of seconds. Another thing I noticed was that my magic was unconsciously strengthening my body, it was like a limiter had been turned off. I almost feel like I'm in one of those Chinese cultivation novels. And this improvement was what gave me more hope to be able to use the techniques my body can't handle.

But with all these spells I created, I obviously wouldn't forget about combat spells. The combat spells I created could push, but not a light push, and yes a truck-strength push. Cut, and the size varied by launcher. Depriving someone's senses, where that person would not be able to see, hear, speak and feel anything. And cause illusions, that I was inspired by naruto's genjutsus. These spells are really quite scary, and if anyone saw some of these spells they would definitely consider them dark magic.

Many of these spells must already exist or at least have some similar in the wizarding world, however I created my spells from scratch and I can still cast them without a wand and silently, making them much better, at least for me.

I'm still trying to figure out how to get around more easily, without needing to Apparate or a portkey. But creating a new teleportation spell is very difficult, so I decided to put that idea aside until I get to Hogwarts, where I will have many books with information at my disposal.

And my pranks? Hehehe, neither the marauders nor the twins are match opponents for me! Those who face my wrath will have to suffer the consequences! Becoming house elves for 24 hours, just being able to talk by singing, and so much more! Muahahahaha!

Ahem! As for my progress in studies, I've read every book by my parents and the city library that caught my attention or that I thought would be helpful to me, and I can say with absolute certainty that I have enough knowledge to get a diploma and even some master's degrees in many areas. At least theoretically.

And now I know that no one at Hogwarts, and possibly in the British wizarding community, is more knowledgeable than I am about muggle matters, mainly because the pure bloods wouldn't stoop to the level of trying to learn about them, and the muggleborn in most they sometimes abandon their muggle studies the moment they enter the wizarding world. And I think that's stupid, since it's pretty obvious that they're discriminated against and will have a harder time having a future in wizarding society than in Muggle society. But if they want to stay that way, so be it.

What about my project to publish the Inheritance Cycle and Percy Jackson books? Well, so far everything is going wonderfully well. The moment I showed the manuscript of the books to my parents, they thought it was so amazing that they made a point of helping me get it published, and they kept telling me how proud they were of me. I spent the entire week being complimented by them, and I couldn't keep the smile off my face. And then, with their help, I managed to publish the first book of each of the franchises, which were Eragon and Lightning Thief, when I turned 10 years old.

And both books were a success! They were a phenomenon among children and even among the elders, managing to win many hearts, and with that the two books managed to reach the top of the ranking as the best selling book of the year. And with the money from sales, I was finally able to invest in companies that I know will be very successful in future.

As my family was earning a lot of money from the sale of books, my parents didn't have to work as hard anymore. They still work, but this is more out of want than necessity, as the money from the books would be enough to retire them both and have two more generations of our family living comfortably, and that's not counting the publication of the other books and my investment in companies. So with my parents having more free time, we started spending more time as a family, and we even took some trips over the holidays.

With all this going on, my parents couldn't be more proud of me, as now their son was the writer of two successful books and an investor who already had his own form of independence... Well, my mom got a bit sad, as for her this meant I was getting big and couldn't be spoiled anymore, but then I told her I would always be her baby to be taken care of... And because of that phrase she spent the whole day me spoiling, much to my father's jealousy and envy. Hah! take that old man.

And these are not the only news. I now have a little sister! Yes a sister! Looks like my dad took my tip about training to be attractive to mom seriously, and you already know where this is going...

My little sister is going to be 3 years old, she was born on June 6, 1988 and her name is Celestia Sarah Night, she has the same amber eyes as my father and me, and my mother's face and black hair. And she is the most wonderful thing and fluffy there is!

From the moment I saw her, I already knew that I wanted to be the best brother possible for her, and as she grew up that certainty intensified, especially when her first words were Ethan!... Well, she didn't say it exactly like that , she spoke in baby words and it was kind of confused, but it still counts!

And now she keeps following me around the house, calling for her big brother!

*Sniff Sniff*

What a cute little thing! I can't wait to teach her to call me onii-chan!

Another thing that happened at that time was the discovery that I really am a natural legilimence. Hah! Suck these bitches! You've been training your whole lives to get something that I naturally have.

However, I realized that this was not what gave me my special abilities, something I had already expected. And what I found out about these abilities was something much more amazing...



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