Savage: The Night Wizard - (A Harry Potter Fanfic)

I was an ordinary boy with a simple life... That is, until the day I died... and now I don't even know what is common in my life anymore! But in reality... I prefer it like this. Who would like to be normal if you could be a wizard? Especially if you're the greatest wizard ever! Well... I don't. ****************************************** Also help me in Patrë-on /Se7enX, there are advanced chapters for you and it motivates me to write even more. Thanks for reading! ****************************************** Attention: I don't own Harry Potter or his world, and all of this belongs to JK Rowling. The only thing belonging to me are the OC's characters and some changes in the story.

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Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

Now about the studies. I managed to advance incredibly fast in this regard! The studies were simply memorizing the things i read and, in some cases, i had to really understand what I was reading. Occlumency again was a big factor for me in achieving this. I was able to read faster thanks to her, and with that I could read more than one book a day and still remember them perfectly!

Of course just reading and memorizing the book wouldn't help me much, and I wasn't going to do like a certain member of the thick-haired golden trio. So after memorizing some book, I would always go over it in my mind so I could understand it.

Because my father is a doctor and my mother is a lawyer, my house had many books about their work. My dad had some biology books; of human anatomy; chemistry books; and some physics books. As for my mother, she had books talking about the laws; about business management; and on human rights. And having these books at home cut half the work I would have to go to the library and look for myself, and I could still ask my parents if I had any questions.

What about remembering the franchise? Well, I managed to remember most of the spells, but some of them are useless for combat and the ones that would be useful to learn didn't have a detailed explanation or even any kind of explanation, so i will have to learn them myself from the beggining!

What about subjects that don't need a wand or magic? Hah, they were barely featured in the franchise, so the only way for me to learn about them would be to get the books on those subjects at Diagon Alley, but I still can't go there. So all I could do was wait for the Hogwarts letter, sigh.

What about my projects? Well, unfortunately some projects can only be started when I enter the wizarding world, so the only projects I'll be working on for now are those from the muggle world. The project I'm working on in the muggle world is about raising funds, as even if my parents have a lot of money, I'll need a lot more to make my plans work, and besides, I don't want to be totally dependent on my parents.

Now let's talk about the development of this project that I divided into two parts, companies and the media.

The companies part would be where I would use my knowledge of companies and products that will be very successful in the future to invest in them, and then when those companies start to grow, I would end up profiting a lot as an investor. And the products and projects that would eventually become a phenomenon in the future, I could develop them myself, or at least guide the original creators, so that I have at least some kind of connection with these creations.

But in order for me to start investing, I would need to have some money first. So that's where the next part of the project comes in, the media.

The media part is where I would earn the start-up money to use in my investments. I would use my knowledge of future media and entertainment successes I've seen in my past life to start creating music; books; TV series; films; cartoon; games; or comic books. And after that I could either patent them with the help of my parents or sell them to their original owners. That way, I could use my parents to remain anonymous if need be. I would profit a lot, and I wouldn't feel too guilty about stealing or plagiarizing someone else's work. That is, if they exist in this world, because I doubt all those famous people exist here, especially the actors from the Harry Potter movies.

Did you ever think, if you were walking down the street and meeting Emma Watson who played Hermione in the movies... it would be weird and fun. And even more fun, it would be if the Hermione of this world had the face of Emma Watson... Hmm, this is more of a curiosity for the future.

Returning to the main topic, I decided that for now I would write a few books, as they are the easiest to do and the fact that books are more successful at this time. And after some research I decided to publish books from The Inheritance Cycle franchise by Christopher Paolini, as it was a saga I liked, and even if Christopher exists, he should have been 4 years old at that time (he was born in 1983). And I'm also going to publish the books by Percy Jackson and the Olympians, which would be published in 2004 if the author existed. And these books are likely to be successful, as they won't have the Harry Potter books to compete against.

I already have the manuscripts of the Inheritance Cycle book saga, which are Eragon; Eldest; Brisingr; and Inheritance. And also the manuscript of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. The only thing left for them to be completely ready is for them to be revised and edited. And after that, I'll just have to send them to a publisher and hope they succeed.

And well... that was all my progress and planning for this first year. I may not have done much, and time may be tight, but I still think my training is progressing at a very satisfactory rate. I could give up half of what I'm doing, but I know that all of this will help me in the future, and what matters is that I will have a solid foundation for my growth, because as the amazing and wise Bruce Lee said, " I'm not afraid of the man who has practiced ten thousand different kicks, but the man who has practiced the same kick ten thousand times."

So with all that said, now I just need to dig deeper into my training and studies, because when the time comes, I'll be ready for the Wizarding world!



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