First Dungeon

"There's no way I can beat this thing without a plan," thought Gray quickly. It was obvious that there was no way for Gray to overpower such a massive creature with brute force alone, so his brain began working on overdrive.

Meanwhile, the beast stalked closer to Gray, like a lion on the prowl, growling with every step it took.

"Yes, I love situations like these. Come at me!" shouted Gray with a wild smile on his face, trying to provoke the beast into attacking him hastily.

The beast took the bait, the sudden shout agitated it causing it to charge towards Gray at full speed.

"Sucker!" laughed Gray as he consumed a small amount of his blood to create a bladed tip on the other side of his spear, so that it was sharp on both ends.

He quickly planted the spear into the ground at an angle, while at the same time creating another blood spear with the same design and planted it into the ground in the same manner alongside the first.

The beast, charging towards Gray in a bloodlust craze didn't care about the red sticks being planted into the ground.

[Skill on cooldown: 60 seconds] resounded the voice in Gray's head as he tried to make a third spear. However it was too late, the beast was already right in front of him.

Gray stood still, cold sweat running down his face as he gambled his life on the spears in front of him.

*Schloook*(AN: I know childish. But I couldn't find a better stab sound)

Blood sprayed from the beast as it was punctured by the two spears in front of Gray. The angle that the spears were in was just enough to pass through the spaces between the beast's scales.

However, that wasn't enough, the beast quickly picked itself up, splattering blood onto Gray as it did. Trying to shake off the spears that had punctured the lower part of its body.

"You aren't very smart are you?" laughed Gray as a fountain of blood sprinkled onto him from the two holes in the beast's torso.

"Here let me help you," said Gray as he ran towards the side of the rampaging beast blinded by pain.

Gray removed one of the spears that were embedded in the beast and used it to stab it in the eye. The beast began jumping up and down, flinging Gray several meters away as it did.

"Fuck, I think I almost broke something," said Gray as he stood up. Dusting his clothes before turning to watch the beast bleed out.

The beast repeatedly smashed into walls, post boxes, and other objects as its depth perception was ruined due to the loss of vision in one of its eyes.

"You're pretty resilient aren't you. All this and you're still not dead?"

Gray ran towards the beast, using the blood that had sprayed on him to create a blood dagger.

"Thanks for being my test dummy," said Gray as the beast roared in protest.

Gray grabbed onto one of the spears that were still embedded in the beast, tugging at the beast's flesh as he used it to carry all of his weight. The beast began roaring even louder as Gray climbed up its massive body using the spears as platforms.

Gray had to use every ounce of muscle in his body just to stay on. "Reminds me of bull riding," laughed Gray nervously as he held on for dear life.

Once he had claimed to the top, he used his dagger to stab the beast in its other eye, twisting the dagger once it had punctured its eyeball.

"Wait, that's not all," smiled Gray as he used the blood around him to change the properties of the blood dagger, turning it into a spear.

The dagger grew in length within the beast's eye, extending into a spear, as it did this the blade of the newly made spear punctured the beast's brain, instantly killing it.

The once rampaging beast turned into a lifeless carcass, its massive body plummeting to the ground.

As the dust cleared Gray was still on top of the beast in a daze.

"So my theory was right. I can use blood to change the properties of already made blood weapons. And what's more is that it doesn't even trigger the cooldown,"

"Anyway, I feel kind of, tired." thought Gray before collapsing onto the beast's carcass.

The blood all over his clothes painting the illusion that he was dead.

Meanwhile, the portal changed from purple to blue and started giving off rhythmic humming sounds, as if calling out for someone to enter it.

***(A few minutes later)

"What's that?" asked a white-haired girl as she and her group approached the humming portal.

"Didn't you hear the voice? It must be one of those things we can get S-rated rewards from," said a black-haired boy with confidence.

"I don't know Lance. Look at that beast. What if they're more of them inside?" replied another girl from the group. This one had red hair and a worried expression on her face.

"It's dead isn't it?" replied Lance.

"Well so is that boy." replied the white-haired girl.

"He was just weak. With power's like ours, we're probably unstoppable," said Lance as he pulled a glowing sword out of thin air.

"I don't think we should do this guys," pleaded the white-haired girl.

"Well, if you aren't going in Tesse, then we'll have to kick you out of the group," said a different boy, this one with blonde hair and a sly look on his face.

Tesse turned to look at the unconscious Gray's body, covered in the beast's blood.

"I hope we don't end up like him," thought Tesse as she nodded her head.

"Okay, let's go,"