Saviour? (1)

"Well that wasn't pleasant," yawned Gray as he woke up from his long slumber, turning to look at the portal as he rubbed the dried blood off his eyelids.

"It changed color? I expected this place to be overrun by monsters by now, but it seems that this portal isn't meant for monsters to come out of. Maybe it was meant for us to enter."

"However, as much as I like the sight of blood, I think I should go wash up first," thought Gray as he picked himself off the beast's carcass and dragged himself back into his house for a shower.

After grabbing a change of clothes, and pulling out one of his blood spears from the beast's carcass he entered the blue portal.

"Huh? Where did the portal disappear to?" thought Gray as he turned and found that the portal had closed behind him.

"There's probably a different way out somewhere within this place"

"Looks like someone was here before me," whispered Gray as he kicked one of the goblin corpses piled up at the entrance of the portal to the side.

The inside of the portal seemed to be an underground settlement of some sort. With tunnels coming out from every direction. It reminded Gray of the primitive villages that were usually portrayed in historic films belonging to barbarians. However, everything seemed miniature.

"Goblin village," muttered Gray as he stalked around silently, looking for signs of life.

The goblin village was empty, however, it didn't seem as if it was due to all the goblins in the vicinity being killed.

"There aren't enough corpses here to conclude that all the goblins were wiped out. There are only nine corpses here, I'm no expert but that isn't enough to make up the entire population of a village this big," inferred Gray as he bent over to inspect the ground.

The ground was muddy and moist, with the smell of urine and excrement attacking Grays's nose as he inspected the footprints that were scattered across it.

"It seems like there was a big chase here," thought Gray, covering his nose with his forearms to block off the smell.

"They went this way it seems," said Gray as he looked towards the tunnel where all the footprints seemed to be leading to.

Although the section in which the village was in had a high ceiling, the tunnels had a lower ceiling, it was just barely high enough for Gray to walk through without craning his neck.

"There isn't a lot of light here." thought Gray, just as he was about to walk into a trap.

"Yikes, that's not how I want to go out," thought Gray as he just barely avoided the sudden gap in the floor.

Gray looked closer to see what it was and found a human corpse punctured with dozens of spikes crammed within the gap.

The corpse had black hair, and in his hands was a sword covered in dried blood.

"This isn't a cute look," whispered Gray as he moved the corpse to the side and pulled out the sword.

"Huh? Light?" muttered Gray as he saw tiny pieces of light escaping from the spaces in between the dried blood.

"Excuse me," said Gray to the corpse as he used its shirt to clean the blood of the sword's blade.

The blade began glowing with a magnificent light, but with the magnificent light came an intense heat, that threatened to burn Gray's hand if he continued to hold on to it.

[Mighty sword(minor replica) is the product of an exclusive skill. It can only be wielded by the owner of 'Mighty Sword' exclusive skill] resounded the voice in his head.

"An exclusive skill huh? As beautiful as it seems, I'd rather not waste one of my 'He who pleasures death' charges on it. I can always create a replica of it with my blood weapons skill after I analyze it anyway," thought Gray as he covered the blade in dirt.

"I'll come back for it once I make sure it's safe,"

Gray continued walking through the dark passageways, this time more slowly to make sure he didn't fall victim to any of the traps.

"Really not a pretty way to go out," thought Gray as he saw a head stuck on the tip of a spear. The head's eyes were missing, and all that was left were dark hollows. Though most of its hair was stained red in dried blood, there were a few patches of blonde hair.

A few meters away lay a headless body, with the smell of urine, excreta, and blood oozing from it. There were several holes punctured within the corpse's chest, and its limbs were positioned in obscure angles.

"That probably hurt. Though I can't commend the methods these goblins used. It's all too vulgar," thought Gray as he shook his head in disappointment at the state that the corpse was in.

He searched the corpse to see if there were any valuables, but when he found none he continued his exploration.

As Gray was walking along the passage he heard the sound of goblins laughing, accompanied by the smell of smoke.

He continued walking and saw shadows dancing along the side of the tunnel walls as he got closer to another clearing at the end of the tunnel.

"So this is where they all are," thought Gray as he squatted down, and inched closer to the clearing, making sure to stay close to the dark side of the tunnel to not be seen.

"What are they doing?" wondered Gray as he saw all the goblin shadows surrounding what looked to be a human shadow in a queer manner.

There was no resistance or cry for help. The red-haired girl's clothes had been ripped off, and there were bruises all over her body. Her eyes were rolled backward, and foam came out of her mouth.

The goblins took turns raping the girl's corpse around the fire, dancing and laughing as they did. Gray didn't seem bothered by what was going on. Instead, he counted the number of goblins that were gathered there.

"Ten, still not enough. Maybe there are more hiding in the other tunnels." thought Gray as he began making preparations for his attack.

"The voice said something about rewards. Hopefully, this is one of those dungeons it was talking about." thought Gray as he walked back to the headless corpse he had found earlier.

***(12 minutes later)

"Okay this should be enough," thought Gray after he had finished making his tenth spear, drying up all the remaining blood within the headless corpse's body.

Although he had used the corpse's blood to pay the blood price, he still felt nauseous as every blood weapon required a small amount of blood to be paid by the user.

"Anyway, there's no way I can take on ten goblins alone. That group found that out the hard way, but I think I know how I can win this."

Gray began planting the spears at random locations within the tunnel, making sure that they were in obscure angles so that anyone who didn't know of their existence would only realize what had happened once it was too late.

"Okay, this should do it. Now for the opening act." smiled Gray as he walked back to the small clearing where the goblins were gathered.

*Schhook*(AN: spear being thrown SFX)

Gray threw his spear, managing to hit a goblin right in the head, killing it in a single blow.

"Lucky!" shouted Gray as all the goblins turned to look at him in shock.

"Aren't you going to chase me now?" taunted Gray as all the goblins stopped what they were doing and began charging towards Gray.

"Let's see how fast those little legs can take you," taunted Gray as he turned to run as well.

The first goblin fell victim to his trap. He had left a spear lying at a low angle at the entrance of the clearing, right under the line of sight. The poor goblin who had succumbed to the low trap was trampled upon by its comrades, turning it into a bloody paste.